Mayor Bronson declares Anchorage a Second Amendment sanctuary city


Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson today said he will ask the Anchorage Assembly for $15 million to pay for a transition center, where homeless people will be given shelter and customized assistance to establishing permanent stable lives, homes, and a path forward in their lives. The location where he wants to put the temporary tensioned fabric structure is on Tudor Road near the Alaska Native Medical Center, a plan he has been discussing with members of the Assembly in recent weeks.

The mayor also said he would also sign an executive mayoral order making Anchorage a Second Amendment sanctuary city, and said that any federal laws that would require law enforcement officers to go door-to-door to register guns, tax guns, or confiscate guns is the kind of thing that would put officers’ lives in danger, and this concerns law enforcement professionals.

Second Amendment sanctuary cities are places where unconstitutional gun laws are not enforced. The definition of sanctuary cities (or counties) is not fixed. But President Joe Biden has made gun control one of his priorities, so this executive order is to get ahead of the president.

Alaska is considered a Second Amendment sanctuary state. In 2010, Governor Sean Parnell signed the Alaska Firearms Freedom Act, which said certain firearms and accessories are exempt from federal regulation. In 2013, Parnell signed HB 69, which expanded the Firearms Freedom Act.

The Kenai Borough is a Second Amendment sanctuary after the Borough Assembly passed an ordinance last July reaffirming its support for Americans’ right to bear arms.

Bronson will also sign an executive order on Thursday pertaining to mandatory face masks, vaccines, and the opening of municipal offices to the public. Two other orders have to do with creating a task force on efficiencies and regulatory reform, and economy and diversification.


  1. Good news for Anchorage. Dunleavy needs to block any agency or company from forcing employees to be vaccinated, or be forced to wear masks.

  2. It is a start and too bad any of it has to be done, but the destruction done to our city by an out-of-control left over the last several years has been great and we must change direction to get back to a normal thriving city we once were…

  3. The Left is making good progress turning the US into Nicaragua. They are doing a better job creating and controlling the narrative. As evidenced NYC’s primary, they are making good progress wrecking the election process. If they could just get rid of the guns…

    • It’s the assembly’s plan would put vulnerable people next to busy highways such as the Alaska Club on Tudor and the Golden Lion on 36th and other roads all over town. This week in midtown, I had to pull off the highway several times to report dangerous situations with people perched on walkers on a narrow strip between four lanes of traffic and begging IN the street. This in part, is what has occurred (in spite of or because of) the large sums of money paid out for the assembly’s homeless plan. The assembly has provided single lane bike paths in the woods which has been used to create dangerous filthy tent camps where people are assaulted and where garbage, needles and stolen goods are taken.
      Mayor Bronson’s plan includes enough land, already zoned for this purpose, fencing on the highway side so people don’t wander into the road, is close to the Native hospital and has access to bus services. Mayor Bronson’s plan includes many solutions which are far superior to the previous administration’s.

  4. Good first steps.
    Next, stop the hand over of buildings to groups based on their race.
    Sell or stop the purchase of unnecessary properties (bet he can find that $15M for the homeless if he gets rid of the shelters in neighborhoods.)
    Let’s reduce the salary of the equity officer to $0
    Let’s let the three code enforcers hired on to oversee the mandates find other jobs.
    And, finally, how about the Muni stop paying for radio and TV ads telling everyone to get vaccinated, recycle, and plug in at 20°
    Oh, and while we are at it. How about prosecuting shoplifters again. Might be nice to run a business, and not have criminals treat it like an all you can eat buffet.

  5. Biden and his handlers have been working overtime (well, his handlers anyway) to increase federal dependency and reduce the private sector. Now, with increased Federal dependence they feel they can dictate how we live. Show any signs of independence or self sufficiency they will shut you down. Now they can tell us how to live or the funding disappears.

  6. A whiney condition in the tone of these comments here. Biden has no affect on this city. The homeless here are the mentally ill. They are in need of compassion.That is the governor who closed down API.Pushed them out on the streets. I guarantee the people complaining about not having guns probably are prohibited lawfully by their prior history. Lived here my entire life, never had a problem not having guns. But then I never abused my right or shot illegally. Like I said it isn’t the place it’s the people coming here who are criminal, greedy, and think Alaska has to be more like the lower 48. If you want Alaska to be more like the lower 48 leave, take your whiney mouths with you.

    • Many of the homeless are mentally ill, so would you return us to the 50s and mandatorily institutionalize them? Check out some institution conditions from then.
      There are societal norms which we choose to live by if we are to remain a civilized society. Those norms tend to frown upon defecating on the sidewalk, public drunkenness, public rape and the like. Most of us do not tolerate these things. So if you feel so compassionate, open your doors to the homeless and care for them. Some people need a hand up while many (most) need a swift kick in the butt to straighten out their lives. Many organizations (to which I belong) help those open to improving themselves. For the rest…move them to harsh jail or Fire Island as appropriate. Fortunately the new mayor is throwing a roadblock in making Anchorage Portland.
      And I just bought a gun last week with all the hassles involved. If you choose not to have one I won’t force you to at this point (every male 17-45 is required to be in the Militia: 10 U.S. Code § 246 – Militia: composition and classes). But just because babies can’t eat meat is no reason to outlaw it, as progressives seek to do with all that they don’t like.

    • @Dulcie:
      You seem to think a 2A sanctuary city is about making it easy for people to guns? At least, that is how your comment reads to me.
      A 2A sanctuary is about stopping the enforcement of unconstitutional, or questionable restrictive gun laws. The laws that are in line with the Constitution are not blocked, only those that are not. Background checks on transfers will still be conducted. Sale of NFA Class III items will remain highly regulated.
      However, if the Biden administration succeeds in declaring use of an arm brace coverts your pistol into a short barreled rifle (thus turning it into a NFA item), hundreds, if not thousands of Anchorage residents will be turned into felons immediately. Solely for their possession of a firearm that pResident Biden does not like the look of.
      Bronson declaring Anchorage a 2A sanctuary will stop BATFE from knocking on the door of a law abiding and responsible gun owner and arresting them for owning an item that is currently perfectly legal to own.

    • “…….The homeless here are the mentally ill. They are in need of compassion…….”
      Even if the homeless here were all mentally ill (they’re not), your bleeding heart compassion won’t feed or shelter them, and it CERTAINLY won’t help reduce or eliminate the problem. Frankly, emotion is a big part of why we have the problem in the first place. Please educate yourself on The Mental Health Systems Act of 1980 and the revolution in mental health treatments (and the gargantuan absence of same) since then, not to mention the ideological failures of the APA with regard to identifying (and the refusal to identify) mental illnesses. Another thing you might consider educating yourself about is the refusal of the courts to impose mandatory substance abuse treatments in many cases, and the abuse of alcohol tax revenue which should be 100% funding substance abuse treatments.

  7. Now that LAnchorage is a sanctuary city, does that mean I don’t have to buy an AR to defend my Second Amendment rights? Would a slingshot work? Also, I know karate. Does karate work? Also, I have a goose. Do geese work? I don’t think my goose knows karate, though. Is it okay that my goose doesn’t know karate?

        • By now, that is clearly an impossible task. Radical extremist so-called “leftists” not only do not understand freedom, they revile the very notion of freedom. They are truly sufferers of Stockholm Syndrome, not only willing but eager to defend their own (and our) controllers and enslavers.

    • Zee:
      At what point were you required in any to buy an AR? Or any firearm, or heck, slingshot for that matter?
      It is indicative of unimaginative thinking to assume protecting the right of a law abiding and responsible individual to own firearms without undue restrictions somehow means “everyone must own one.”
      Do not want to own a gun? Great! I fully support that, and respect it.
      Trying to prevent others from owning guns is where I get a bit less respectful. Under the condition I remain a law abiding and responsible individual, who uses my possessions in a legal and responsible manner, I do not think the Government has the right to restrict my ownership.
      And, for your goose. Absolutely wonderful if your goose masters Karate, or any of the martial arts. In fact, I would support that fully.

      • Actually, US Code: 10 USC Ch. 12: THE MILITIA
        From Title 10—ARMED FORCES
        Subtitle A—General Military Law
        §246. Militia: composition and classes
        (a) The militia of the United States consists of all able-bodied males at least 17 years of age and, except as provided in section 313 of title 32, under 45 years of age who are, or who have made a declaration of intention to become, citizens of the United States and of female citizens of the United States who are members of the National Guard.

        (b) The classes of the militia are—

        (1) the organized militia, which consists of the National Guard and the Naval Militia; and

        (2) the unorganized militia, which consists of the members of the militia who are not members of the National Guard or the Naval Militia.

        (Aug. 10, 1956, ch. 1041, 70A Stat. 14, §311; Pub. L. 85–861, §1(7), Sept. 2, 1958, 72 Stat. 1439; Pub. L. 103–160, div. A, title V, §524(a), Nov. 30, 1993, 107 Stat. 1656; renumbered §246, Pub. L. 114–328, div. A, title XII, §1241(a)(2), Dec. 23, 2016, 130 Stat. 2497.)

        • Thanks, but I am not seeing a requirement to purchase or own any arms.
          Remember the old adage, an army marches on their stomachs. There is no reason why a member of the unorganized militia cannot provide supply, catering, or medical services.
          Just not seeing the requirement to purchase a firearm.

          • Nor would I impose that upon you. But historically those in the unorganized militia were responsible not only for provisioning themselves, they were also responsible for presenting the appropriate arms.
            Honestly it surprises me that we still have these statutes, but even as recently as a generation ago they prevented an invasion (“You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.”
            ― Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto).

  8. Dulcie, Biden has no affect on this city?? The executive orders to halt oil production won’t hurt Anchorage? Shutting down the XL pipeline and causing Canada to retaliate by closing its borders doesn’t affect Anchorage? Shutting down oil lease sales in the ANWR doesn’t affect Anchorage? Lawsuits to close our fisheries, no effect? Hmm, you may want to rethink this.

  9. Why would any decent human being want to take our protection away so that only the criminals have weapons to harm law abiding citizens. What is with the President and anyone who thinks this way. Think the BAD guys are going to just hand over their weapons. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid.
    WTG Mr. Bronson.

  10. The homeless situation is Anchorage is more or less an Alaska Native situation. In the last poll over 70% of the homeless in Anchorage were all native. These billion dollar native corporations i.e ASRC, BBNC, NANA, etc could all but help end homelessness in Anchorage and Fairbanks if they truly wanted to help their people. If these corporations truly cared about their “people” then the resources for truly homeless people wouldn’t be at the breaking point that they are now. Why not address the real problem and hold these Native Corporations accountable for helping the people that they have all but abandoned and left the people of Anchorage and the State of Alaska to pay the bill!

    • Because they spend too much money on sponsoring Ivanna Kishacok. If I made such obscene reference to any other ethnic name I would be shunned and likely arrested. But the Native corporations celebrate the insult. Follow the money and you see how much they care about their own.

    • The Native Corps are operated by a select few who care about their own personal bottom line. In general, Alaska Natives have been the ideal fodder for state agencies, boarding school teachers, corporations and tribal governments to exploit. The transition from traditional life is recent and was very rapid. Initially most children were sent to boarding schools and systematically sexually abused by staff at astronomical numbers. Locations which were traditionally seasonal gathering places became permanent “villages” for year around dwellings. Starting with a general store, followed with a church, then school and finally government offices. Even by the abysmally incompetent Alaska public school standards, village schools are dysfunctional, creating barriers for young people to obtain an education. The school system, admin staff and teachers profit well at the expense of the youth. Alaska has created a very profitable industry that provides well paying employment to judges, police, attorneys and prison staff, processing thousands of mostly Native men and institutionalizing them. We all know how prejudiced the Alaska legal system is towards Natives, there are not even attempts at disguising it. But the Corps do nothing to mobilize their power to end the sexual abuse which leads to substance abuse which leads to institutional lives. The villages, during my lifetime have largely become miniature ghettos, with the same dominant families running them. In classic woke manner, the Native Corp leadership along with their white attorney advisors have created a massive distraction about recognizing self governing “tribes” to take the focus away from the deteriorating social fabric of once vibrant cultures. Tribal governments create positions to exploit grants and funds using the cover of “social” services. It is a “share the wealth” concept along with their larger state and federal agency mentors. The urban Native homeless tragedy is an illustrative precursor of what our entire deteriorating society is envisioned to become under the progressive, atheist, administrative, all powerful state model. It is infuriating when the same woke white “intellectuals” and their Native Corp apprentices fake concern for real problems by coming up with terms like “indigenous”, or “tribal sovereignty”.

    • There may be a kernel of truth to these allegations. Too bad the corporations were set up and run by white guys instead of letting the Natives figure out what to do. It’s almost as if the whole situation was set up by white guys to assure that the Natives, whose values and systems were anathema to private property and rampant resource exploitation, would prevail.

    • Got a bit of wisdom from a native elder once. He said, “The tribe is about food, the corporation is about money.”
      If you were to change your comment and blame the tribes for ignoring their problem children, you would be absolutely on target. The tribe is shirking their responsibilities when it comes to the indigent wandering around our city.

    • “The homeless situation is Anchorage is more or less an Alaska Native situation. In the last poll over 70% of the homeless in Anchorage were all native. These billion dollar native corporations i.e ASRC, BBNC, NANA, etc could all but help end homelessness in Anchorage and Fairbanks if they truly wanted to help their people……….”
      All true. I have an additional point to add: for the pure sake of statistical understanding, if a homeless/alcoholic person is a native, documenting their tribal/corporate/village background should be a next step in trying to find a solution to the problem. This should include the homeless populations in Fairbanks, Juneau, Ketchikan, Mat-Su, Bethel, Kotzebue, PWS, and Barrow in addition to Anchorage. Knowledge is power, and ignorance is a common tool to keep a population from actually solving problems.

  11. Stupidnous (sic)! Now we can be assured that anyone who wants to pack can do so. What’s not to like? What could possibly go wrong?
    Wait a minute. What would happen if someone, or someones, wanted to pack a brace of anti-Covid syringes on his person and go around shooting up various and sundry (sic) individuals in the hopes of proving that a good man with a syringe was the only solution to a bad man without a syringe.
    Calamity awaits. The portals of personal responsibility tremble and the possibility of peace and health through community responsibility awaits. What could possibly go wrong?

    • @Greg R.:
      Seriously? Anyone who wants to “pack” can already do so. There is no requirement in the State of Alaska to get a concealed carry permit.
      What could possibly go wrong? Decades of history say… not much at all.
      Your analogy to the syringes is just stupid. Good men with guns do not go around shooting people because they do not have guns. In fact, good men with guns rarely if ever even display their firearm outside of the home and/or range.
      In order for your prediction of calamity to happen, it would require possession of a firearm to drive an individual mad, and the inanimate object would have to push them to start shooting people randomly.
      “There will be blood running freely in the streets if…” argument has failed every time it is used. History is abundantly clear on that front.
      And, frankly, your post generally demonstrate a level of intelligence much higher than this. I hope, for your sake, this was an attempt a satire, because if you are serious, than you are demonstrating a childlike level of reasoning.

  12. Billy M: The Native homeless you see on the corners panhandling have been offered help, but they don’t want to live by “rules” … like showering every day, not drinking themselves senseless, not using illegal drugs, and getting a job.
    The truly mentally ill are way beyond our capacity to help. API houses just a few, and that few comes close to breaking their budget every year. Where I live gets a few API clients now and then. Some are barely functional, while a few are actually a physical danger to the other renters. They go off their meds, and go ballistic. One attacked me and he ended up in Cook Inlet for a few months.
    We’re not going to pour our limited resources down a rabbit hole, at the expense of the great majority of Natives who live normal lives. Triage the ones who have some chance of survival first.
    Dividends are handed out to all members, and it’s their responsibility to spend it wisely. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

  13. How much you wanna bet that Bronson carries concealed………right into the Assembly meetings.

  14. Regarding CRT and transgender education, not in our schools!!! I predict a drop in student registrations! I know that if I still had school age children in my house and found out that these two subjects were in the curriculum, I’d pull them out of public school so fast! ASD will see a drop in registration!

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