COVID update: Zero cases, border remains ‘closed,’ while Costco eases up


No new cases of coronavirus were detected in Alaska during the past 24-hour reporting period, according to the State of Alaska Department of Health and Social Services.

Meanwhile, Canada and the US have extended the agreement keeping the border closed to non-essential travel until June 21. Essential travel includes residents of Alaska going to and from the Lower 48, as well as workers who are transiting through Canada.

Costco has changed its rules again and will now allow more than two customers per membership card into its stores. The warehouse had a rule last month that allowed just two people per membership card, but that rule has been removed from its website.


    • Don’t give ’em your money! Call ’em up in a couple months and ask if they’re ready to holler uncle! That’ll get their attention by god!

      No doubt you’re right though. Surely a global company that started out in Washington a few years ago must be run by hillbillies with a tenuous grasp on critical thinking. Tell them you’re good at it, toss around a few nonsensical gen-x facebook post terms like virtue signaling and you’ll have ’em eating right out of your unwashed roe slathered hand.

      Surely millions of mask wearing Asians must be wrong, too. Probably another conspiracy. The first thing we identify in this mess is who benefits from all these masks and I’m going to guess it’s the guy that used to make plastic film shopping bags. That, or maybe BP. Those seem like a petrochemical product to you? Fuzzy on one side, smooth on the other and they way they ride up and gnaw on your eyeballs… that’s got to be another conspiracy there, eh?

      The way we do it though is we email Costco and tell them we’d bet them a Costco hotdog that they’re wrong about the whole mask thing. They’ll send us a half dozen free Costco hotdog coupons and man, we will have ’em right there! That’s the true way to win. You can thank me later.

      That, or just have a snickers bar. You’re kind of grouchy.

  1. At least half of all shoppers wear their garbage, bed sheet, home made, masks with tbeir noses exposed.

    Hard to tell if it’s stupidity of simply virtue-signaling.

      • How many homemade masks do you suppose are made of that (even assuming there is a basis for that “fact”).

        Most are new “pretty” fabrics that likely have 0.1% filtration.

        Anyone that believes they need respiratory PPE should purchase, and have fitted, a proper respirator with HEPA filters installed. Not a generic face covering.

  2. I used to go to Costco 3 times a week. Ever since they started this Face Mask requirement and socialist distancing, I haven’t been in a Costco since.
    Shop at Walmart and Carrs now.

    • When even the CDC says masks are not helping and to stop, people still play follow the leader. I have seen folks outside wearing them when they shouldn’t be, wearing them when they are the only ones in a vehicle (that one still is a head scratcher), wearing them while jogging…. This whole thing is quickly turning into a stupid fashion statement. This is from Komo News:

      Surgical masks are in short supply right now. People are buying them in the mistaken belief that a mask will protect them against the coronavirus.

      “There’s no good reason to use these masks except psychologically you think you’re doing something,” said Dr. John Swartzberg, an expert on infectious diseases at UC Berkeley. “They don’t fit tightly around your face and when you have a mask over your mouth and nose, you have to draw in with more force and so you’re pulling air in and it’s going to go around the sides of the mask and get into your mouth and nose.”

      There’s another problem with wearing a mask when you don’t need it.

      “When you take the mask off, you’re going to have organisms that filtered through the mask on your hands. Then you may touch your face and you’ll just inoculate yourself,” Dr. Swartzberg explained.

      The run on surgical masks is creating a problem for hospitals. They need them to put on people who have respiratory infections.

      “The purpose of these masks is to put on somebody who’s sick because the mask is going to help prevent that person from spreading organisms to other people,” Dr. Swartzberg told me.

      Yet businesses are requiring it anyway?? Even tho the coveted CDC says no? Yup.. Its a fashion statement

      • That is 2 month old news. Doesn’t apply now. Monkey see monkey do. When I see healthy hospital workers wearing masks to stay alive, kind of makes me want to wear one too.

    • Me too! I quit shopping at Costco because they became ridiculous late in the game on the CHINA VIRUS.

  3. I really question Costco’s thinking on the face mask order. They only started it about a month ago, why then, and not earlier? Alaska’s COVID-19 problem was really flattened out when they made it a requisite. Fred Meyer and Safeway never made it a requisite. That is where I have been shopping lately.

    • Three Bears is a reseller of Costco products so when you buy at 3/B you’re buying at Costco.

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