Congressman Don Young toughs it out at Mat-Su Republican convention, admits office vaccine mandate


Congressman Don Young made an appearance at the combined Republican conventions for District 27 and 28 on Saturday, held at the Curtis Menard Center in Wasilla, during which he admitted he has a vaccine mandate in his own office.

After he left, his most well-known opponent, Nick Begich, read the actual policy out loud to the room, and then read the termination letter that described the firing of one of Young’s employees because she would not get the Covid vaccine.

The crowd had gathered on Saturday to elect officers and delegates in advance of the April Republican State Convention in Fairbanks.

Young arrived late, and when he spoke, the Republicans had already heard from Begich, who had a number of supporters in the crowd, many of whom had already posted their public endorsements of him. Begich has built tremendous support from the red fortress of Alaska — the Mat-Su. The Young campaign said in response to this story that he arrived on time.

Congressman Young said this year and next will be one of the most important for Alaska and that he still delivers. He said he wanted to dispel rumors that he is not running.

“I’m running hard,” he said. “Because I think it is important to the state. We’ve done the job for the state and I”ll continue to since I’ve been your congressman. My job is to hear you, listen to you, and try to solve your problems. And I’ve been good at that. I’m still good at that.”

Then, speaking apparently of Republican Begich, who was Young’s campaign co-chair for the last election, he said, “Now I don’t blame anybody for trying to run for this seat … I hope they stay positive, if they don’t that’s another story.”

Listen to Congressman Young at this Facebook link.

After Young spoke, members of the audience asked him if he supports vaccine mandates.

Young said, “I don’t think they should be mandated period. I do believe in the vaccine.” He said he grew up with vaccinations but “I don’t believe you should be required to do it. I think that’s wrong, I think it’s overreaching by the federal government … That’s your decision.”

Someone asked if he has an office vaccine mandate and if one of his employees had been fired for refusing the vaccine. He answered, “I do have a vaccine [mandate] for my staff, because there are a lot of people that come into the office. I have lost one employee, uh, she voluntarily left, but I have a vaccine [mandate] for the office.” He also said he would be a “no” vote on any vaccine mandate from the federal government.

Then Begich was given some extra time, because earlier he had been held to a strict time limit.

Congressman Don Young and challenger Nick Begich.

Begich brought out a copy of the Don Young official vaccine mandate and he read the termination letter of the woman who was fired from Young’s office for not taking the Covid vaccine. The crowd was stunned.

“Staff, as you’re aware the congressman implemented an office-wide vaccination policy that was announced yesterday,” Begich read from the letter. “‘Blank,’ (we’ll not mention her name,) has opted not to comply with our vaccination policy and this ends her employment with us effective immediately,” read Begich the memo from Young’s chief of staff in July of 2021.

Begich let that soak in, and then said: “Fired, less than 24 hours after having been given an opportunity to get a vaccine Now we heard the congressman stand up here in front of everyone in this room and say, ‘hey, I’m opposed to vaccine mandates.’ But he had a vaccine mandate and does have a vaccine mandate in his own office. That’s a stone-cold fact and he didn’t deny it — finally.”

Watch Don Young’s address to valley Republicans, he questions he was asked, and Nick Begich then taking questions.


  1. Don and Lisa need to go. Dinosaurs that aren’t willing to hold the line on Liberal Lunacy. THE VACCINES DO NOT WORK, Don! Open a newspaper.

    Wife is vaccinated, her choice. I’m not. She contracted COVID on NYE, while I was out of town. I got home, and caught it from my vaccinated wife. Now she’s worried about her decision. The vaccines/masks are a form of control, and I’m perplexed that people don’t see it.

    Abortion, my body, my choice. Vaccines, my body, but not my choice. Hypocrisy!

    • Don’t forget Ol’ Dan “Go-Along-to-Get-Along” Sullivan. Another swamp rat with greater allegiance to his D.C. cronies than he ever had to Alaska. He isn’t Alaskan, never was Alaskan, and never will be Alaskan. Just another political carpetbagger.

  2. This old, over-stuffed Brontosaurus should have left with all the other dinosaurs. But here he is, still feeding his face with kickbacks, old rhetoric, converted campaign funds, union boss money and now…mandates.
    Get rid of him, Nick Begich. Just be sure to check your airplane wheels and de-icers before you take off.

  3. Rep Don Young needs to be ousted! Now He is trying to make it look like He didn’t support Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland! Maybe Don & Joe need to go together to the Home as both can’t tell the truth over the confusion of which lies they told

  4. Frquently, as any regular reader here will know, I have often posted my paraphrase of Shakespeare in response to (radical) leftist double-standards: “Hypocrisy, thy name is radical leftist”.
    But today I am doing to alter it, appropriately: “Hypocrisy, thy name is Congressman-who-should-be-long-retired”.

  5. I love Don Young. I’ve had the pleasure of many face-to-face discussions. We think similarly. He often answered my questions before I could even ask them. I must give him latitude on issues and votes because he obviously understands the political process far better the I do. I have had the same opportunities with Nick Begich III with the same result.

    The above said, it is blindingly obvious our republic is edging closer and closer to the moment the people must act to restrain their out-of-control government and put it back in its place of servitude to its masters (the people). I must say, I believe Mr. Begich has a better grasp of this reality than Mr. Young. My first choice will be Begich; second choice Young.

    • Democrats don’t eat their own failed leaders, they confedentially declare who and what is a disaster then quietly put the disgraced leader away. Much what locally being done to fields and nationally to biden.
      If america wasn’t a judeo-christian nation then democrats wouldn’t even sanction their unmoral democrat leaders. For a country and party to publicly go against encourages disunity. Its good don young run since there will be rank choice voting. I figure the more republicans not sanctioned by the party running in every race, we won’t have to vote for a democrat.

    • Don Young does not know what time it is. A man that will impose fascism on his own employees, will have no compunction placing mandates on the rest of us. Primaries should be used for putting out to pasture the Rinos of Republican party

    • That attitude is like killing your own baby at the pp altar. I would prefer Young staying on the ballot since we do face rank choice voting. The more approved republicans in each race, the better chances the team wins. The republicans, the freedom fighters, the pro-lifers, the conservatives, the christians need a unified front for this upcoming primary, if they don’t want to lose every race from the governor, to the u.s senate and representative down to the local elect offices. There should be 4 approved tried and true republican in every race running during this jungle primary, where anything goes.

  6. We invite Don into our community and what did he do? He lied right in face. The man has zero respect for us. The other two are just like him.

    • Jon:
      what do you expect from an 88 -year old man who uses the F-word in front of a bunch of high school kids? Don Young is a LOW CLASS bottom feeder. Cut him from the line.

  7. Young is right in there with Murkowski. He thinks by pandering to Democrats they’ll like him, he’ll get favorable press, and won’t have suffer any personal attacks. All this at the expense of his constituency, he has become a member of the swamp.

  8. That’s good on young Begich and not good on old Young. If Lisa M was running against old young, I’d vote young. But she isn’t so I’ll vote for young Begich.

  9. I like others say, “we love Don Young” and Don is as sharp as a tack. Well, After reading the above I’m questioning both statements. If Don is sharp as a tack then why does he not see the difference between a “vaccine” and an m-RNA treatment? How can you say you are for no mandates and yet impose one on your office?
    Perhaps Don has been back east so long that he now is a part of the Swamp, I mean to say that Don is sharp but is he being truthful? Has Don become a part of the “Establishment Uni-Party”? His votes lately suggest that is the case.
    I am supporting young Nick. I think he is like his Gramps and has a full head of brains and a belly full of steam! Go Nick!

  10. Don Young must live in his own reality if he thinks he was on time at the District 27/28 Republican meeting on Saturday. All I can say is liar, liar, pants on fire!!
    His staff even called into the meeting and said they were on their way but were running late. They were late by at least 70+ minutes. He’s arrogant, disrespectful and treated folks poorly at the meeting.
    He had very little support there. Alaska is done with the guy. What an embarrassment we’ve endured over the years. Bye, bye Donnie.

      • No Frank. I think he realizes there are some dangerous and mentally unhinged stalkers out there in cyber world who would love to have the actual name of someone who posted an opinion they didn’t like. Is that why you’re asking?

        • Don Young gets his support from Natives in the Bush (his deceased wife was full-blooded Native), union bosses who tell their members to vote for Don because he gets federal money for construction projects, old-school establishment Republicans who live seniority in DC, and Democrats who only think about their cut in the next federal grant or federal money dispersement that Don deals out from Washington. All of these constituencies have led to 50-years of election victories. Don Young is a nasty talking bully, who lost his core principles about 40- years ago. He hasn’t lived in Alaska since 1972. All of his kids and grandkids live back East. His only remaining investment in Alaska is the bullsh*t that he leaves behind after a visit.

  11. If i were 88 years old and worked in a office every day with people who had lots of public contact, I think I’d insist on vaccinations as well…..

    • Bob, The jab doesn’t work, in fact it helps spread infection. Don’t take my word for it Bob, look at infection rates across the Globe, (including Antarctica) the higher the percentage of a population that is jabbed the higher rate of infection! So, you insist on infection?

    • A vaccine that neither stops the acquisition nor transmission of its target virus? Can you explain your logic here?

    • Bob, the so-called vaxed person can get Covid just as easily as non-vaxed. However, the non-vaxed is far more likely to have symptoms and therefore quarantine at home. Consequently, Don Young is far more likely to contract Covid from a vaxed rather than non-vaxed staff. Vaxed parents are the primary reason the incidence of Covid in children skyrocketed later in the pandemic.

    • Absolutely!! It’s all about the feeling of being protected from covid right? Not actually being protected from covid with a “vaccine” that does nothing to prevent the the spread or contracting of the virus its claims to vaccinate against.

    • Why Bob? Getting the “Vaccination” does not stop it from spreading, it just minimizes the effects of the Virus. Pretty common knowledge nowadays.

  12. Time for don to go fishing and fade away. He is an embarrassment. He had an opportunity to finish strong but did not. Collapsed like every other comprimised politician. Bye don.

  13. How about this: Every elected and unelected official is required to post a bond, which guarantees that they will abide by their oath to the Constitution. (Both State and Federal) Anyone can file a claim against that bond, if the official in question has violated his or her oath. These bonds are often in the millions of dollars, and the official is personally financially responsible for them. The vaxx mandate alone is a violation of his oath. I’m sure that there are others. I was just watching today’s video by on of my favorite citizen journalists, (On The Fringe on Rumble) where he described a group of parents (10) who each filed a $100,00 claim against every single member of the schoolboard. That’s $1,000,000 for reach school board member. The violations included masks, vaxx mandates, pornography in the library, etc… In other words, let’s bankrupt these pisoshitos! ‘

  14. Bye bye Don. Alaska has had more than their fair share of you. Take your arrogant attitude and bs and pedal it where all of your other cronies live.

  15. Pay attention to how the ranked choice voting works. Vote Nick 1st and Don 2nd and then down the line or we won’t get Nick. You might get someone who doesn’t stand for what you do. Read the rules.

  16. It is time for Don to retire .. at almost 90. .. go out as the old Don. .. not this new version .. who does not seem to remember correctly

  17. I hope the last name of Begich doesn’t keep conservatives from voting for him. I was very hesitant at first when I saw that last name. Seems like a worthy candidate though.

  18. He knows he doesn’t need Mat-Su votes anymore. Rank choice will allow him to win using RINOs and leftover Democrat votes

  19. Thanks Suzanne, I know you don’t like to go against team Republican. But some of these establishment RINOs just have to go. A new generation is waiting.

  20. I like Don, and I have voted for him many many times, and have visited with him in person.
    But the day that I have known was coming, and have not looked forward to, is here.

    It is finally time to move on, and vote in new blood.

    I hope that the young Mr. Begich is up to the task. He will start out with none of Don’s seniority, but
    will have to start at the bottom of the totem pole and work his way up in the House of Representatives,
    gaining committee assignments as he gains seniority.

    Thank you for everything, Don, but it is finally time to retire. I hope that you will mentor Begich from
    wherever in Alaska you choose to live out your golden years…..

  21. “My job is to hear you, listen to you…..” and then do the exact opposite! Time for the dinosaur to go!

  22. 2022 will be the first time I vote for since Don Young he traded an interchange in Florida for a Safari. Don Young gets a lot done for Alaska interests which is why all Begich has to talk about is vaccine mandates

  23. I asked over a year ago list your accomplishments for Alaskans he could not. Oath breakers DON LISA an DAN between all 3 no accomplishments for Alaskans. Choice rank voting so help me GOD they all swore. Mock GOD trampled the citizens and they want more shameless. BOOOOOO. Oust our clowns Alaskans.

  24. If Young wins the primary I will vote for the Democrat. With the Republican wave coming we can afford to lose this one then get it back in two years. This time we must flush the toilet.

  25. Don Young has 12 staffers, listed in his newsletter. His Chief of Staff issued the dismissal. Given the habit to be dependant on staffers to do the ‘work’ – one hand may not know what the other hand is doing.

  26. Young is a stooge for the unions. He refused to sign the 1994 Contract With America. He’s the ultimate “swamp monster.”

  27. What “we” Alaskans need our political leadership to DELIVER on is:
    … Build out the Missile field at Fort Greely.
    … Expand the facilities at Clear AFB.
    … Continue to significantly expand existing Military Bases @ Eilson, Wainwright, Elmendorf, and Richardson.
    … Install a ‘new’ Navy Base at Adak and Nome.
    … Install a ‘new’ Space Force installation in Alaska.
    … Install a ‘new’ Coast Gaurd Ice Breaker Fleet in Nome.
    … Incentivize all existing and potential mining projects, with expedited permitting and becoming a financial partner via AIDEA.
    … Build roads and rail system to access all stranded mining resources.
    … Open up the Tongas National Forrest to logging and harvest the resource.
    … Rebuild and Modernize all airports, roads, bridges and port facilities.
    … Interconnect villages with overhead transmission lines.
    … Build Susitna Hydro Electric Dam.
    … Incentivize an industrial complex on the North Slope with the vision of developing LNG, NGL, Hydrogen, as well as increased crude production throughout the North Slope, complete with roads and bridges for easy unencumbered access, and an Ice Breaker Fleet (USCG) so as to allow for LNG shipping directly from the North Slope to Asia and Europe.
    … Expedite all O&G permitting, allowing projects to commence without onerous – ineffective bureaucracy.
    *This is what needs to be “DELIVERED” upon by our political leadership.
    *If not, what exactly do they think they’re delivering to Alaskans and Alaska?
    *If not, what value do they offer Alaskans and Alaska?

  28. There comes a time in life when one should kick back and smell the flowers.

    Sadly, Mr. Young whiffed the odor of evil, found it sweet and joined the forces bent on destroying American freedoms.

    We Alaskans can do our part to help him find time to relax and perhaps recall some the lost meaning of living in what was the land of the free and the home of the brave – now become the land of serfdom, fear and cowardice.

    We owe it to Mr. Young to help him retire.
    We owe it to Alaska to save him from the delusions he has come to embrace.

  29. Don Young is concerned about one thing:
    Keeping his Congress job, so he never has to move back to ……..Alaska.

  30. I thought Don Young had instituted a “work at home” policy for his Anchorage office. I went there three times in the last three months to ask him to look into the screwed up pandemic-related SBA loan situation. Nobody was ever there EVER during standard business hours. SO — if his staff members work at home, who cares if they are vaccinated?

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