Close-up video from Anchorage vagrant encampment confrontation


The vagrants, addicts, and lawless people living on the bluff at 3rd Avenue and Ingra Street in Anchorage staged a counter protest to the group called the Third Street Radicals, who have been trying to get the mayor to clean up the unsafe conditions and nearly continuous drug dealing that is going on at the location.

Things got a bit dicey with police showing up to keep a fight from breaking out. Caution: Language is not safe for work or appropriate for children:

The riled-up campers were upset with the two dozen protesters nearby who want the camps cleaned up and the drug dealing to stop:


  1. To my knowledge, all participants of today’s demonstration against the lawlessness and unsafe conditions currently taking place on East 3rd Avenue organized by the Third Avenue Radicals kept a one block distance from the camp. Any aggressive behavior demonstrated today was by camp occupants, as seen in this video.

    We are proud of the manner in which our community conducted themselves.

  2. “I pay my taxes too”. Taxes on what? The property tax to live on the lot on 3rd Avenue? I don’t think so buddy.
    Thanks, Ethan.

    • This all belongs in Mayors Berkowitz lap. He’s done nothing in 3-4 years, allowed this problem to grow and now look what we got.

  3. Okay, Mr. Mayor, now can we get the National Guard in to clean up the bum camps and hazmat sites?
    One can understand why union-represented law enforcement don’t want to be soiled while mitigating the mess.
    But the mess still has to be mitigated, and let’s face it, the situation might be damn good practice for the Guard when a real disaster happens.
    Unless the Guard accidentally got unionized too…

    • Not the state’s job to clean up ‘your’ outhouses and hell-holes that you created. Definitely ‘not’ the Guard’s duty or responsibility.

    • We don’t need the Guard to clean-up human feces. We have city employees at home being paid to sit and eat. This is not the National Guard’s job. They’re used for security protection, not shoveling the mess.

  4. And who is responsible for this? While it is a complicated situation, the mayor and the assembly have allowed this to fester, and THEY must address the problem. Crime has gone unpunished. The complaints of law-abiding citizens have been ignored. Parks and neighborhoods have been terrorized. Instead of protesting outside, go to the mayor’s office with your signs and a bag of trash from the encampments.

  5. If you or I confronted police like that we would be arrested. I’m tired of certain people getting a free pass.

  6. Morrigan— The National Guard has no business cleaning up these dumps. Theses encampments have nothing to do with the purpose of the guard. The mayor and assembly need to take responsibility instead of passing the buck.

  7. This is what happens when liberal politicians and union cops are running things. The liberals let crime run rampant because the poor unfortunate criminals are misunderstood and union cops want to wear the uniform but not do the job.

  8. Non-profits and city have built an business plan around parasites, simply to collect DONATIONS and federal grants.
    Even businesses donating anything to the non-profits get a 100% write-off. Churches get to “virtue-signal”, and rehab programs can justify their “services” for getting grants.
    A business plan built around PARASITES.

  9. This is all Berkowitz fault. He has allowed this problem to fester out of control. The last few years we asked and asked the Mayor to fix this criminal conditions in Anchorage—- he did nothing.

  10. Tickets are cheap to California and Seattle. Get them one way tickets. They have plenty of room according to those state governments.

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