COVID-19 update: Alaska has seen 20 cases in May, so far


Dillingham has reported its first case of COVID-19, as the fishing season heats up in Southwest Alaska. Dillingham is 329 air miles from Anchorage and is the hub of the Bristol Bay-based commercial fishing industry.

In addition to the one case in Dillingham reported over the past 24 hours three cases emerged in Anchorage, Chugiak, and Homer.

But across the state, only 20 cases of the Wuhan coronavirus have been diagnosed in Alaska during the month of May, through May 15. Twelve of the 20 were in Anchorage.

As of now, one Alaskan with the illness is on an invasive ventilators and 10 are hospitalized. Alaska currently has 297 ventilators available, and 925 hospital beds, with 99 intensive care unit beds available.

There have been 392 cases of COVID-19 diagnosed in Alaska since March 3, and 344 of those are considered recovered. Ten deaths were attributed to the illness.


  1. Are you going to also start reporting how many cases of the common flu we have in Alaska and how many of them survived? We can continue to combat COVID-19, the common Flu, and whatever else our medical community combats daily without continuing to dramatize COVID-19.

    I am not interested in continuing to spin the pandemic narrative.

    Moving on……tks.

    • GTFO? What is your point? This is going to be another great Summer! You won’t get another opportunity to experience this Summer or even a single day wasted. Get out and enjoy life or you will regret wasting it because of a pandemic of Fear!

  2. This so ridiculous. It is becoming clearer every day the number of people who caught this virus is huge compared to the people who have died from it. It’s especially lethal to old people, so sequester them and let the rest of us live and work.

    • It’s really too bad that this virus doesn’t single out the ignorant among us. Because we could all just sit back a while, let you all go on about your lives/work & we’d be free of it all in one fell swoop! Unfortunately, it just does not discriminate despite how old or young or dumb you might be.

        • Dummy! I’m watching NASCAR and the drivers all wear masks. I bet they aren’t afraid of much, except dying or killing one of their family.

          • Now I’m really confused. How does a mask help a guy in a car, by himself, going 200 MPH for 400 laps? The helmet- sure, the roll cage, the fire suppression system- all that, I get, but the mask?
            What’s that doing for him?

    • I’m over 70. Don’t try to sequester me. I still work, climb mountains, ride 4 different bikes. Sequestering old and infirm people has caused them more problems than any other group. What is the point of living if the quality of your life is ZERO?

  3. Amazing what basically shutting off interstate travel and mandating 14 day travel quarantined can do. Isn’t it?

    • Maybe an RV would count as an Quarantined location. The more ventalation you have the less chance you have to get infected or infected again. Keep viruses at bay by doing outdoor activities and moving about frequently while washing your hands. Wearing a mask may cause you to stay infected so go outside and clear yourself of the CORONA Virus…Recover faster by staying active and outdoors.

  4. It seems this virus does more damage if you stay inside and reinfect yourself. At any rate Viruses always disappear in May. Don’t forget that we in Alaska have the highest Recovery Rate in the US not to mention a lot higher than most countries. It has spread across Alaska and the world. Time for recovery, infact Alaska may be the best place for those with this virus to recover…Time to let our economy recover and stop the fear mongering. Opening up completely would not increase our current amount, in fact we went down after opening up. It seems that the more active we are the less the time the virus has to infect. Stay out in the open air and you will not be subjected to the constant opportunity for virus infection re-infection and make sure you wash your hands after your out door activities.

    • Not true. You must admit that places like Florida and Louisianan, where it is warm long before Alaska and the daily temperatures are also up compared to here. People are outside alot. If what you say is true for the China virus, they should have never even gotten sick.

      • You are correct in that UV light kills the virus, so outdoors helps, but it isn’t a cure all. Again, I refer back to our southern states.

        • When UV light is mentioned, people equate that with “sunshine”.

          There are three bands of UV light, and our atmosphere fiiters out tbe UV-C band, the most energetic. This is good as tbat is mozt likely to cause cancer.

          In controlled lab situations, “UV light” will easily kill the virus. Sunshine, not so much.

  5. In one year, 2017-2018, there were 115,000 cases of syphilis. That’s only in the U.S. I’m sure the number is in the millions worldwide. Wouldn’t that be “epidemic” or “pandemic” levels? Where’s the ruckus over that? Syphilis is deadly too. Now, antibiotics are an effective treatment for it, just like hydroxychloroquine is for Wuhan v. Fact of life–Not everyone survives everything, including life. We will get past this. Lifting the lockdowns, both personal and business, must be done immediately. There are still enough months before next winter to recoup partial losses. The financial damage being done to Alaskans is far worse and much farther reaching than the percentages of damage from Wuhan v, with the potential to bring an absolutely disastrous next winter. Alaska is very unforgiving in winter. Still, the leftists sit on the “emergency” $$ that never belonged to them. Sound familiar?
    Remember in November.

    • Greg.
      “Real close” only counts in hand grenades and horseshoes, not vaccines. I’m glad for you that you have a 401a. Lots of Alaskans don’t. Do you not wonder why ‘news’ of a shot to fix everyone up, maybe, was announced? Sure helped the stock market. Maybe is one of the most dangerous words in vaccine research. That’s why they do tests on other animals first. Another drug co. said 2021, earliest. We should keep hoping for the best and readying ourselves and family for the worst. Don’t you think?

  6. The intent of every one of these restrictions was to “#flatten the curve”, so as to not overwhelm the health care capacity. That has been done in spades.

    The restrictions ever I tended to reduce the number if cases; merely the rate of occurrence.

    People have bought into the hype in such a way that anything less than zero cases is cold, uncaring, felonious attitude. I say bullshit.

    Anyone with comorbidities and fear for their well being by being out in public can certainly stay home. Have friends, neighbors, and/or relatives shop for you. Tbe rest of us deserve to be free to make our adult decisions regarding how to live our lives.

    This is no longer the Covid-19 pandemic; it’s the Covid-19 *panic*.

  7. There were many “intentions” behind all this and I suspect more and more each day a curve flattening was a relatively minor one..

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