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Friday, August 14, 2020
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Alaska Center encouraging kids to ‘strike’ this Friday

The Alaska Center for the Environment is doing the organizational work in Alaska to help students leave classes on Friday to take part in a global student strike for the climate change agenda.

The student strike has been endorsed by New York City, where the city leaders said 1.1 million students can skip school for the protest without facing a penalty. In Seattle, students will be marked “unexcused,” while in Portland, students will be marked “excused.”

Students in Fairbanks, Anchorage, Sitka, Palmer, and Juneau are planning to take part, Must Read Alaska has learned.

On May 3, Juneau students held a strike in conjunction with another global student strike over climate and about 100 of them skipped classes and went to the Capitol with painted signs demanding the Green New Deal.


The 16 young Alaskans who are suing the state of Alaska for violating their constitutional rights by “knowingly contributing to climate change” will be in court on Oct. 9 at 1:30 pm for a hearing before the Alaska Supreme Court. They are challenging a Superior Court’s decision against them. The ruling said the youth had not identified a specific state policy that contributes to climate change.

The youth are saying they did identify a policy — the State’s Energy Policy, that contains references to fossil fuels. The State’s implementation of that policy causes climate change, the youth are saying, and that is a violation of their constitutional rights.

That hearing takes place at the Boney Courthouse, 303 K Street in Anchorage.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

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  • The 16 young Alaskans who are suing the state of Alaska for violating their constitutional rights by “knowingly contributing to climate change” How are these students homes heated and what will they be riding in to court? Will any be wearing synthetic fabrics?

    • By this reasoning people who receive medicare shouldn’t be able to oppose medicare-for-all. I am sure these students do use petroleum products. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be able to want or fight for a change. Even if I don’t agree with how they’re doing it. I’d rather have students engaged enough in communities and societies to take action than continue the apathetic and uninformed existence that many of their peers fall into.
      The oil and gas industry has actively deceived society about their impact on climate and the environment for 40 years. 2018 was the oil/gas industries most profitable year. And 2019 has them leading in profit growth lists. Meanwhile Alaska paid some of those same companies $1.25 BBBillion this year in tax credits. Isn’t the state’s total budget only $6-$10 billion over the last few years? Yes, it’s more complicated than just that. And yes, they are huge job providers and economic contributors. But that doesn’t mean they deserve unyielding, white-knighted defense. There is room for scrutiny, discourse, and change.

      • The public school system has actively deceived society about their impact on curriculum since they’ve been around. And 2019 has been leading profit growth for administrators and teachers. Yet, at the same time, the number of students has been consistently declining and our schools continue to decline. Alaska has some of the worst schools in the nation yet we’re number one with pay more per student. The schools definitely have room for scrutiny, discourse, and change.

      • Striking ….a career for the future!

      • The little darlings can want or fight for change on their own time (and dime).
        At their tender ages, they have not a bloody clue what they want.
        They have cell phones, social media, and peer pressure to tell them what they want.
        Courtesy of Alaska’s execrable excuse for an education industry, they lack even a modicum of classical education to give them some inkling of what they could want.
        Courtesy of same, their documented deficiencies in mastering any sort of scientific concept, however elemental, are no longer a state secret, which of course qualifies them to advertise this sad fact by making public spectacles of themselves.
        Courtesy of same, and more importantly, they’ve been successfully groomed as useful idiots, fellow travelers, child soldiers, untainted by understanding of rhetoric and logical fallacies; modern-day, obedient sovoks programmed to serve their collective.
        And what is that, tovarisch, but child abuse on such a scale that few will comprehend, much less prevent though it be in their power to do so?

  • A memorable response might be to expel “strikers” for a week and fine “strikers'” parents, say a thousand dollars per “striker”.
    Won’t happen because public education in Alaska seems a lost cause, and education-industry officials seem determined to keep it that way…
    Another memorable response for productive Anchorage residents might be a property-tax “strike” because their constitutional rights were violated when their government seized their money to pay for “education” when in fact all state-sponsored education seems to be producing for the most part is generations of malleable illiterates.

  • Why is this allowed in public schools. Why not youth versions of RDC, Alliance, AK Miners, NRA etc? Always amazed me that conservatives and pro development people have let this happen for 3 decades.

  • Allowing students to skip school is wrong. I read the article in New York about their decision, and the NY DOE said something along the lines of “as long as the protest is peaceful, we should encourage our students to speak their minds”. Would Alaskan students be able to participate in peaceful rallies like, say, 2nd amendment rights rally hosted by NRA? Or are the students limited to those “thoughts” that vast left-leaning schools also believe in? If it’s really about allowing students to speak their minds, they should be able to do this daily. At school.
    My second issue with this is that climate change is political. Students shouldn’t be allowed to rally for or against political issues simply because it increases pressure for those students who disagree with their peers. Peers are great at bullying. So are teachers.
    Most important, our schools are amongst the worst in the nation and they worsen yearly. Is skipping school to rally for a political issue the best way to educate our students? If the kids are that passionate, why can’t a rally be done on Saturday? At least then you would get a better idea of how many students truly believe in climate change versus a free afternoon from school. But hey, that wouldn’t make a great photo op then, would you, of thousands of school kids waiving signs.

  • What, not a strike on a Saturday? Free feel-good attention whore day.

  • Yeah let’s exploit the kids by having them strike for something that doesn’t exist the way they pitch it. As a parent I would be pretty upset they were teaching kids this was ok. How about let’s educate them on real earth and weather, volcanoes (that’s where the heat is coming from not us) so they can learn how to survive as this climate changes. There is nothing anyone can do about it.. Its nature.. And part of what has been happening on earth way before man came along.
    You can strike to the cows come home and the planet will continue to heat up in this cycle, seas will rise and the earth as we know it will change even more.

  • These kids need a history lesson. This happens from time to time and mother earth always fixes it. Nature cycle. Don’t like it, be reincarnated in about 20,000 years.

  • My granddaughter’s middle school did this and I asked quite a few kids why they were striking. They couldn’t answer. They just wanted to meet up at the park.
    This was two years ago. I can’t believe they’re still doing this. So disappointing.

  • This is just more proof of an ever increasing liberal school district attempting to manipulate it’s students to follow the agenda it follows. If an asteroid comes and wipes us all out, who are they going to blame that on? GOD? Some things happen just because it is natural for them to happen. The weather and climate change is fluid.

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