New video: Compeau original starring Don Young no longer ‘up’



UPDATED: The ad referenced in this story is no longer available and the link from this original story has been removed. Here’s the new video. The cameo appearance by Rep. Don Young is gone, (but not forgotten).


Craig Compeau, owner of Compeau’s Marine in Fairbanks, is known for his creative, campy, and often politically incorrect ad campaigns over the years as he sells all-terrain vehicles, jet boats, and snow machines, but this one will have you laughing out loud.

Must Read Alaska stumbled across an uncut version of it online, and it’s safe for work.

When asked about the ad, Compeau said he wants to have it up during the Super Bowl, but the TV stations are balking because in one brief scene a guy walks through a campsite looking for his bottle of blue pills — and he looks incredibly like Don Young, the longest-serving congressman in the U.S.

Either that, or he’s a doppelganger of Don.

The TV stations are worried they’ll have to give other potential candidates equal time, Compeau said. But it’s not a political ad, just one of a series of the Fairbanks Legends ads that Compeau has done.

The ad for the Can-am ATV stars Urban Rahoi, a 98-year-old daredevil bush pilot and World War II hero who has been flying consistently for 82 years. He flew a B-17 bomber when he was 94 years old.

The “old guy” in the middle is Cliff Everts, age 95. He founded Everts Air and is a Fairbanks legend in the aircraft business in Fairbanks and now in Anchorage.

On the right is former legislator Bud Fate, father of Julie Fate-Sullivan and Sen. Dan Sullivan’s father-in-law.

“It’s quite an interesting mix,” said Compeau.

Compeau has removed the 60-second version of the ad and is producing a shorter one. Must Read Alaska will post a copy of it here when it’s available.

“We were just concerned about overexposure before the ad runs during the Super Bowl,” — Craig Compeau

No pun intended.




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