Chris Christie drops presidential bid


Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie has announced he is dropping out of contention for the nomination for president.

Christie made the announcement in Windham, New Hampshire. He did not endorse any of the other Republican candidates.

“I would rather lose by telling the truth than lie in order to win. It’s clear to me tonight that there isn’t a path for me to win the nomination, which is why I’m suspending my campaign tonight,” he said in his remarks.

Christie, the former governor of New Jersey, had been the attack dog who went after former President Donald Trump during the three Republican debates last year. His decision is being seen as a help to candidate Nikki Haley as the Jan. 15 Iowa caucus kicks off the primary season for Republicans, and New Hampshire’s primary follows close behind, on Jan. 23.

Before he made his announcement, he was caught on a live microphone saying that Haley “is going to get smoked, she’s not up to this.”

“I mean look, she’s spent like $68 million so far, just on TV — spent $68 million so far — $59 million by DeSantis, and we spent 12. I mean, who’s punching above their weight and who’s getting a return on their investment, you know?” Christie said. “And she’s gonna get smoked. And you and I both know it. She’s not up to this.” 

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  1. This sort of shows the efforts he has put forth throughout his entire career. Another bombastic politician full of hot air.

  2. Good riddance! No message except hate for Trump. Only problem with Trump is that he had a good record as president. We could all eat well and live well. Biden destroyed all of that.

  3. Christie has always been a loser. Fat, sloppy, foul-mouthed, egomaniac, slothful. Only thinks about his ugly self. After Trump is re-elected in 11/24, Christie will come around and be his best friend, looking for a position. The only job Christie is qualified for is a bridge tollbooth operator. He could prevent the NYC scum from entering Jersey.

    • But the tollbooth needs to be down near the beach where the tub’o lard can work on his tan……in private.

  4. Irony is Christie ran strictly because Trump was unsuitable in his eyes. Yet he exhibited the exact same behavior as Trump running. And on the way out the door.

  5. Brain damaged tub of lard . His platform was hating DJT . I think I would audit his campaign and find out how much money he stole . After he hugged Obama years ago , I thought he was a wack job . He’s been mad at DJT for years because he did not get a cabinet job in the administration. He put DJT’s daughters Jewish Father in Law in prison for real estate fraud when Crispy was Attorney General in New Jersey . Crispy was not smart enough to know he had no chance at a cabinet slot . He can go on Fox News now and be an expert like that nut job woman from Wyoming . Oh and get in that magic weight loss drug and drop 150 lbs .

  6. Christie was only there to disrupt Trump and attack in the debates. Probably on the DNC payroll. Trump wisely avoided the debates making Christie useless. DNC no longer needed him so he’s out.

  7. Even then, the blowhard took too long and bashed Trump for most of it; a one trick pony. Oh well, more time to spend on the beach

  8. His comment about if it comes to Trump deciding between his own interests and those of the country, he’ll choose Trump every time, was dead on. I have zero doubt that Trump will win in 2024, so get ready for that scenario to play out. A narcissist will never be altruistic.

  9. Funny that folks who love Trump are calling Christie fat. If that is the criteria for picking the President, Trump better go on a diet fast!!

  10. “I hate Trump” was one helluva platform. In reality, not even Christie thought he had a chance. He just wanted to throw the biggest turd into the election punchbowl. Americans will remember him for not being as milquetoast as Romney.

  11. Christie was the only person on the debate stage who was even remotely worth a vote.

    Most of you will vote for Trump solely because he validates your hate. He hasn’t done a damn thing for you other than that. He hates who you hate. And sadly, that’s all you need.

    • Hans, do dropped object fall upward in your universe?
      Is your grass purple, and your sky orange?
      Is you water dry, and you fire wet?

      I have to ask those questions, as the universe that you, and that other radical leftist extremists inhabit, is clearly a different universe from the one in which I exist.

      • Indeed I do, and happily so, because I could never live in your universe of hatred and extremism.

        And BTW, my universe includes doing things other than sitting at my compute all day long making acerbic comments on “stories” solely intended to bait you.

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