What does Dunbar mean when he says he wants the city ‘back on track’?



We noted with more than a little interest a headline over a story about Anchorage Assemblyman and mayoral candidate Forrest Dunbar that said he wanted to get the city “back on track.”

Dunbar, one of 15 candidates vying for the city’s top executive post, is an odds-on favorite with the usual suspects on the political Left, and, of course, the city’s unions, whose political action committees invest where they think the money will do the most good. An acolyte of disgraced former Mayor Ethan Berkowitz, he is a blue as blue can be, even saying he believes the U.S. Constitution is “shot through” with racism.

Over the past few years, the city’s small businesses have taken a terrible beating because of city-ordered shutdowns and interminable COVID-19 emergency orders the Assembly – Dunbar included – refused to block or end. The city’s homeless problem has gotten only worse. The Assembly adopted a gasoline tax, and a new alcohol tax went into effect with the Assembly’s blessing. The list goes on.

He appears to believe throwing more money at problems is the answer. One of his campaign aims to is to distribute federal handouts more quickly. Nothing about tax breaks. Nothing about improved services or more efficient government. Nothing about making Anchorage a place that works, with more opportunity and less crime.

And he says he wants to get the city “back on track.”

Our question: Isn’t he – along with the other Left-leaning members of the Assembly – largely responsible for the city wandering off track in the first place?


  1. Never forget, Democrats create the problems they then step in to solve.

    They use our money to create and solve these problems in order to give themselves a meaningful political career.

    People like Dunbar are the problem.

    • The definition of a politician is one who rocks an overcrowded lifeboat until it is in danger of swamping, then convinces the passengers that he (she) is the only one who can save them from sinking. They are best thrown to the sharks but decent people, with compassion, too often let them rant until sufficient comply just to shut them up.

  2. The alochol tax is being administered illegally because it is unconstitutional to charge me a tax for orange juice, or any other mixer, in my drink in a bar that I can buy with no tax at any other retail outlet.

    This is effectively a tax on completed operations on the bar/restaurant industry and should have been challenged by the bars as soon as it was implemented.

    The money grabbing left have abandoned the constitution as the law of the land and have just further impoverished the workers that pay the taxes in this town.

    Dunbar is the worst offender because he espouses all this socialist crap, while sucking up taxpayer money in the Guard and on the assembly. He hasn’t missed a paycheck.

  3. It used to be that the Left and the Right wanted the same things, but disagreed on how to get there. This is no longer the case, the Left has gone full tilt down the Socialism path. They do things that feel good, but hurt people in the end. It feels good to give a struggling individual money, they eat for a day and have a warm place to sleep for a night. Ultimately it allows them to continue the self-destructive behaviors that are preventing them from success while making them even more dependent on handouts. Worse… it takes from those whom are making good choices and sacrificing for their own independence. We have to ask, “Do our policies actually do good?” The end result should be empowering people, not enslaving people to the Government.

  4. You misunderstand. The loss of Berky caused a momentary slip from the march to true socialism. Dunbar wants to assure that the city, and ultimately the state, the nation and the world return to the true path towards socialistic control only by those ‘enlightened’ few over the uninformed ignorant masses, who must be controlled (or eliminated if they continue to disrupt) for their own happiness. His goal is not new, it was clearly laid out in Plato’s Republic, the classes of people :
    Productive (Workers) – the labourers, carpenters, plumbers, masons, merchants, farmers, ranchers, etc. These correspond to the “appetite” part of the soul.
    Protective (Warriors or Guardians) – those who are adventurous, strong and brave; in the armed forces. These correspond to the “spirit” part of the soul.
    Governing (Rulers or Philosopher Kings) – those who are intelligent, rational, self-controlled, in love with wisdom, well suited to make decisions for the community. These correspond to the “reason” part of the soul and are very few.
    Sadly, from the disaster at Syracuse, which Plato personally oversaw, to the Khmer Rouge, to North Korea today, attempts to achieve this utopia fail. ‘Socialism, always one (mass) execution from utopia!’
    Every child should study Socrates, Plato and Aristotle to understand how and why a society succeeds or fails (as opposed to CRT).

  5. Well, the assembly has made the city much more attractive – to vagrants, drug addicts, and petty criminals. A retirement destination for Seattle and San Francisco homeless.

  6. I’ve said this many times before anchorage is blue.
    If you want dark Blue like Seattle or Portland.
    Which is burning now, as we speak, vote Dunbar
    But if you want Freedom vote out this Loser Dunbar

    • The problem is much of Anchorage want the rainbow warrior to be the next mayor. That’s how all these socialists got in there in the first place. It’s going to take a real battle and a real communication effort for people to get out and expose these freaks and for a good Republican conservative to step forward, an outstanding citizen a great family man husband all of that to take Anchorage back.

  7. What does he mean?
    Let’s see…More homeless people, more drag Queen story time, more hormone therapy for 6 year olds, more businesses going bankrupt, more violent crime..more deficit spending..you know, the usual.

  8. Anchorage needs to make a hard YOU turn!

    Vote for a fiscally responsible and hard right candidate next and see how long it takes them to unravel the errors these irresponsible clowns have produced. Berkowitz, Dunbar, the guy that’s too stupid to understand that Third Reich jokes don’t appeal to jews, the hyphenated lesbian, etc… out the door!

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  9. Let’s get that boy a retirement gift from Anchorage politics.
    Perhaps a nice pearl necklace.

  10. The voters are responsible for this hellscape. They vote for it again and again and again.

    Don’t blame Dunbar, Felix, ect for using the power Anchorage gave them.

  11. “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”
    – Margaret Thatcher

  12. When Forrest says he wants the city back on track, he’s referring to a political NASCAR track, only left turns allowed, and massive payouts for those who are the most proficient at reckless maneuvering. Taxpayers can watch from the stands, but will never be permitted to participate.

  13. I am guessing acting mayor Quinn Davidson and Fmr. Mayor Berkowitz have different leaderships styles and priorities, and Member Dunbar will follow Berkowitz only a more Berkowitz plan on Steroids. Hahahaha

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