Supreme Court says abortion pills through the mail OK for now


The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday stopped a federal judge’s ruling in Texas that had banned the use of an abortion chemical that is widely used to induce the death of the unborn.

The federal judge in Texas had ruled the Food and Drug Administration’s approval of the pill invalid, although it has been in wide use since 2000. The high court said the chemical abortion pill may still be used while the appeal process moves forward. The arguments over mifepristone will be heard next month in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit.

Alliance Defending Freedom is arguing that the dug was approved only after the FDA decided to remove the safeguards around it and allowed it to be delivered through the mail. ADF says the FDA “chose politics over science.”

The decision was seen as a victory for pro-abortionists. President Joe Biden issued an immediate statement:

“As a result of the Supreme Court’s stay, mifepristone remains available and approved for safe and effective use while we continue this fight in the courts,” Biden said. Although a Catholic, Biden is a supporter of ending life after conception.

Alaska has some of the most liberal abortion laws in the nation. Women can get a prescription for abortion pills through a Telehealth appointment, and then get the pills delivered through the mail.


  1. I’ve done some reading and it appears (stress that word) SCOTUS acted based on procedural issues. Similar to the way they used to tell Trump “you can do that, but have to do it a particular way”.

    The biggest issue is gonna be how this plays out via Federalism. States can and do set rules on what may be brought in by mail. The Imperial Federal Government rarely overrides this.

    The law of unintended consequences implies this will affect the ability to ship weed through the mail. Legal? No. But if this holds…?

  2. But isn’t interstate commerce regulated somehow by the fed?

    Personally, the three women I know who were prescribed mifepristone in the case of incomplete miscarriage all ended up in the ER for massive hemorrhaging.

    The real issue to be considered here is the reason why the TEXAS SC court judge ruled the FDA’s approval of the pill is invalid. Getting all crazy over abortion pills through the mail is a boondoggle. We should be focusing on the FDA’s approval process.

    • NotAnymore is totally correct. The ruling by the Texas SC judge was because FDA did not follow the appropriate approval process for the drug. The process of whether or not you can purchase abortion pills through the mail or otherwise is not the issue — it’s just the shiny object to distract you.

  3. Apparently they think they can get around the law. Walgreens said a month or more ago they would not be mailing these disgusting pills, as it needed to be picked up in person. Other pharmacies have the same exact laws preventing this.
    These women are pigs. Make them come to a a face to face with the pharmacy. Label the dam thing an abortion pill, and say those words when they are picking it up. Embarrass them!!
    This country is going down in flames. They can’t figure out how to use birth control, so gonna kill babies instead. Welcome to hell!

  4. The Supreme Court is compromised, with a majority of uniparty judges who support the murder of children.

  5. Forget the pill and just wait untill after the birth and then you simply take it to a clinic where they euthanize the infant as long as it is less than 30 days old. This makes a whole lot more sense than rushing to early judgement of disposing of an infant in the womb. At least the infant has a faint possibility of the mother having second thoughts about murdering their child. Now dont start bashing me about this crazy thought. State of California actually had this legislation on the ballot last year that churches and concerned citizens were opposing. It only lost by a narrow margin meaning millions were “for” the idea and it will resurface again and soon win. Maybe there will be less infants ending up in dumpsters using this method.

  6. I guess the shock and horror of euthanizing a 30 day old infant was a little much for some of the voters but once it passes and the shock of the idea wears off people will get used to it and it will become a useful method of dealing with lots of issues such as birth defects, cholic babies, drug addicted or even “wrong” sex babies. It will open the door to lots of “solutions”. After all abortion is not for us to decide. As Commander Joe says “its all about womens health and their right to choose”. There is also the very profitable market source of income for the abortion clinics who sell the aborted fetus to research labs. I have read estimates of up to 10K for a complete whole late term fetus and even more if there is still a heartbeat at the moment they are flash frozen. So dont forget about the financial aspect of the “business”. Democrats must be heavily invested in planned parenthood clinics spreading like covid around the world. If theres big money in it the Dems are for it just like war and drugs!

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