Gov. Dunleavy says state opens on Friday


The state of Alaska will be opened back up on Friday, May 22, Gov. Mike Dunleavy said today. All businesses will be able to be open, including churches, libraries, gyms, and other facilities.

There’s no mandate from the state to the individual communities that they must open, however. Anchorage has lagged in opening businesses, for instance.

Mayor Ethan Berkowitz will not be briefing the community on his decision about when Anchorage will open until Friday.

The governor said today it’s time to rely on Alaskans to take personal responsibility.

“We believe we can manage this virus. There was a time when we thought this virus was going to manage us,” Dunleavy said. “We need to get our economy up and running, our society up and running.”

He acknowledged the wear and tear on people’s mental, emotional, and spiritual health, and the need for people to have access to social opportunities that contribute to a good life. He also noted that the state is better prepared for spikes in cases of coronavirus, and that the personal protective gear and testing is in place.

Dunleavy said the state will embark on a robust education campaign and he’ll be doing town hall meetings around the state to get feedback from people of Alaska.

“We are entering a new phase in Alaska,” he said.

In that phase, the 14-day quarantine for out-of-state travelers is still in effect, and so are restrictions for visitors at senior homes and prisons. Health mandates 15 (elective medical/dental), 17 (commercial fishing), and 18 (intrastate travel) remain in effect. Gatherings and festivals should be scheduled only after consulting with public health officials.

The disaster declaration for COVID-19 is still in effect, Dunleavy said.


  1. OMG!!! Personal responsibility, in a state (or least the festering inner portions of Anchorage) that continues to move towards the left? What could go wrong??? What will we do without the Government taking care of us, protecting us, and telling us what we can do, how we can do it, when we can do it, and where we will be allowed to do it?

    • The state opens Friday! …..oh, except mandates 15, 17 and 18, and the 14 day quarantine and visiting senior centers and prisons. What a crock.

      • Maybe you’d like another shutdown?


        The fact that it got contained this time in Alaska has you riding pretty high there.

    • You want freedom? Good luck. I didn’t hear you complaining when you had to wear shirts and shoes or no service when going into stores. Now just add a mask to that list. What’s the big deal if you keep people safe? I didn’t hear you when seat belts were put in cars and you have to use them to save lives. I didn’t hear you complaining when speed limits were posted to save lives. What is the real reason you are such a big ole bawl baby? I have never heard or read of someone that complains about being safe or saving lives as you complain to have to do. Such an angry fool.

    • Yes, this governor is a good one. Leftist continue to hate him and thus, the recall. But the wiser folks know better. Dunleavy makes us proud.

  2. Mayor Ethan Berkowitz got blindsided and is pissed off!! And he will “try” to keep Anchorage closed down. He does not want to give up his power.
    Mayor Berkowitz will reluctantly cave, and open Anchorage, but not to pre COVID, as he always needs to have a win. So he will maintain some restriction.

  3. This is a wonderful news for the Alaska Fire Service, The fire crews will be able to do their jobs without all these Nanny mandates….except in Anchorage if the Mayor maintains a hunker down

    • That way the MatSu-billies can go back to lighting forest fires and complaining about a lack of of government spending and intervention while proclaiming how the smoke is a conspiracy by the government to damage their tender lung tissues.

  4. Great news! We need to lift more but this is a great start. Let’s save our local businesses by eating out and frequenting any of the places that have been closed that are now allowed to be open 100%. We are all we have got for an economy right now. For those unhappy with the Gov do you think Mead or Mark would have done this? Both of them would have had us closed for another 6 months! This gov is not perfect but he’s (literally) head and shoulders above anyone else in this state who’s ever even considered a run. If he goes, Geisel, Imhoff, and the leftists will run this state. He is the ONLY thing standing between us and them. As if Earthquakes, Fires, oil price wars and pandemics weren’t enough, remember, this conservative was supposed to have a conservative majority in both houses to work with. Instead he got a bunch of backstabbing gutless RINOs and sell-outs. All these considered he’s done a remarkable job considering the crap sandwich he was served up—but you’d be crazy to think we have produced any candidate in the Alaska political scene that could have handled this anywhere near as well.

    • You always could go fishing. If commercial, jump through the hoops. If personal, have fun.

  5. After everything the last 2 months it all boils down to what I was taught by age 5. Wash your hands, don’t touch your face, stay home if you are sick and go outside the fresh air and sunshine are good for you.

  6. Governor Dunleavy issued a statement several weeks ago that said the state’s edicts trump any by the Municipality. Any lawyers out there that can confirm that?

    • It would involve litigating the scope of the Muni’s home rule powers. That might be very fun in that it would test the evidentiary record for both the State and the Muni and we could see which “science” is more credible. The problem is that the litigation would take place before Alaska judges, which have become heavily politicized in recent years. They would love to find for the restrictions and for the Muni. And against Liberty.

      • Yes, but then it would go the the US Supreme Court, where they would be sent home with their tails between their legs. State’s rights can in some cases trump Federal law but it is complicated and not 100%.. State law does trump Muni in every case though.

        • Sorry, I do not see a “federal question” being presented here. The matters derive from the Alaska Constitution and statutes defining the powers of local governments. But then I suspect you haven’t practiced much in this area.

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