Ohio House overrides governor on transgender treatments for kids


The Ohio House voted to override a veto by Gov. Mike DeWine of legislation that limits medical care for transgender minors and bans transgenders from being allowed to participate in female sports in high school and college competitions.

DeWine surprised his fellow Republicans when he vetoed House Bill 68 last month. The bill sets 18 as the age of patients for when doctors can prescribe puberty blockers and perform gender transition surgery on young people.

DeWine said decisions about transgender medical care should be left to families and their physicians, but bill supporters say that gender transition surgeries and treatments are becoming far too common, and are now profit centers for doctors and clinics who mutilate and confuse children.

The vote to override the governor’s veto was a resounding 65-28. The Ohio Senate will vote on Jan 24.


  1. Does DeWine believe it’s up to parents whether or not to punch their children? Or feed them? Why is that child abuse, but mutilating the genitals of children isn’t?

    • Follow the $$$ with DeWine. He reportedly took $40k in campaign donations from Children’s Hospitals in the state. Blowback against the veto was so significant that he signed an Executive Order doing the same thing the legislation wanted to do a day or two later. Of course, an EO can be repealed at the stroke of a pen while repeal of a law is more difficult. Follow the $$$. Always follow the $$$. Cheers –

  2. Gender surgery before puberty ends is very rare. Fortunately, the privacy clause in the Alaska Constitution limits government intrusion between doctors and their patients here in Alaska. Unfortunately the attacks on vulnerable minorities cross State lines. I am old enough to remember when Republicans wanted government out of their personal decisions.

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