First Presbyterian Church says you can come back in person — if you are vaccinated


The First Presbyterian Church of Anchorage is ready to welcome congregants back for in-person services, starting this Sunday, May 2. But there’s a caveat: You can only come inside the church if you are vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus.

Pastor Matt Schultz said the indoor service at 11 am will be for those who are vaccinated, or are under 16 years of age and not eligible for a vaccination, or who have a “compelling medical reason for not being vaccinated.”

Those who are not vaccinated can take part in the outdoor serve at 9:30 am, or they can watch the indoor service from their home on their computers via the church livestream, if they prefer.

Both services — indoors and out — will also require advanced reservations, social distancing, and masking. The singing during the service will be prerecorded.

Those wishing to worship at First Presbyterian must make reservations by calling 907-272-6411 or emailing [email protected] no later than Friday at noon.

“I am joyfully looking forward to this, and celebrating this first small, controlled step toward our family of faith meeting together again,” Schultz said.


  1. That is great. In-person religious services are important for many reasons. But churches have been meeting in person for months. The muni made an exception for churches on numbers of participants many months ago. Our church has had many people attending services following muni restrictions including older people for a long time.

  2. I don’t think our church ever restricted people and only a few people wear masks. But we aren’t ‘woke’.

  3. And soon, vaccinated Americans will be able to go to Europe, too. More and more privileges for the vaccinated are sure to follow. Better get used to it, anti-vaxxers, and rethink your objections.

  4. ACF in Eagle River welcomes everyone, no mask, no vax, no ridiculous rules. Come join us this Sunday!

  5. Vaccines or more accurately, genetic modifications, do not prevent you catching or spreading Covid. The CDC will not make a definitive statement that this is true. You are a Fool if you think you are immunized from one of these jabs.

  6. I wonder what that church believes and teaches about Jesus Christ? Why are they so afraid? Don’t they know that the corona virus is the same virus responsible for the seasonal flu? Why didn’t the church require it’s congregants to get a vaccine during H1N1 in 2009 or Avian flu a few years later? The scriptures say that God will send a strong delusion. That’s not a good thing. Further why would a godly church force its members to be injected by a drug NOT approved by the FDA and which by LAW cannot be forced by either government or employer. I hope the true sheep will come out from among them, now.

  7. WHIDBEY THEDOG, yup! Just fall in line like a good little lemming. And time will tell whether you are right or wrong, or what the long term effects of the vaccine turn out to be. Time will tell, but you can keep Europe and NY.

  8. This Church already is facing a declining membership, they can’t afford alienate themselves any further away from the people.
    You know what! There are plenty of other Anchorage churches and members who will welcome hurting Anchorage with caring arms teaching the scriptures to broken hearts in-person whether or not they are leper.

  9. I am thinking the same thing as someone here i wonder how God sees thinks about this restricted access to HIS house.
    I sense because of the scripture this church is coming to a close closure… i wouldnt be surprised afterall Jesus did turn the money tables over when he saw the Father’s house meant for prayer turned into a market place for a den of thieves. They been locking God’s people out of His house.

  10. Matt Shultz is the ultimate liberal religioso, “having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof”. I used to hear him on Steiren’s show and couldn’t get over how utterly wishy-washy he is.

  11. Bear in mind most of the Presbyterian Church stopped teaching scripture decades ago. They’re a Christian-themed social justice club, nothing more. You will not hear the gospel inside those doors.

  12. Ha,ha,ha – no there’s a Pastor who isn’t afraid to show the world he has absolutely no faith in the God he pretends to serve!

  13. Having to make a reservation to go to church is truly anti-christian. Sadly this outfit has cherry-picked the Bible to fit their “woke” ideology for a long time. No surprise there.

  14. Pitiful. So pitiful. Well, perhaps some would prefer to continue faithlessly hiding under their beds anyway.

  15. These folks can do as they like. For myself, and my church leaders may not care, I will not re-enter the building until masks are not required. If they want me back, they should follow the science, not the fear-mongers.

  16. Anchorage residents own this problem because they seem to have lost their collective chutzpah to “rock the boat”, to say this sh… (hey!) stops here and now.
    Remember February 13, 1960?
    Members of the Nashville Student Movement and the Nashville Christian Leadership Council began a campaign of sit-ins at “whites only” lunch counters in Nashville stores. Their goal was to end racial segregation at lunch counters.
    So here we are, 61 years later.
    This time it’s “masks” and “vaccinations” because our masters can use these things to control us, not to control disease.
    Sure it’s control. First Presbyterian worshippers had to get masks and vaccinations to worship during Norovirus, Zika, Ebola, swine flu, bird flu, annual flu, West Nile, Chikungunya, and dengue fever outbreaks, right?
    CDC says Alaska’s number one in the country for tuberculosis, which means First Presbyterian worshippers gotta have masks and TB vaccinations to worship?
    Even Anchorage’s premier talk-radio show apparently capitulated. What were our providers are now our rulers. Obey their rules. Or do business elsewhere. Like there’s a choice?
    If Anchorage’s new Chief Equity Officer wants work, one might respectfully suggest marching to First Presbyterian Church with a hundred or so worshippers and spreading The Word about what “equity” means in Anchorage
    … or, more effectively, —since First Presbyterian Church officials intentionally use their church’s tax-exempt status to discriminate against tax-paying congregants—, may we suggest Chief Equity Officer Clifford Armstrong begin action to revoke First Presbyterian Church’s tax-exempt status until such time as church officials see the light
    … with the implication this corrective action can hit any tax-exempt entity or any business which takes, or took, federal Covid-19 relief money.
    That’s one way to reopen Anchorage for business… and worship.
    What say you, Mr. Armstrong? Need marchers?
    What say you, Gentle Readers?

  17. Juxtapose this story against the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan. Remember the Chaplain kneeling in the sand and gore delivering last rites to dying soldiers? Someone has strayed far from the path… or was never on it.

  18. The government doesn’t need to issue vaccination mandates because fools like Pastor Matt Schultz will do it for them.

  19. First bow down to Tony Fauci, THEN you may be permitted to bow down to God.

    Is that how it’s gonna be?

  20. “Come out from amongst them.” From who? An apostate congregation. If you don’t know what makes a congregation apostate, then most likely you’re part of one.
    Someone who bar-hops on Friday night, and repents every Sunday morning, probably has more favor in Yahweh’s eyes, than someone who has chosen to follow man’s false teachings, over the true faith.

  21. Vaccines don’t really work. My dad didn’t get the polio vaccine in 1956 and got polio and he was paralyzed for 6 months and then lost functioning in his right side of his body.

  22. It’s not a vaccine. It is not an FDA approved drug. It is EUA (emergency use so borized) gene therapy. Never been used before in humans. Typical “vaccine” takes 10+ years to be approved. But, I’m sure BigPharma and The State is telling us the truth. Get in line Progressives, take your shots – they are FREE…

  23. “whidbey”- please continue to wear the face diaper! Your diaper wearing makes it easy to identify you and other sheeple as ignorant and willing to drink the spiked koolaid. Is your reverend Jim Jones…?

  24. Connecticut just passed a bill taking away the religious exemption on vaccines. Every child must be vaccinated to attend public school. How long has Gates, through his proxies, been pushing for this in every state? The flock of this church should flee.

  25. Mark, This Jab is not a vaccine, it is a gene therapy, it is Experimental, it has many adverse side effects including according to researchers making you more susceptible to getting cancer. Aside from the fact that over 99% of those that get this Covid-19 survive. In this case the so called cure is far worse than the Virus. Please educate yourself, it’s really sad to see people get hoodwinked into being lab rats.

  26. For over a year churches, outside of the Nazi style tyranny of Anchorage, have been meeting with no masks, indoors, in person, and are still alive and breathing. Large, non mask wearing populations of unvaccinated people, weren’t dropping dead from the plague like the TV propaganda was saying, as the fearful stayed in solitary confinement under house arrest quarantining themselves from the world. So what is wrong with people in Anchorage? Is it the fluoride in the tap water? What planet do these people come from, to live in such a strong delusion of fear? And what is it the with the comments from the vaccinated, acting like the population of Nazi Germany, believing they are more privileged than the unvaccinated, with their, “show me your papers,” type mentality? What a bunch of eugenic, Nazi style freaks, to boast over their shots, believing they are above others, because they made a poor decision for partaking in a human clinical trial. Do these vaccinated zombies even understand that the long term health consequences of mRNA shots in humans are completely unknown to science? Do these people really think they are special for being first in line as a eugenic lab rat for big pharma? Do they really think being an active participant to medical fascism by taking the experimental eugenic jab, and then mocking those smart enough to avoid it is acceptable? Do these people really believe they are immune to big pharma damaging their health for profit and that partaking in a human clinical trial doesn’t involve risks? Those vaccinated people are scary and a danger to a free world. They are like creepy cult members, or like pod people from the movie “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.” Maybe the vaccinated need to be quarantined from society, because there is no telling what those walking lab experiments will spread with their GMOed spike protein shedding. Better start reconsidering who you date or marry, because there is no telling what these vaccinated lab rats will do to the gene pool. Also what potential do these lab rats have in contaminating the Nation’s blood supply? I don’t want their lab created, genetically modified blood contaminating my body. Who would ever want to have children with a genetically modified human anyway, with their future health completely unknown, nothing but a mRNA vaccinated, genetically modified lab experiment? The Covidian cult members are super creepy. You all can keep your lab experiment GMOed spike protein shots. I will keep my God given DNA and protein synthesis, my functioning immune system, and long term health. Do you these vaccinated even know what a prion disruption can do? Have they ever even heard of prions? Do the vaccinated zombies even know what prions are and that they are now at potential risk in the future from possible prion disease? I would rather have a Covid infection, than play Russian Roulette with mRNA injection capable of delivering a possible slight chance of prion disease. And for those that say the shots are safe and you did your research before getting jabbed, just remember YOU ARE THE RESEARCH YOU FOOLS! NOTHING BUT A EUGENIC BASED PHARMACOLOGICAL LAB RAT! Let’s see how you all turn out in 15 years because the long term consequences of this world wide human clinical trial is completely unknown. And how dare these walking science experiments, these societal lab rats, mock the unvaccinated. How dare you! You are nothing but a bunch of virtue signaling, narcissistic sheeple, wanting everyone to partake in your foolish decisions. No thanks! Keep your shots to yourself and stop spreading your genetically modified proteins to the rest of the human race!

  27. I quit the Presbyterian Church years ago, ever since they started preaching social justice during sermons. This church has become a tool of Democrats and Leftism. Their mission has been adulterated by politics of the day.

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