Craig Campbell resigns from Alaska Railroad board of directors


The chief of staff to Mayor Dave Bronson said today that he has resigned from the board of the Alaska Railroad. Craig Campbell was appointed in 2019 to a term that was to extend until Oct. 3, 2024.

Because the railroad is headquartered in Anchorage and is an important part of the Anchorage infrastructure, Campbell asked for an opinion from the Alaska Department of Law, which responded that there could be an ethical conflict, now that Campbell is high ranking in municipal government. He tendered his resignation on June 30.

Campbell has 35 years of aerospace experience in the U.S. Air Force and Alaska Air National Guard, culminating as the Adjutant General of the Alaska National Guard. He retired in 2009 at the rank of lieutenant general and became Alaska’s 10th lieutenant governor. He has over 15 years of aviation consulting experience, both in the United States and internationally and was president and chief executive officer for Alaska Aerospace for seven years.

The appointment to the Alaska Railroad Board is considered to be one of the most prestigious in the state. Gov. Mike Dunleavy will appoint his replacement.


  1. What? I am shocked that he doesn’t follow the good democrat legislative example of double dipping! Why, he even got a legal opinion! Just shocking for a government official to follow the law! But then again, he’s not a liberal (laws mean nothing to them).

  2. Really? I thought John Binkley, owner of ADN, chose all the replacements. I bet John Reeves, up in Fairbanks, would LOVE a seat on the Alaska Rail Road Board.

    • There is more to the story: Concern about an ethical conflict since
      Campbell is “now high ranking in municipal government is valid.
      It is noteworthy that while under his leadership, the Alaska Railroad Corporation (ARRC) sued a South Anchorage homeowners association, seeking a quiet title action that would strip the homeowners of their property rights in the right-of-way ROW) — in favor of the ARRC. Significantly, the MOA has intervened in the lawsuit on the side of the homeowners, as the Muni itself also has significant property interests in the ROW that will be adversely affected should the Railroad prevail in the litigation.

      • Each patent is unique. This is not a takings, reversal and retakeings blanket unlawful rewrite of the federal railroad licensing act right here in podunk Alaska. Or we are all on Mars legally speaking. Since some of the pertinent parties no longer make any evidence of corporately existing this should sail right out the window toute de suite.

  3. Naomi:
    Ha ha. Great choice! Binkley won’t be singin ‘Ive been workin on the railroad’ no more. Instead, he’ll be whistling ‘Bridge over the River Kwai’
    hiding from Reeves as the train passes hurricane gulch. 🤣

  4. John Reeves knows something about rights of way. Dermot Cole wrote a big story the other week about the two fighting titans in the AK Supreme Court, and the issue seemed to be over Binkley’s private railroad in Fox, Alaska encroaching on Reeve’s property. Adding John Reeves to the Alaska RailRoad Board would be better than the ultimate cage match between two Johns. You hearing this, Governor Dunleavy?

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