China refuses to meet with U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin

Lloyd Austin, Secretary of Defense

The People’s Republic of China has declined an invitation from Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin to meet with his counterpart in Singapore while an annual global security conference is under way.

“Overnight, the PRC informed the U.S. that they have declined our early May invitation for Secretary Austin to meet with PRC Minister of National Defense Li Shangfu in Singapore this week,” Pentagon Press Secretary Pat Ryder said in a statement, as reported first by the Wall Street Journal. “The Department believes strongly in the importance of maintaining open lines of military-to-military communication between Washington and Beijing to ensure that competition does not veer into conflict.”

Chinese Embassy Spokesman Liu Pengyu told the Wall Street Journal that the U.S. was “seeking to suppress China through all possible means and continue imposing sanctions on Chinese officials, institutions and companies.”

In 2017, then-Gov. Bill Walker of Alaska had all-but sealed a deal with the government of China and its government-owned banks and financial institutions to help Alaska build a gasline, from which the majority of natural gas from Alaska would be sold to the Chinese.


  1. Why should they? He’s a weak sister more concerned with pronouns, pregnancy flight suits, and using drag queens to promote the Navy.

    China knows they have us right now (we’re not serious about anything) and we would be hard pressed to fight them.

    They’re showing dominance. And everyone knows it.

    Hope Taiwan is ready to go.

  2. Whaaa? Didn’t he tell them that he is lgbtq+2is and quadruple vaccinated?? Hmmmm, maybe he should’ve asked an envoy to meet at the capt. cook hotel again…..the chinese seemed very impressed by Alaska the last time.
    Hahaha this administration is a disaster.
    It’s Nero time.

    • Bill Walker was on the ChiCom’s side too, until they learned that he couldn’t be trusted for swindling his own people.

      • Because the Trump administration put sanctions on the Chinese defense leadership. But that’s too complicated to make it into this “story”–I guess Must Read doesn’t respect its readers enough to tell them the truth.

  3. Austin is a retired 4-star general with combat experience and a highly decorated soldier, including the Silver Star. Amazing to see all the so-called conservatives who often talk of patriotism denigrating such a great American. You rather prop up the communists. It’s sad but not surprising.

    • Benedict Arnold was also an officer in the American military. It doesn’t mean you can’t also be a trader or at the least an incompetent leader. Amazing to see the so-called liberals who often talk of wasteful military spending and denigrating our men and women in uniform coming to the defense of any former military member. You rather prop up the communists. It’s not surprising but it is sad.

    • Your first sentence made sense, then there was a complete logic implosion of your ordinary sort. Sad to see, but not surprising.

      • Uhhhh, cman, let’s get real here. Austin is a recipient of very heavy Affirmative Action
        window dressing. Obama, then Biden’s Administration moved him up the ladder. These two communist presidents ran a Black man up the woke military flagpole. You know it and everyone else knows it. He’s UNQUALIFIED.
        There are many, many good service officers who got passed over because they weren’t the right color. And as a result, the US military has had to initiate different tactics in recruiting soldiers, sailors and marines.
        Affirmative Action is pure bottom feeding-racism and results in dumbing down and producing incompetence across the spectrum
        I sure hope my grandkids don’t have to go to battle with these woke idiots in charge. We just might lose.

        • Why are you capitalizing the b in black? Proper grammar does not capitalize adjectives.

          Also, let us not further “Newspeak”.

          “There is no swifter route to the corruption of thought than through the corruption of language.”

          ~ George Orwell

        • Of course, because he’s black he must not have gotten there on his own merit. Do you have any evidence he’s there because of the reasons you just outlined?

          • Sure. Spend a few years in any branch of the military. Then look at what the upper end of the chain of ‘command’ does day to day. Since they spend no time involved in training, equipping, or caring for troops any more, and show zero knowledge of tactics and strategies (think operations like the surrender in Kabul) then it becomes blazingly obvious that most, if not all, were appointed (yes generals are appointed and approved, not promoted) for purely political reasons. Just another political lapdog.

    • He can be all of that, and also be a leftist/statist that believes the US should no longer be the economic and military power it was.
      Just because he made his way through the military system is proof of… he made his way through the military system, nothing more. Patriotism is more than just earning medals in military service. It continues through your life and Austin has demonstrated clearly that he does not value the things that made the US the world super power it once was.

    • Not to ruin a hood rant, but …

      -Being a good soldier is not necessarily indicative of being a smart leader. His valor has never been questioned, except indirectly by you.

      -All stars are awarded as much on politics as capability. Especially a handful of them.

      -Austin was a diversity hire who didn’t qualify for the job and had to get a congressional waiver.

      -Part of judging a competent administrator is how well his organization performs under his leadership. Since his time in office the military has been bastardized into a Target pride ad.

      -Good leaders make their people better. He clearly has not done that.

      -Good leaders push back against poor upper management. Great ones will quit before being told to do something profoundly stupid like Afghanistan. He did neither.

      Pointing out Austin is a wine tool and not up to his job is only promoting Communism/Communists in the minds of weak thinkers without the ability to make analytical evaluations.

    • I worked under him at 10th Mountain as a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer, and he is nothing but a diversity promotion. He is one of the most bigoted Officers I ever came across in 23 years serving. The Chinese’s know he is nothing but a figure head that does not have the brains to think strategically.

      • Thank you for serving, Mr. Chappelle. Of all the comments in this section, yours’ carries the most weight. In this instance, the diversity mandate in the federal government is loud and clear. What is really scary is that Austin doesn’t have the leadership creds and everyone who serves know it. Colin Powell had it. And General Norman Schwarzkopf had it in spades.

    • Cman, I am increasingly convinced that you are paid shill and/or a CIA troll here. NOBODY here supports the official globalist narratives, the ruling class, and the status-quo power structure as consistently and shrilly as you.

      You’ve been outed.

      • It may be the same state/corporate hack that runs various similar handles here. I rarely read any of “them” anymore except to mock them (which frankly is pretty easy for most of us to do). If they (et al) are a paid shill/troll then they have their 30 pieces of silver and we both know what fate awaits them in due time. If they are a “useful innocent/idiot” (like the easily forgotten “Lucinda” handle), is there anything as small and irrelevant as that?

      • Don’t waste your time and words, Jeff.
        Cman from the wacko end of the Left. His comments don’t resonate beyond bafoonery here at MRAK.
        As for Austin, his blackness is all that qualifies him. Otherwise, his skills and intellectual capacity for leading the US military weigh less than all the so-called
        medals he wears.

        • You are correct, of course, Lakreesha.

          And cman has had the gall to try to claim that he is a “libertarian”.
          That is as accurate and truthful a statement as claiming that milk is a metal.

  4. They don’t want to pay the 10% to the big guy. Why would China want to talk with liars and thieves?

  5. Surprised they didn’t take him as a political prisoner. Make him work 12 hours a day for half a cup of rice to make goods for the western world.

  6. I wouldn’t meet with him either, and I’m not even a Communist. Dude gives affirmative action a bad name.

  7. Maybe the ChiComs wanted some proof that the Secretary isn’t actually the Pillsbury Doughboy or the Michelin Man. Maybe they wanted him to wear the face shield he wore back during the Covid fiasco. Something like that.

  8. Austin the unaccountable. Heck of a retreat from Afghanistan and an eye popping lack of recruitment under his unsteady watch. The latter tends to happen when you winnow out straight white men who are not marxists for ideological reasons.

    Austin is an incompetent and contemptible racist PoS. He can stick his d.e.i. bull cookie where the sun doesn’t shine.

    btw- How is the vaccine mandate working for you Austin?

  9. When they saw General Milley in Red High Heels they realized there was no reason to meet for Tea! The Chinese knew our Military had gone woke

  10. Reasons for not Meeting. 1. The Balloon told them everything they need to know. 2. General Silly Milly said he would call them if anything important came up. 3.Chinese interpretors have a hard time with Ebonics. 4. It’s not our Marines they are concerned with, they FEAR the high school kids at San Clemente.

  11. Meeting with America would go against China’s image they are the new superpower, if they have to talk to the parent country first.

  12. Austin is just another incompetent stooge within a dangerous, unstable, and failing regime which controls our country. The damage and weakening of our society, economy and military is being accomplished by our own “leaders” far more deliberately, effectively and quickly than any hostile foreign regime could manage. All our “allies” in the west are self destructing too. Alaska is exhibit A of corruption, greed and dysfunction. The idea that our natural gas is not used for Fairbanks, a reserve source for Anchorage and the surplus long since being exported confirms this. Why would anyone waste time talking to Austin?

    • Well said Brian, Austin and those working behind the scenes with him have weakened our military. They forced an experimental clot shot onto our troops that has caused countless medical issues in our troops. They refused religious exemptions and kicked out some of our brightest and best from every branch of service. This man along with many others systematically targeted conservative military members for separation from service. This is on purpose for nefarious reasons. I hope he is tried for treason.

  13. Elon Musk is meeting with the Chinese to lobby for Tesla while Russia bombs Schools and Hospitals. MRAK anonymous trolls seem to be OK with this. I am not.

    • Sadly, with slowly shaking head.
      Oh “frank”.

      The saddest thing is you probably thought that insightful and provocative. And you somehow established dominance with it.

      Oh, “frank”

      • That still echoes in My memory. I like the one where Hawkeye put the microphone underneath hot lips cot and well they were in there he’n and she’n, hot lips let out an oh Frank! ole ferret lips must have been doing something right.

    • BTW: still waiting on you to lead by example and post your personal identification.

      Show us who you are, you macho thing you.

    • Russia bombing schools and hospitals in Europe is not our problem, not our war. No matter how much the left wants it to be.

      If “Frank” is so outraged, Ukraine takes volunteers. You go, you macho thing you.

    • Wow, Frank. This is a new low from you.
      Seriously. What exactly do you want from MRAK readers? Outrage only about the things you think are important? “Frank Rast thinks I should be outraged about _______” Bummer man, but we do not have to check in with Frank to see whether something is worth commenting about. Not happening.
      Besides, what is your logic here? Am I supposed to ignore a rapist because someone else committed murder? Not happening. Just because Russia is committing war crimes does not mean I will ignore a woke traitor within our military. If we, as a nation want to do something about Russia bombing schools, we need to have strong military leaders who are more concerned about ensuring the military is ready to fight anywhere on the globe than worrying about pronouns.
      Also, if Musk is going to sell his products in China, I say fantastic! Take the chinese money and move it to the USA via trade. What is better than that?

  14. Frank I overheard the moon crickets last nite. I believe they are attempting a revolt on the Russians. The schools and hospitals will be saved!

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