Coghill: I do not support Ballot Measure 2


I am not supporting Ballot Measure 2.  Let me make that more clear: I support any effort to defeat Ballot Measure 2. 

First, I believe in the right of political parties to select their best nominee in a primary. This ballot initiative would leave parties less effective by making their freedom of association less authoritative. 

Even though I was not selected as the Republican nominee this last primary, I support the process for Republicans to elect Republicans.

I am disappointed in the outcome of this year’s primary and think some of the policy priorities were not correct, however the voters spoke and I respect that. I firmly believe that too few vote in a primary, and that is a shame, but it is their choice to leave the outcome to those who do vote.

This initiative also changes some important reporting measures that should be debated in detail and be open to amendment through the legislative process. Too often, complicated measures are proposed to us Alaskans without a good understanding of the context of current law. This portion of the initiative should be rejected.

Finally, the change in voting is wrong. This has a style of first, second and third choice if no clear majority wins. If we can only support one candidate and cast our only vote for them and a majority for that person isn’t achieved, then our vote is thrown out and the others who have many choices will have their vote counted again.

Ballot Measure 2 takes the “one person one vote” away from us and I can’t let that happen.

Sen. John Coghill is the senator for Senate Seat B, Fairbanks.


  1. Very passionate. Wish you were that passionate about the law.

    I supported you for years. Juneau corrupted you. Get re-centered and run again. I might vote for you again.

    • Great sentiment- but no. Let’s not. If he gets re-centered, great, I’ll be happy for the man. But long serving politicians is not what we need. There are plenty of good conservatives in this state to fill that seat down the line.

  2. Thanks, John. I did not vote for you this year. You were not listening to your constituents. But I do wish you well and thanks for serving when you did. Two questions:
    1. Do you support Ballot Prop No. 1?
    2. Are you going to publicly support the Republican Primary winner, Mr. Myers?

    • John Coghill has been in state politics for over 20 years and his old man, Jack, about 50. That’s a lot of state money spent on wage compensation to the Coghill’s. Probably a few million over the years…… not including benefits. Let someone else have at it for a change. And yes, John Coghill, are you going to support the Republican Primary winner Robert Myers? A lot of Republicans have supported you over the decades. Are you that selfish not to support Meyers? Good Christian man, and preacher, like yourself?

      • I guess Coghill will be passing the plate at his church services. His former constituents should submit reverse IOUs into the plate.

        • Most of Coghill’s former constituents work in the private sector, not lucky enough like Coghill to have a state paying job. But Coghill didn’t want them to have a full PFD during COVID layoffs. And now you know why Coghill became burnt toast. Heavily buttered burnt toast.

  3. This is so important!

    Ballot Measure 2 is the most pernicious, stinky BM on this year’s ballot. The long term bad consequences could take years to flush. Big problem is there’s almost no resistance!

  4. Sour grapes runs in the Coghill family. John’s dad, Jack, wouldn’t run as Arliss Sturgelewski’s Lt. Governor, or as a Republican, in 1990. Jack bolted from the GOP and got Wally Hickel to throw out a $million bucks to use the AIP for his candidacy to the governor’s office………with Jack as Hickel’s running mate. Coghill assumed he would share power with Hickel. Instead, Hickel placed Coghill in a closet on the Third Floor and told him to be quiet. Today, don’t expect John Coghill to openly support Rob Myers for the state Senate. Sour grapes never get turned into fine wine because the sour grape usually doesn’t fall far from the dead vine.

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