Craig Campbell to AK Railroad Board



Gov. Michael Dunleavy today announced his appointees to the Alaska Railroad Corporation Board and the Alaska Aerospace Corporation Board.

Craig Campbell takes the seat designated for a business owner/ manager on the Board of Directors of the Alaska Railroad Corporation, effective Sept. 11 through Oct. 3, then reappointed Oct. 3, 2019 through Oct. 3, 2024. This seat was most recently held by Jon Cook, who is an open supporter of the campaign to recall the governor. Dunleavy dismissed Cook from the board in August.

Campbell was the 10th lieutenant governor of Alaska, and has an extensive background in both the public and private sector, with 35 years of aerospace experience in the United States Air Force and Alaska Air National Guard, culminating as the Adjutant General, Alaska National Guard, retiring in 2009 at the rank of Lieutenant General when he became lieutenant governor. Campbell has over 15 years of aviation consulting experience, both in the United States and internationally. He was president and chief executive officer for Alaska Aerospace for seven years, and is President for Aurora Launch Services.

Dunleavy appointed retired Colonel John “Jack” Anthony to the Aerospace Industry seat on the Board of Directors of the Alaska Aerospace Corporation, effective Sept. 11, 2019 through July 1, 2022.

Col. Jack Anthony (retired) has nearly 41 years of space research, engineering, operations, leadership, program management, and education experience during his career. He has 26 years of service in the US Air Force, retiring as a colonel. His experience includes working with the National Reconnaissance Office and National Aeronautics and Space Administration. He currently supports the National Space Defense Center as a part-time advisor and serves on the Aurora Launch Services Board of Directors.


  1. Campbell has 0 qualifications to be on this board. Private business?? He has been bellied up to the government trough his entire life. I wonder if he even voted for Dunleavy.. Just like Walker, Dunleavy has kicked everyone who got him elected to the curb. And then the predators move in.. his chief of staff pick was awesome. Course I’m nothing but valley trash so who cares.

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