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Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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COVID-19 update: 9 new cases, no new deaths

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Nine new cases of COVID-19 have been diagnosed in three Alaska communities – Anchorage (7), Kenai (1), and Juneau (1). This brings the total case count in Alaska to 309.

However, 128 people have recovered in Alaska. That leaves 181 active cases of the Wuhan coronavirus that are known about in the state. Nearly half of all diagnosed cases are in Anchorage.

These new cases were reported from midnight until 11:59 pm. on April 16 and reflect data posted at noon today on

Of the new cases, two are male and seven are female. Two are aged 10-19; one is aged 20-29; two are aged 30-39; one is aged 40-49; one is aged 50-59; and two are aged 60-69.

There have been a total of 36 hospitalizations and nine deaths; this includes the one new hospitalization and no new deaths reported yesterday.

Total cases that have been diagnosed in Alaska, (including recovered and deaths):

  • Anchorage: 150
  • Kenai Peninsula: 17
  • Fairbanks/North Star Borough: 79
  • Southeast Fairbanks Census Area: 1
  • Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area: 1
  • Kodiak: 1
  • Mat-Su Borough: 15
  • Nome Area 1
  • Juneau: 24
  • Ketchikan: 15
  • Petersburg: 2
  • Craig: 2
  • Bethel: 1
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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • OMG!!! 309 people?? That’s like, what, 0.04% of the state’s population?? RUN!!! WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!

  • What we are seeing in South Dakota is a giant flashing red warning about what can happen if people are forced back to work too soon without enough testing, without proper protective gear, and without social distancing measures.

    I expect a surge in cases in the next few weeks as it appears Dunleavy is preparing way for him to open back up without putting the necessary testing in place.

    When the canneries start filling up with workers, I expect hot spots not unlike the several meat packing plants being shut down all over the nation.

    Nothing has changed from a week ago except for an emerging attitude that we don’t need to protect the health of our citizens.

    Opening up too soon and without the proper testing and tracking in place is going to result in needless death and suffering.

    • Bill,

      You have decided to disregard the results of the testing you keep calling for. Please, sir, tell me why you are calling for more testing since you do not care about the results. You were the one that pointed out that only 4 tests were done on a day that there were 5 confirmed results. Simple math tells us something isn’t right with that equation, and yet you press on with calls for more testing. How’s about we get some reliable results Bill…you know where basic math works out.

      • Try as you might, you don’t represent what I say or do or how I act.

        What you continue to do is attempt to misrepresent what I have said and done.

        The only thing I’m disregarding is your disingenuous misapprehensions.

        I told you if you have a problem with the dashboard numbers from the state, take it up with the state. I didn’t create the dashboard, I only reported on what it posted.

        As for math? All parts of the universe are parts of a mathematical structure.

        You don’t get to pick and choose which parts make up reality, though it’s readily apparent you think you can toss out what parts you don’t care to observe.

        • You are correct, Bill, I do not represent you or your thoughts…I never claimed to. Your words do and with your words you disregard the results of the testing you keep calling for. You keep trying to make this something that it isn’t. You keep pushing your politics above everything else and you disregard the truth, that’s reality.

      • I believe the reason for the confusion about testing is stemming from high False Positive results which is a big problem.

    • I doubt they will open back up this year.

  • Bill Tobin, suppose you are right, let us imagine that active Wuhan Flu spirals upwards from the current 300 to say 1200? If the rate of Corona inflicted deaths follow the same pattern that would mean 36 additional Alaskans will meet their demise. Have you seen the UI filings for the last 4 weeks? Can you imagine not having a fishing season? What of the misery and poverty caused by a Corona Shut down? Something to think about.

    • You set a number of premises that condition any response.

      Your premises are not supported by any substantive facts other than the limits of your imagination.

      Let us imagine, you ask? And then you don’t want ‘us’ to imagine, you want to lay down what parameters you wish to condition your narrative.

      Are there tradeoff to the tools we have to fight a global pandemic? Well, duh. Yes there are tradeoffs.

      On the other hand, what we are facing is a health emergency, first and foremost.

      You speak of the fishing season. Been in a seafood plant at the peak of season? You imagine that process is going to be any more able to stop spread than a meat packing plant?

      Can you imagine overloading our hospitals, our healthcare workers, our emts our police, our firefighters, our truly ‘essential’ workers?

      It won’t take much to tip the balance.

      Your assumptions aren’t any more likely to happen than mine, what we know is there is a scientific method of dealing with a virus we have no cure for and no vaccine for, history proves it works.

      The tradeoff is playing Russian roulette with your population.

      They tested the entire 4,800 member crew of the Roosevelt. 60% of the positives were asymptomatic.

      60% of carriers are asymptomatic, and 44% of the COVID positive contracted the virus from asymptomatic people.

      4% of secondary cases were infected during the index cases’ presymptomatic stage…

      Disease control measures should be adjusted to account for probable substantial presymptomatic transmission.

      We can learn from what the scientists find, or we can go with an uneducated someone else’s bad guess.

      Just plain reopening the economy without adequate universal testing and tracking, and a vaccine, will be a disaster.

      That is sentencing people to die.

      How many of those deaths are you taking responsibility for?

      • bill,
        You’re sounding like the leftist “shut down the world” bunch. Like Fauci, Birx, and Bill Gates, WHO officials and every leftist in the world. Speaking of “responsibility” for deaths. I do believe nature is ‘responsible’ for most. The Wuhan v threat has been twisted into a leftist propaganda tool. No doubt it’s serious to many, but so is the flu, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and the list goes on. The much more deadly diseases afflicting the human race are responsible for so many deaths, they make Wuhan v look like a cold. Now the “experts”, like Fauci, Birx and others are using scare tactics and unrealistic projections to further their vaccine push. Just hang on 18 or more months. We’ll fix everyone up with a vaccine that doesn’t work and a “tracking” system that guarantees freedom is gone forever. Time to stop the BS and deal with the reality that our country is being destroyed by a “virus” that shouldn’t receive as much attention as many more lethal diseases/viruses, and the leftists are dizzy with glee that it’s potentially hurting Trump. (How about ebola, dengue, rift, malaria, etc.? Lots deadlier. Not much coverage.)

    • Actually Bristol Bay is begging for the closure.

  • Think of the many deaths we could all prevent, if none of us left our homes, ever again.

    Nice pitch, but none for me, thanks. I like a modicum of actual living, in my life, thank you very much..

    • Forever is a long time. Not asking you to do it that long.

    • Darwin nods, judiciously.

  • Their goal is to keep this going till the election. Never let a good “crisis” (real or imagined) go to waste. If they can force mail in voting they can remove Trump; but with traditional voting they can’t rig the voting and Trump wins in a Landslide. They know it, I know it, it is as plain as a nose on Pinko Commie’s face.

  • SD: please change the title of this piece to read

    Wuhan Virus/COVID-19 Update

  • Liberate America from the Mass Media Industrial Complex…
    A new study from Stanford based on thousands of Californians that were tested shows the coronavirus is much more widespread than initially believed and has no worse of a mortality rate than the common flu.
    Once again just like in SARS and Ebola, the epidemiological fear mongering models were completely wrong.

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