Dan Fagan: We need Dan Sullivan now, more than ever



Leftists are – at their core – first and foremost – above all else – anti-Israel. 

So, it’s no surprise uber-leftist John Kerry leaked classified information to Iran, the world’s number one sponsor of terrorism and Israel’s biggest threat.  

Newly leaked audio reveals Iran’s foreign minister admitting Kerry told him about more than 200 Israeli covert operations in Syria while he was secretary of state under former President Barack Obama.   

Kerry currently holds a seat on Joe Biden’s National Security Council. 

It might surprise you to know Republican U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan of Alaska was one of the first to take to the senate floor Monday and call for Kerry’s resignation. 

“This revelation is shocking and a betrayal of one of our most crucial allies in the world,” said Sullivan.  

Sullivan leading the charge against Kerry surprised some after he announced recently his endorsement of his colleague in the senate, Lisa Murkowski, if she ran for reelection. 

No one’s ever mistaken Sullivan with leaders like Senators Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, or John Neely Kennedy. Unlike these three, Sullivan typically avoids fighting controversial battles where he might catch hell from the liberal media. 

But even with Sullivan’s low-key approach, many Alaska conservatives were shocked and infuriated after he described he and Murkowski as a good team. 

Many Donald Trump supporting Alaskans couldn’t believe Sullivan would endorse the former president’s chief antagonist. Especially after Alaska’s GOP leaders announced Murkowski would not be allowed to run as a Republican. 

Murkowski voted to impeach Trump, refused to approve one of his Supreme Court nominees, and single handily thwarted his attempt to repeal Obamacare. Murkowski voted against the repeal, giving the potential lack of funding for abortion as the reason.   

When Sullivan claimed he and Murkowski made a good team, many Alaska conservatives wondered whose team he was on.

But on Monday, on the Senate floor, Sullivan shifted back to conservative mode and went hard after Kerry for leaking classified military information to Iran. Sullivan sounded more like Ted Cruz than someone sympathetic to liberal Lisa. 

“It’s unclear why John Kerry would relate such information to the leaders of the largest sponsor of terrorism in the world, said Sullivan.” The secret information was given to one of America’s most sworn enemies undermining the interests of one of our most important allies, the state of Israel.”  

It’s hard to say if Sullivan was trying to repair his conservative street cred with Alaskans with Monday’s scorching senate speech calling for Kerry to resign. 

Sullivan was getting killed, even on his own Facebook fan page, for endorsing Murkowski. 

A couple of days after Sullivan’s praising of Murkowski, a poll was released showing 87% of the state’s Republicans disapprove of Alaska’s senior senator. 63% of all Alaskans are not happy with her.  

Sullivan may have miscalculated how unpopular Murkowski is with Alaska conservatives. Especially Trump supporting Alaskans. 

Sunday evening, Sullivan showed up for Anchorage mayoral candidate Dave Bronson’s packed campaign event giving a rousing speech endorsing the conservative.

Sullivan sounded like the same conservative he appeared to be during the campaign.  

It was like a kick in the gut for many freedom loving Alaskans when Sullivan announced he’d endorse Murkowski. Especially in light of authentic conservative challenger Kelly Tshibaka running. 

Sullivan may have endorsed liberal Lisa after Senate President Mitch McConnell of Kentucky did the same. McConnell is the embodiment of the Swamp and has the backing of some of the nation’s biggest donors. For Sullivan to go against McConnell’s wishes could have an impact on his standing with those who financially undergird the Swamp.

But we are at war. With the illegal Biden regime now in control in Washington D.C., Sullivan’s role as Alaska’s senator could not be more central to winning our cold civil war with Democrats turned socialists bordering on full-blown communists. 

Sullivan must up his game. He’s a Marine and and we know he’s a fighter. Monday’s bold speech on the Senate floor calling for Kerry to quit is the Sullivan we need for such a time as this.  

Sullivan must become more aggressive when battling the villain currently occupying the White House and the forces controlling him. He must put aside personal political ambitions and take a stand against the D.C. swamp. 

Our nation is under siege from an enemy within. These Marxists hate capitalism, the free market, free speech, and individual liberty. Their twisted goal of equity for all can only come with the stripping of our freedoms. They must be defeated. 

Sullivan needs to use the considerable power given to him by Alaska voters to fight this war, even if it costs him favor with the D.C. Swamp. 

Dan Fagan hosts the number one rated morning drive radio show in Alaska on Newsradio 650 KENI. 


  1. Nice try… Sullivan has revealed his true RINO colors when he endorsed Lisa the Communist and voted to uphold the Rigged 2020 Election. He’s in the same camp as Kelly Merrick and Sara “Legs” Rasmussen

  2. POLEMIC: A polemic is contentious rhetoric that is intended to support a specific position by forthright claims and undermining of the opposing position. Polemics are mostly seen in arguments about controversial topics. The practice of such argumentation is called polemics.

    Dan wrote to undermine and praise Dan Sullivan at the same time. With regard to Murkowski, I understand she felt it was better to be a swing vote with Collins and Manchin to hold some power (her and Sullivan play the good cop – bad cop routine) than side with Trump who polled towards losing. That may have been wise as we saw her win a few token concessions from the Democrats. However now it is clear that the Biden administration will screw Alaska every chance it gets and laugh in Lisa’s face. Winning!

  3. Nice post Chris Nyman. I believe Dan Fagan knows neither Dan, Lisa, or even Kelly. If Dan Sullivan knew Kelly, he would be on support of her, not Lisa. Fagan, like too many of us conservatives, doesn’t understand the political process and how to get things done. Lisa is very good at this, but starts from a social liberal position – all the grandstanding has been done to gain her leverage… Slamming Dan is a mistake. Senator Sullivan will show his conservativism over and over – just watch – and don’t feed the enemy with division among Republicans. Vet and vote for conservatives. Keep Dan Sullivan, vote for Kelly.

  4. triangulation
    The act of a political candidate presenting his or her views as being above and between the left and right sides of the political spectrum. It’s sometimes called the “third way.”

  5. I have fully supported Sen Sullivan and voted for him. His support for Liza, which conservative Alaskans and the State Party has clearly demonstrated no support and will not support her, is a clear betrayal. He clearly ignored the will of those that just recently voted to retain him. I am tired of politicians Federal or State that vote and take positions to curry favor with their Swamp leadership or personal ambitions. They are elected to support the will of those that voted them into office.

    He needs to retract his support for Liza and support Kelly. He needs to tell Party leadership to withdraw their support and PAC money from Liza and support Kelly if they value his vote in support on their issues because Alaskans are opposed to Liza.

    How he can claim that he and Liza make a good team is unbelievable. She clearly supports what ever is good for her and the Democrats when her vote really counts.

    Sen Sullivan please remember that you represent Alaskans and not the DC swamp. How did supporting Biden’s Interior Secretaries nomination work out for you? Do you support her recent actions that clearly do not Alaska’s economy?

  6. I’m not willing to look the other way why Lisa stabbed Us in the back. That’s like giving us medicine and poison at the same time. Yes you have to play games in Washington to get things done but at what cost?

  7. Sen. Sullivan has to be able to work with Sen. Murkowski so long as she is the senior Senator from Alaska. I don’t begrudge his endorsement of her in the Primary; no need to make needless enemies.

  8. His voting record for Biden secretaries and his support for the democrat Lisa Murkowski has this USMC veteran questioning his reliability.

  9. Old Dan is trying to regain his conservative base. It was a GROSS miscalculation to say he would support such a leftist backstabber as Murky, especially when a true conservative contender has come along to take that seat. Now he is scrambling, and that is a good thing. When he arrived in DC it didn’t take him long to begin hanging with the likes of Cory Booker; hopefully he now realizes who can keep him seated or take it away from him. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you Dan!

  10. He did damage control when the Pebble mine issue pulled his covers. Again he’s doing damage control.
    His true loyalties keep getting exposed, and he keeps being Mr. Damage Control Sullivan.
    When all is said and done, he probably won’t even win the compensation prize – Mr. Congeniality.

  11. I am sorry Senator Sullivan, your attacking of John Kerry notwithstanding you have at present lost my support.
    Fighting the commie’s within the Biden regime will take a skill set that Senator Sullivan seemingly lacks. True, he is a Marine Officer, but is he an “in the rear with the gear” kind of fellow? I hope not! We need a Chesty Puller, an Evans Carlson or any number of the “old breed” or as Puller would say, “Marine Breed”. Sullivan is a Gentleman of the first order, a truly good guy, however perhaps our opponents now in power are not responsive to such measures?. From every indication we are in a death struggle now. Being nice and confirming commies to high Governmental office is not going to help us hold onto our freedoms and our Constitution. This group in power is not going to respect weakness. Like rapacious thugs throughout history they only respect strength. It is my hope that we see Senator Sullivan going full on “Gung Ho” in the future, bucking the swamp currents and representing this State. I would gladly support the Senator if he does the above.

  12. Nope. Dan Sullivan should resign too.
    Sullivan voted to secure the Electoral College vote in a known fraudulent and stolen Presidential election. That was treason in my eyes. This is being proven right now in Arizona. Sullivan said, “…I wish fervently that President Trump had accepted the results of the election, and more forcefully and earlier repudiated the violence on that sad day.” That also means Dan thinks everyone who voted for Trump should just lay down and accept this fraudulent election too.
    Sullivan voted for this mess we are in. He shouldn’t be complaining. Hell, he is voting to support Biden’s cabinet members such as radical leftist Deb Haaland for Secretary of Interior.
    Sullivan is lying to Alaskans about what happened at the Capitol on the 6th too. He is refusing to say who ordered the Capitol Police to stand down and let the crowd into the Capitol. Everyone who is paying attention knows what happened at the Capitol was a false flag.
    Sullivan isn’t supporting the forensic audit’s of the election, and he is silent on Alaska having one. We need a forensic audit of the election in Alaska too.
    Sullivan swore an oath to the Constitution, and he is violating that oath by not protecting America and Alaskans from a political coup d’etat and overthrow of our nation. Sullivan should resign.

  13. Why are comments pointing out the weaknesses of the author deleted? Dan Fagan is a gatekeeper. On the radio and with his articles.

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