CDC says pregnant ‘people’ should not get vaccine


The scientists at the Centers for Disease Control said earlier this month that “pregnant people” should think twice before getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

Rather than referring to them as pregnant women, the CDC now refers to expectant mothers as “people,” and avoids the actual gender of mothers.

“CDC and the independent Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) have provided information to assist pregnant people with their decision to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. At this time, ACIP recommends that certain groups (e.g., healthcare personnel, followed by other frontline essential workers) are offered vaccination during the first months of the COVID-19 vaccination program. People who are pregnant and part of a group recommended to receive the COVID-19 vaccine may choose to be vaccinated. If they have questions about getting vaccinated, a discussion with a healthcare provider might help them make an informed decision,” the agency wrote.

“Until findings are available from clinical trials and additional studies, only limited data are available on the safety of COVID-19 vaccines, including mRNA vaccines, administered during pregnancy:

  • Limited data are currently available from animal developmental and reproductive toxicity studies. No safety concerns were demonstrated in rats that received Moderna COVID-19 vaccine before or during pregnancy; studies of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine are ongoing.
  • Studies in people who are pregnant are planned.
  • Both vaccine manufacturers are monitoring people in the clinical trials who became pregnant.”

In its lengthy recommendations for women who are pregnant or who may become pregnant, the CDC twists its sentences to conform to the new gender-free norm now evidently supported by science. More at this link.


  1. Or what will happen? A miscarriage? Okay! Now I am more convinced this two part vaccine is going to sterilize when its not even safe for pregnant women. Time will tell and I’ll just have to wait seeing if little girls today who recieved these vaccines 10-16 years earlier were spayed and cant get pregnant.

  2. Well women are people too. Unless the CDC knows of some top secret government experiment, as far as I know women are an exclusive club to pregnancy. They’re wording it’s just another example about how insane the liberal leftist movement has become in America.

  3. I would never trust this vaccine on an impregnated human or animal. Whether you’re a pregnant male or female, let nature take its course.

      • Bill, is it true that the Big Drug Companies have been granted immunity against any legal actions resulting from this VAX? Hmm. Also Bill, since you have posted an opinion about the VAX, have you read about the Drug Giant Merck’s decision to pull out of the Covid-19 VAX game? Turns out, according to MERCK, the better method is if you get the virus is to treat it with drugs, similar to what (gasp) President Trump was given and let the bodies immune system do the rest. Seems that the Vax is effective in less than 66% of patients. Oh, BTW, did you see the news coming out of Norway last week? 23 people died after taking the VAX. Just wondering Bill, what is your opinion?

        • Well said. A lot of people saying they are “following the science” are really following the dogma that says “trust authority without question!” and “anyone with a PhD must know more than me!”. They have abdicated their ability to think freely in order to be judged worth by the church of leftism and groupthink, and sacrificed their reason on the alter of wokeness and virtue signaling.

          A nation filled with sheep such as these, never need worry about external predators, they will be consumed by the wolves they have willingly opened the gate for..

          • I see that you and Robert seem to be joined at the hip here on who can think freely-sounds like it is not all the sheep that are welcoming the wolves. Heheh! Is this your version of Little Red Riding Hood? Keep em coming on here!

        • Boy Robert, my opinion was on Jim Coleman’s opinion on the Vax and had nothing to do with an opinion on the Vax or Merk or Norway for that matter. You evidently think that Merk has a handle on things with at least on Vax but you failed to mention which one. Is that because you don’t know or don’t care? Then there is your “Seems that the Vax is effective in less than 66% of patients” and again you’ve not mentioned which Vax. I think you just want to throw a bunch of garbage up against the wall hoping something might stick-not much sticking so far. Tough noogies Robert.

          • Billy Boy, typical of leftist non thought, attack the messenger and not respond to the message. Why, Lenin his bad self told his faithful, do not argue the facts because you will lose the argument. Instead defeat them through the use of invective.
            You trashed Jimbo with nooobody cares what you think, Billy. Perhaps you missed the subject of the story, The VAX… the one for COVID-19. Have a great weekend Bill!

          • I see Robert that you have attempted throwing up some more garbage hoping it might stick. And you still are thinking the VAX is all just one thing-whew! Again tough noogies.

  4. I’m really thankful they FINALLY admitted the vaccine’s uncertainties! You should have heard the collective sighs that resounded the first time I pointed out the lack of information about vaccine safety in pregnancy.

  5. OK, perhaps my last comment hit a bit too close to home to be published, so please let me rephrase it.

    Are MRAK readers so sensitive that they cannot tolerate the exchange of the word “women” for “people”? One would think that those tough enough to storm the Capitol, injure people, and kill policemen would be tough enough to absorb this perceived slight.

    This website should, in the best tradition of journalism, serve the public interest by communicating the health message intended by the CDC’s recommendation. Instead, it chooses to spin it as yet another battle in an ideological war, giving readers evermore opportunity to show off just how much more conservative they are than the next guy.

    Sadly, MRAK does not exist to serve – it exists to promote and deepen division, to perpetuate the never-ending liberal/conservative conflict in the interest of clicks and profits, and to elevate the notoriety and status of its contributors within their conservative cohort.

    • Why does the word need to be changed? What’s wrong with acknowledging biological truths and “following the science”? Only a biological female can get pregnant. This is a fact. Go ahead, say it. It doesn’t hurt. Say “pregnant women”. Give it a try.

      I would submit-Your ability to think clearly on this issue, and others, to ignore woke group think, and confront facts, objectively, without fear of cancellation or bias driven by allegiance to some manufactured tribe (R or D) will help you in this new era, and will be downright essential for staying sane.

    • CDC has delivered several conflicting messages during the last year. I think it is incumbent of good journalist to point this out to the public. The message in question was confusing since it appears that the CDC is making reference to the fact that people, ( includes men) are capable of being pregnant. Obviously this is a biological impossibility. The issue is one of the subornation of science to correct political speech. Don’t believe me? Check out the new rules being promoted in the U.S. House of Representatives which will basically render that body to being a personal pronoun free zone. Words have meaning, they are descriptive of the world around us. Bull Moose do not drop Calves in May. Cow Moose do. Both are commonly called Moose however. I hope that helps you understand the issue.

  6. Apparently, Dr. Fauci says it is safe for pregnant women. lol. Which is it! CDC or Dr. Fauci?

    • Fauci said nothing of the kind. He did say that about 10000 pregnant women have gotten vaccines with no red flags. I expect more studies will be done to sort this out.

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