Delta adding Alaska flights for summer


Alaskans finding fewer flights in and out of hub airports in the state will have more choices starting May 5, when Delta Airlines brings back more of its routes to and from the 49th State:


  • New weekend service launching from Detroit, Los Angeles, and New York (JFK) on May 28
  • Increasing year-round Seattle service to up to seven daily trips starting June 19. The most popular destination for travelers from Alaska, Delta’s SEA hub offers daily connections to 40 destinations, including Hawaii, the lower 48 states and major capitals around the world
  • Adding a third daily flight this summer to Minneapolis/St. Paul starting May 5
  • Adding a year-round nonstop flight to Salt Lake City starting May 5, complemented by a second summer seasonal flight beginning June 19
  • Resuming daily service from Atlanta  starting May 5, the longest nonstop flight offered from Anchorage, and providing significant connections across the southeast U.S., including 16 cities in Florida. The flight will be operated by the Boeing 767-300ER, featuring Delta One lie-flat seats. Nonstop Atlanta service will continue into the fall with three trips per week.


Delta will increase service to Fairbanks to six nonstop flights from its major gateway hubs by:

  • Launching a new daily nonstop flight from Salt Lake City beginning May 5
  • Adding a third nonstop flight from Seattle beginning June 19
  • Doubling service with a second nonstop flight from Minneapolis/St. Paul beginning June 19

In addition to flying to Fairbanks from Seattle in the winter months, Delta is extending Minneapolis/St.Paul and Salt Lake City service to year-round to provide customers with access to its extensive global network.

Juneau, Ketchikan and Sitka

Delta’s Alaska summer seasonal service from Seattle that begins Memorial Day weekend will be extended through the end of September and include:

  • One daily flight to Juneau, operated by Boeing 737-800 aircraft
  • One daily flight to Ketchikan
  • One daily flight to Sitka

Service to Ketchikan and Sitka will be operated by Delta Connection carrier SkyWest Airlines on Embraer 175 aircraft. All flights to Juneau, Ketchikan, and Sitka, will feature First Class, Delta Comfort+ and Main Cabin service and Wi-Fi available on board.


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    Woke airlines will crash and burn. No longer safe to fly.

  2. Delta recently joined the long and growing list of corporations that have abandoned the free market system (where businesses exist to satisfy consumer demand for goods and services in the most efficient and effective fashion) in favor of a government/corporate partnership with Corporate America acting as the enforcement arm for unconstitutional restrictions on our natural rights.
    It’s the perfect melding of public and private interests in the pursuit of socialism.
    What is unconstitutional for the government to do (free speech censorship, banning of guns on private property, etc.) can be implemented under cover of “private property rights” by any business.
    Any business owner can call the police to arrest you for trespassing if you violate their edicts on free speech, guns, mask wearing, offensive (to them) apparel or about anything else they find objectionable.
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    In a bygone time we’d have condemned this as a form of fascism but definitions change to meet the needs of the ruling class and fascism is now confined to those who support the free market system.

  3. Delta is one of the companies that evidently doesn’t want integrity in the election process. Ban them.

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