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Critical race theory indoctrination at Eagle River High has parents up in arms

Parents were notified on Tuesday that students at the Eagle River High School would be participating in “Inclusiveness Training” on Friday. The description said that the training was about racism and culture and to ensure that “each student feels safe and valued at our school.” It seemed innocuous enough.

But a video shown to the students struck many parents as propaganda and made them wonder what else was being taught during the racism training. They said appeared more like indoctrination into Critical Race Theory, a pedagogy that teaches that race is a social construct, and that racism is not just individual bias or prejudice, but is embedded in every aspect of America.

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And that is certainly what the kids in the training video were saying. The video concerning parents was a CBS documentary, “Are the Kids All Right? Racism.” It was mandatory training for the entire school.

CBS describes the video as “A racial reckoning is happening in America, but the voices of kids and teens are often missing from that conversation.” In the video, teens are asked to describe their own views and experiences with being victims of racism. Every one of them described themselves in victim terms.

One parent said, “There was political agenda clearly with an anti-Trump narrative deployed in this training.”

For example, the video used powerful music to dramatize points the youth were making, and then cut to a CBS news clip describing about how former President Trump signed an executive order banning immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries (17.18 minute mark on the video.)

That news clip did not mention that the ban was temporary and was in response to terrorism. Or that it included non-Muslim countries, such as Venezuela and North Korea. The clip did not include that the U.S. Supreme Court upheld Trump’s right to enact a temporary order for national security reasons.

The news clip also did not mention that Trump signed the order also because the countries in question were not properly documenting their travelers, and the United States had lost confidence in the seven nations’ security protocols.

The documentary did not mention that President Joe Biden chose to keep the travel ban in place for North Korea. In all, it was simply an attack on Donald Trump, without context.

“I know that I still get privileges because I look white,” one of the documentary’s child interviewees said, expressing a sense of guilt by association of color. “Sometimes I’m like, ‘is it my fault? But it’s not.”

Another teen, African-American, rapped an anti-police narrative on the theme of George Floyd’s death at the hands of police. The resulting rap may reasonably be interpreted as a message that police officers are racist, inferring that all police are white.

In subsequent vignettes in the documentary, minority children talk about how caucasians are racist. This theme is the main lessons of Critical Race Theory.

There are five components of Critical Race Theory, and the video shown during what can be seen as a campus-wide CRT training hit all five components: (1) the notion that racism is ordinary and not aberrational; (2) the idea of an interest convergence; (3) the social construction of race; (4) the idea of storytelling and counter-storytelling; and (5) the notion that whites have actually been recipients of civil rights legislation.

In another segment of the propaganda series, “Gender,” CBS says that “For an unprecedented number of young people in Gen Z, gender is a social construct that needs dismantling.”

Watch the CRT video used in the training at YouTube:

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. I believe that CRT has already been in the curriculum but kept from parents. The only reason ASD brought this up to parents now, is to cover their butt!

    • In my humble opinion, it’s indoctrination or political grooming, as the group of schoolchildren are generally not aware of the issues that they will encounter in the future, and the biased presentation sets the stage for when the individual does encounter the issues. For example, sex education is introduced in the primary grades under the premise that the instruction will alert kids to “bad” and “good” touches of a sexual nature so kids are aware of potential predators. This generally is the first examination and discussion upon which all future learning on those related topics will be filed in the child’s memory and will influence how future learning will be viewed. And, the more titillating or controversial the topic, the file gets stored closer to the front of the memory drawer. I consider sex education a failure and am opposed to the biased narrative of race for the same reason. Instead of introducing the rights and responsibilities of citizenship for all individuals, regardless of your race, ethnicity, or origin, the focus is on skin color or “group” identity. The goal is to confuse new learners without a trace. The evidence is everywhere. Adults touting their rights to control their bodies are asserting group rights that don’t exist, or adults asserting historical infringements that require recognition in the current curriculum to prevent further abuse between races, etc. – we have rights collectively, but those rights are asserted individually. And, with some responsibility.
      CRT is not an iniquitous helpful introduction to race theory, and any reference to the indoctrination that lead to the Second World War should be heeded. This lead to the elimination of members of the community by first – group identity and second, their worth to the society. The concentration camps exist today to prevent the horrific events ever happening again.
      Please refocus the educators to the three R’s as that fundamental goal has been lost. The scores are bad, really bad, so bad that the real damages are incalculable.
      CRT is a titillating and dangerous distraction that is fulfilling the purpose and creating furious emotional distress. It’s a time bomb to keep the topic of race inequality on the agenda forever and indoctrinated children will forever evaluate other individuals by their skin color instead of their character and individual qualities. Godspeed to all in opposition to indoctrinating children!

  2. President Donald Trump was and will continue to be instrumental remedy of distrophies entrenched in various regions of America at anytime. CRT is an attempt at driving backwards while claiming to move forward. The content of the curriculum materials is not materially factual. Fact checking must be done or CRT is another waste of funds educational fad that educators are always after.

  3. As I keep saying get your kids out of the public schools. It is you parents best interest to see your kids educated without being indoctrinated by political beliefs. Push for a voucher system or start neighborhood home schooling. These are your kids and what you do reflects on them and their futures.

    • I took Black History. In my 1980 midwestern Catholic highschool. The text was Roots. My parents encouraged learning history and culture from different perspectives, as much as they supported Catholic teaching.

      • I have no problem with teaching history. In fact I loved history classes in school and still pursue it today. But in a middle or high school, it needs to be an accurate description of history, not twisted or made up. Contrary to some left opinions, conservatives never want to ignore or hide our countries history, good OR bad. In fact some of the bad stuff proves that we became a great country. Take slavery as an example. Yes slavery was legal in large parts of the country up until the end of the civil war. Unfortunately it took an actual shooting war for us, as a country, to make it illegal, but we did it. WE, the country made slavery illegal in all parts. There were many horrible incidents, after the war, with lynchings and such, but these eventually were tamped down. Did the country actually make a change for the better? Of course! Look around, no one today protests in favor of making slavery legal again and racism is not just frowned upon, it is not tolerated. Does anyone, here, walk around and grumble about (fill in the blank with a group)? No! Even during the days following 911, talking smack about muslims was not tolerated. We recognized that although our attackers were muslim, that did not mean that a muslim American was somehow connected to that attackers. The only ‘attack’ on a muslim in Alaska that I’m aware of, post 911, was the vandalism of a print shop in Anchorage. And that turned out to be an inside job as part of an insurance scam.
        So, by all means teach our American history, complete and unadulterated, with all the good and all the shameful. Tell how at different times groups were actively shunned. Asians, Irish, Italians, Germans, Catholics, Jews. Even being a woman prevented you from voting. No one was exempt. But look at us now! Look at the strides we’ve made! The growth of OUR society. Don’t let these CRT, B.S. artists drag us backwards!

      • Roots was a work of fiction, Maureen.

        Be that as it may, I’ll guess that you’d sobbed your eyes out and came away from it with all of the intended guilt and pity programming which no doubt contributed to you becoming the bitter, messed up, hater of western civilization you are today.

        Amirite, Maureen?

        • Did you cry at Roots? I didn’t. It did make me much more interested in American history-the whole of it.

          Yes that book of fiction, it sparked a whole lot of “did those kind of things REALLY happen?” questions and discussions.

          • I didn’t waste my time with it in the first place, Maureen, so I just carried on without being weighed down by the contrived trash which you’ve seen fit to make mention of here as having influenced your warped, far-left perceptions.

            Hey, are you still imagining you’re some kind of “warrior woman” or did that little moment pass?

          • What little moment AS?

            Calling my approach warped and far left shows YOU are interested in attempting injury to me. NOT engaging me to understand your point of view. Just cause injury.

            My showing up here to respond to your questions demonstrates my ongoing warriorship.

          • Oh for gosh sake, Maureen, you most definitely do have a warped approach, you are a far-left nut haunting this wonderful site hoping to get your rotting teeth kicked in (figuratively of course, I would hope), and your laughable claim that your omnipresence here demonstrates your “warriorship” actually demonstrates that you’re a fool with a vivid imagination and too much time on your hands but you be you and please feel free to get the last word in.

      • True history is fine but not the views and statements that whiteness is to blame. They need to study math and English and finance more than racism.

      • And since you’re posing as one who appreciates history, Maureen, you might have missed this on-topic lesson back in the day:


      • I agree! Why wouldn’t you want to know the truth of history! Weather it’s black people Muslim culture or any culture or race I love learning!!!

          • What exactly are you railing against Sally? At first I assumed you were against CRT in schools. But then you slammed people that simply said they enjoyed learning history. If anyone agrees with learning accurate history without modern ‘revisions’, is it a bad thing?

          • Try to follow along, Paul:

            1) CRT is being drummed into the heads of students in Eagle River, presumably in an effort to demoralize White kids and to instill a sense of resentment in minority kids. This is Divide-&-Conquer 101 taken right from the pages of the Frankfurt School of Social Research’s guidelines on subversive promotion of communism and decent people are angry about it.

            2) Along comes serial troll, far-left hater of Western civilization, and militant lesbian Maureen Suttman stating that she’d learned “history” from a fictional book which we can easily identify as an early stab at instilling the same sort of misplaced feelings in the subject audience that CRT is being used to instill today.

            3) Rosalyn then chimes in that she agrees with Maureen’s gaffe.

            4) Next, you stumble into the discussion with some kind of slack-jawed nonsense which completely looks past points 1, 2, and 3 above.

            Please try to pull yourself together and pay attention next time, Paul. Maybe go take a nap or something.

  4. That video was pure straight up filthy racist propaganda. The young black man’s mother said she is not going to get over slavery, well that is her problem. If she wants to make it a problem for me, that too will be, and is her problem. This video could well be used as an example of people with racist beliefs, and that is exactly what it is. What a bunch of cry babies. The young rapper already has one foot in prison. Or the grave. His choice.

    • come on man how can you expect her to get over slavery after all that time she spent in the cotton field

  5. So many things here…

    -still justifying not bothering to vote in the last election?

    -still think there are more important things than finding the time to attend school board, PTA, meet the teacher meetings?

    -still think Eagle River is safe? That it can’t happen here?

    -still think the left isn’t using public education to indoctrinate your kids?

    -still think the useless toad of a governor stands for your values?

    -still think public education has anything to actually do with education?

    If you answer yes to any of these, I got a bridge to the Ketchikan airport to sell you.

    This has been happening out in front of you for over 20 years and the right did nothing about it. Nothing. If the average parent couldn’t be bothered to be involved, why should they?

    If you love your kids, get them out of public education. Leave Alaska if you must.

    Public education is child abuse.

    • Avenger, the truly honest answer from most parents would be the same for all your questions: they simply don’t care. They see school as a babysitting, rather than education, program. Instead of honestly admitting irresponsibility, they falsely contend they prefer to “remain above” the dirtiness of politics by being unplugged. However, they can recite to you everything about Kardashians, NFL, MLB, hunting, quilting, romance videos, pop stars, etc, etc.
      Jefferson said, “An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people.” However, education does not come easy; it requires the diligence and hard work of both students and parents. The majority in our culture have become lazy and entitled. Affinity for diligence and hard work is now uncommon. We are in decline. Prepare for difficult times.

    • I think it’s funny how many people have thought Eagle River was this enclave of white conservatives and upper middle class neighborhoods. When I lived there from 1998-2013 it was slightly different but from 2006 and on you could see the changes coming fast. With the advent of mixed high density low income housing (condos near Jitters and other places semi recently to include Fire Eagle) Eagle River has turned into an area with massive turn over/ highly transient population & no sense of identity.

      ER is just like any other town in America where parents are largely absent from things like PTA meetings, students lives and most parents don’t actually parent their children they just let them get babysat by iPads, tablets, phone and computers. And leftism / woke agenda has taken root. Newsflash for the EagleExit folks, most of the teachers pushing this were ones that came over from Chugiak HS when ERHS was built and have been there for a very long time. This isn’t just a school board driven issue, YOUR local teachers are the ones foaming at the mouth and teaching this to your kids. Think I’m wrong ? just ask them they will tell you if you listen.

  6. My daughter is home-schooled. We got tired of the liberal Whackadoodles in the public school system and pulled her out. She is now enrolled in an online school thru Liberty University. She is getting an education guided by traditional Christian values. Not only that, she is taking a more challenging curriculum and getting better grades than she did in public school. She is doing so well, she even wrote her first novel this year! I recommend every conservative parent that is able to, pull your kids out of these failing liberal thought factories and give them a decent home school education. It will be great for your kids and you won’t regret it.

    • If your daughter was getting “TRADITIONAL” Christian values then she wouldn’t be allowed to attend school. Traditional Christian values where the wife is the property of the husband?

      • What cult did you crawl out from with that comment ? I’m curious because I’ve read plenty in the bible about women helping husbands in business as equals & clearly being educated in law and business (Pricilla & Aquila mentioned in Acts, Paul, Romans, and other books) Lydia (business woman and convert/evangelist in Philipi), Debra (Judge over Israel in old testament and no mention of husband), Naomi (book of Hebrews) was educated enough to run her husbands estate, and Paul talks about many great women in Greece who housed and financed churches so they clearly had education and business skills. And lets not forget Bathsheba who navigated a political minefield enough to guarantee that her son would become king (Solomon) even in the face of an open insurrection. AND assisted him in the destruction of threats to his throne. I think that shows some education and skills.

        Not to overlook that in 1 Chronicles 7:20 a WOMAN named SHEERAH, a descendant of Ephraim BUILT 3 cities. SHE, being an engineer. So again not a subservient non educated woman but a project manager and engineer of the old world variety…BUT you aren’t interested in facts.

        On the “property” issue you seem to forget the other 1/2 of that is that SHE , the wife also owns her husband’s body in that marriage covenant. I find it funny many people read bits and pieces and then just use to you rage on whatever they need to in order to feel better about themselves or make a point.

        • Let’s not also forget Ecclesiastes 10:19 where women may not have been mentioned directly but from the text we can infer they were an important aspect.

  7. Want to make an impression and difference? Take your kids out of school, put them in private school, charter school, or home school. Based on recent years, this situation has continued to get worse, and not better. Ultimately, the best solution is to basically “de-couple” from school district and now is the best time to take that action, taking control of your destiny and the future of your children.

  8. Well. I’m thankful God doesn’t hold my nor my relatives past against me. Lots of people stay in the bondage of sin (shackles that are unlocked) can’t believe they actally free, cause our Jesus holds the keys. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Thank you. Jesus! Woot! Woot!

  9. ‘ Here is a bit
    Emotional bonds may be formed between captors and captives, during intimate time together, but these are generally considered irrational in light of the danger or risk endured by the victims. about 8% of hostage victims show evidence of Stockholm syndrome.[5

    Homeschooling maybe the best solution.

    • Yup.
      CRT and racial liberal, progressive policies are not any different than thr pathological brainwashing plantation owners deployed to keep slaves on their plantations.
      Inculcate a deep feeling of inferiority.
      Deny them an education and any functional literacy.
      Impose a victim mentality so they feel defeated.
      Make them feel their destiny is in someone else’s hands.
      Democrats were slave owners and violently resisted the Abolition movement..
      Democrats started the KKK.
      It’s almost as this mentality is so rooted in their DNA – they cannot change..who resisted the Civil Rights movement, Voting Rights Act – start seeing reality.

  10. What?, is Eagle River the only place from which logic and common sense flows anymore in the Anchorage area? The rest of Anchorage looks like a bunch of brain-rotted Biden suckers.

  11. Interesting, didn’t the school board categorically deny that CRT is being taught anywhere in the district during several meetings? While many parents suspected that to be untrue, now we have proof of their lies. The question now becomes what parents will do with this information. Clearly the school board has no respect for the constituency or a need to heed their opinion. The assembly will not cut their funds for this program, as they are of the same mind. Eagle Exit may be moving forward, but will come too late for the current student population..
    I am quite certain that this is a district wide mandatory program and does not only affect ERHS. Maybe the PTA’s of the district should band together, discontinue all their fundraising, assisting teachers and planning of events instead demanding that principals and board members sit down and have an honest debate. Of course every family will need to decide whether or not to dis-enroll their student.

    • I heard this came from the superintendent who is targeting Eagle River High School because he thinks they are racist out there. I would like to know if this is factual or if this was done district wide.

  12. I approve of indoctrination of the youth when it’s beneficial. But this seems like a political distraction. Instead of focusing on the owners of this country and emphasizing our democratic power over them, they teach helplessness and resentment. Kids brought up like this won’t fight the power. Now math and reading, that’s useful. But apparently this has taken a back seat to thought control.

  13. Homeschooling is the best way to go, avoid the indoctrination camps! Avoid the cesspools of a diseased Anchorage!

  14. Why only Eagle River High is mentioned? Is ER the last ASD school it’s been introduced? Has it been thoroughly through the other Anchorage schools already or not? Are we just catching the last cup of lemonade here?

    • Why were Eagle River kids targeted for this brainwashing exercise, you ask?

      Probably because Eagle River’s student body is still the Whitest in the school district and the prospect of heterosexual White kids feeling good about themselves infuriates someone powerful within the ASD who should be identified, publicly shamed, and thrown out.


  15. CRT is a communist tactic to divide people by declaring false racial inequities. The Soviet Union used it under a different name and the Nazi’s did the same. America’s schools are being used to divide us from our children and destroy the family. It is an agenda in combination with the transgender and pronoun crap and will kill our nation if not stopped immediately. How do you stop it? First, make sure it is completely exposed and you can point the finger at the NEA and Department of Education. Second, run for a schoolboard position and replace this garbage with curriculum that will help our kids excel. Third, make sure your kids are aware of this and tell them to expose their school and teachers if they are using this material. Fourth, refuse to send your kids to public school until the schools come clean with what curriculum is being used in the school. Parents are entitled to know exactly what is being taught to their children. Fifth, homeschooling and coops are a great alternative.

  16. Teaching history with all of its misdeeds as well as the good points should be done. However, CRT does not qualify because it seeks to retrograde the progress that has been made. It is why any group that divides people into separate “identities” only seeks to keep people from uniting into one more comfortable whole with each other. Parents have a right to see what their children are being taught, actually it is a responsibility. If the school is not fulfilling this transparency requirement, then those responsible should be fired. As long as parents are legally responsible for their children, total transparency is to be demanded. Period.

  17. Anyone who thinks we’re inherently racist needs to spend some time at a playground in Anchorage or Eagle River.

    The kids are from every ethnic background imaginable, yet the only requirement to join in whatever game they’re playing is, “hi…I’m 4…how old are you? Wanna play?”

    I’ve watched that interaction play out countless times. Every child is colorblind. They just see fellow kids, potential friends, other kids to have fun with.

    Racism is a learned response, and the public schools are teaching it.

    • Love watching the celebration of ignorance in the comments. Bunch of people scared of any sort of change that might shatter the frail concept of white dominance. Fearful that the roles will be reversed. Fearful that people will think less of you because something your ancestors have done. When in reality minorites just want an equal truthful seat at the table when it comes to teaching the history of this nation.

      • History, even the darkest deeds that were done is needed to be taught. Teaching light skinned kids that they need to feel guilt, shame and remorse about it is wrong. None of us had anything to do with what happened 200 years ago; however, we need to understand it to not repeat it, not blame current citizens.

      • ‘Respect for the past, present, and future’

        Really, you want me to respect you for ‘the past’? Your past or the past of your ancestors? I couldn’t give s*^%$ less about your past and neither you nor I can do anything about our ancestors past. So, I guess that leaves us with the present. You want me to respect you? Then be a CITIZEN. Get involved in the election process and support candidates that in turn support the Constitution. You remember the U.S. Constitution? The one that guarantees all of us life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The right to free speech. The right to keep and bear arms. In turn, don’t do things that denigrate the Constitution. Don’t hurt people or destroy property while ‘protesting’. Don’t support organizations that work to subvert our elections. And above all, don’t claim to be due anything more than the next citizen.

        You CANNOT force respect. when you try that, it only leads to anger and fear. Respect is earned.

        • I liked that George Washington was not too proud to learn Indian fighting by having Indians fighting with him tossing off the monarch tyrants of the day. They were right there with him too.

          • Side information to what G.G just said. Washington himself said that one of his most trusted aids was a slave named Billy Lee. Lee rode with Washington throughout the Revolutionary war. Some say he was responsible for Washington turning against slavery. After all the years traveling together, Washington had a respect for Lee not extended to many others.

      • Well BT strutting around sanctimoniously, demanding respect is truly hollow and unproductive. You do not gain respect by playing the victim or accusing others of standing in your way. It’s instead a convenient excuse to do nothing. Supposedly in this country we are all equal and individuals, yet you want to be elevated by reducing everyone down to one criteria: the color of their skin. It is truly the least important measure of a person. Their actions speak much louder and on those action all be judged. I am with Paul and Mark, respect is earned and given to all those who made the effort, not to those who scream the loudest.

  18. Minorities always had my respect as much as anyone as my family is a minority as well but the public school I paid for to teach my grandchildren reading writing and math has failed miserably. They then somehow decided they could add CRT to those three very important subjects as well as “their version” of sex ed to kindergarten through 12th grade. Which both happen to be very important subjects I prefer to teach myself at home because their version of CRT TEACHES racism! How do you think minorities in California are going to feel about having to pay the cost of giving black people lots of money because they have a sliver of ancestry to an individual who was sold to a democrat plantation owner by a black slave trader? That in itself will fuel more hate and racism than America has ever seen which happens to be the Democrats game plan. Dividing America one race at a time! If you want respect keep voting Democrat and sit back and see where that takes you.

    • The whole world was indentured (enslaved) if they worked outside the family. The whites stopped while black people in Morocco are still selling each other into slavery today. Our rulers in America are enviting other nations to exert tyrranical influence over Americans here today too.

  19. My son needed to get some extra credits in high school. He was given an internet course that I forgot what they called it, but it was CRT. I sat with him and followed the lessons. I couldn’t believe what they were teaching. “White Privilege?” What the heck was that?
    My grandparents immigrated from Austria-Hungry in the late 1800’s. My grandfather was a blacksmith and eventually became the first fire chief of Darien, CT. My dad was a mail carrier. Of three siblings, my sister and I graduated from college (though my brother was the more financially successful of the three of us).
    Life was not given to us on a silver platter. We had to deal with difficult times; moved from place to place to find work. My wife and I dealt with lean times, caring for our two boys. We came to Alaska with no jobs, just hope. What in the world was this “White Privilege” garbage that they were talking about?
    Today in America, only one out of every four children born to a black woman will have a father at home. Democrats ignore this statistic, but it is the most telling of why blacks are failing in this country. You eliminate dad and you increase the potential for dropouts, drug abuse, incarceration, poverty, and all the other social dilemmas that are often referred by the press to “effect the black community.”
    The Feminists in the 70’s stated that “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.” What social scientists have discovered is that a child needs the government like a fish needs a bicycle, but a child needs a father, and a mother needs a husband. There is no white privilege to a stable family because love is not racist. Honor is not racist. Dedication is not racist.
    The only thing that is racist is a mindset that declares that a person’s color determines their ability to succeed. Regardless of how the forces that be try to influence our children, CRT is pseudo-science in the worst sense. It exists to create a political narrative, not to trouble shoot social issues and definitely not to help the black community.
    America grows to be a more perfect nation, not perfect. We will always be saddled with flaws. Nonetheless, as long as we can keep Democrats out of power, we can continue to be a free nation, providing opportunity for all. The American Dream is a reality for anyone, but it will never be realized for a segment of our population that in inundated with a victimhood mentality.

  20. Many freed black slaves went on to buy their own black slaves. The slave does not want to be free, he wants to be the master. It’s a slave thing man. And how many black men own slaves today? Ever hear of a PIMP?

  21. Children are not born as racists, They are indoctrinated with these ideas by at best ill informed and at worst simply evil people. What is critical about CRT is that it be stopped dead in its tracks. The roots of this disgusting issue are long and deep. Richard Andrew Cloward and Francis Fox Piven , were a married couple that were professors at Columbia University in the 60’s. They developed what became known as the “Cloward Piven Strategy”. Under the noble guise of how to end poverty in America, they devised a plan to destroy the government and the much despised “Capitalism and Free Enterprise” that allowed this country to flourish on the heels of WWII. The Cloward /Piven strategy nicely complemented with Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals. A key component to this plan was to strap the government with entitlement programs that it simply could not afford and thusly cause it to fail, paving the way for socialism which is another word for communism without the AK 47 pointed at you. Fomenting racism a key ingredient as well as controlling healthcare (Obamacare?) and controlling education (NEA?) . Racism, does of course exist but not to the extent we would be led to believe. The promoters of Socialism fully recognize the ancient strategy of divide and conquer. They despise organized religion and Christianity because that is a large cohesive group that is difficult to defeat due strength in numbers. Any opportunity to divide is seized upon to make the overall group more vulnerable. I have no problem with Gay & Lesbian people but when someone tries to shove it down my throat it becomes a problem. An adult who decides they want to cross dress , a man who thinks he really should be a woman? Knock yourself out, but leave the kids alone! In this video young people identify as African, Arab, Asian, Hispanic, etc. American. Choose one. Born and raised in this country you are an American. Example of an African American: Elon Musk.

    • It won’t be an AK this time around, it’ll be an M4. And it’s still just communism.

  22. For CRT to be accurate science and genetics must be deemed inaccurate and heritable traits must be overlooked. That’s a terrible thing to teach young people.

    I agree; toss out whomever thought E/River children needed to be taught nonsense that runs counter to known scientific data.

    There are sources of objective data in this regard and they’re not hard to find. Nearly all of them contain objective data making them more appropriate pedagogy than CRT and similar subjective fiction. An example would be Jared Taylor of American Renaissance. He uses objective data from FBI and other gov’t resources including 6000 police departments over 29% of the US. This YT video would be an appropriate follow up video for the children in E/River schools.

    There’s a problem and the problem is exacerbated by teaching CRT and other nonsense as fact.


  23. The solution to all of this is simple: pull your kids out of public school and leave Los Anchorage. The charter/private schools should be getting overwhelmed with applicants and the Valley should be exploding, but instead everyone just b*tches about it online. Pathetic.

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