CDC flips, wants the vaccinated wearing masks too, now


In another hairpin turn in the road of Covid-19 pandemic management, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced today that everyone in areas where the virus is surging should wear masks again, regardless of their vaccination status.

The C.D.C. is also advising that all teachers, staff, students, and visitors in schools wear masks when schools open this year, even in areas where there is no alarming surge or demand on hospitals. The agency said that schools should definitely open to in-person learning, regardless of the virus surge.

Amid rising numbers of Covid-19 cases and versions of the virus that are breaking through the still-experimental vaccines that are now widely administered, the recommendations are likely to be controversial, as the C.D.C. earlier had said that the vaccine would mean people could return their lives to normal.

In a breaking news story from the New York Times today, the Biden Administration is now considering requiring all federal employees to get the vaccine. Already the Veterans Administration said it will fire workers who do not get the

Read: Veterans Administration requires vaccines of employees within eight weeks

Covid-19 is surging in places such as Arkansas, Florida, and Los Angeles, and the increase is associated with the Delta variant of the virus. Many experts have been pushing for vaccine and mask mandates.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Biden Administration’s pandemic adviser, said the virus is changing, and the C.D.C. is correct to revisit its recommendations to keep up with the dynamic situation.

There are currently 94 people in Alaska hospitals who have a version of Covid-19. 71,286, or less than 10 percent of Alaskans have been diagnosed with the illness. 316,121 Alaskans have been fully vaccinated, a little more than 52 percent.


  1. It’s got nothing to do with health. It’s about social control.

    You gave them this control over your lives. Don’t act surprised they won’t let it go.

  2. Maybe Jill Biden will have to visit Alaska again and spend some time visiting a couple of the native villages this trip instead of just the hospital in Anchorage for a photo opp!!

  3. A goal of leftists is to make your relationship with the State paramount, all other relationships are secondary. Removing facial expressions, as well as personal interactions is one step in that direction.
    Mask mandates have shown no benefit over areas where voluntary use is encouraged, yet, the politicians want to mandate masks anyway. In fact, several studies indicate in areas where the mandates are in place actually have higher rates of infection. But, the push for mandates continue.
    One has to ask why?

  4. Who cares?!
    The CDC has gone from a respected institution to a political hack job devoid of actual science. Apollo 13 flight director Gene Kranz admonished his people, after the oxygen tank blew up in space, “not to make things worse by guessing”. Sound advice for the Fauci CDC crowd.

    • Explain how your democrat *fully vaccinated* brethren infected scores of their peers in DC last week. GO, you will be graded.

    • No the vaccinated are the walking lab rats, the vectors! I am immune compromised and all of my doctors have told me to avoid you lab rats like the plague. All you guinea pigs need to stay out of society you are creating a viral soup bowl of crud! You people are a danger to the human race with your spike protein shedding and contaminating the blood supply. Why would you ever partake in stage III human clinical trial for virus with a 99.8% survival rate? Seriously what is wrong with your brains? Thank God you walking vectors are forced to breath in a face diaper of your own filth. But you all won’t survive the next 5 years anyway due to your defected blood cells and ungodly protein synthesis. Their are consequences to being a guinea pig and remember no one is going to compensate you for your stupidity.

    • Whidby the Dog, Of Course blame the “Unjabbed” (this treatment is no vaccine), because targeting another group with blame for a disease would be consistent with what tyrants have done to their political enemies throughout history. Recall that Jews were slaughtered in the middle ages during the Black Plague. But to be fair those rapacious medieval mobs were just “following the Science”, the Political Science…

    • No, I’m vaccinated and pro choice mask & vaccine. perhaps the vaccine is not as safe and effective as the never ending nonstop propaganda would have you believe

  5. The statistic to follow isn’t cases…it’s deaths that are actually caused by Covid (not “with” Covid).
    That statistic needs to be broken down by age and comorbidity status, at least, so that we can get an accurate understanding of exactly how this virus is impacting the population.
    That’s not likely to happen, however, because all the mandates, vaccinations and other Covid related BS going on isn’t about Covid…it’s about something else and what that something is is anyone’s guess.
    Know this though – the “vaccine” (aka experimental gene therapy that has killed every other animal test group it was ever tested on) doesn’t protect you from getting or spreading Covid.
    It’s just advertised as making your symptoms less severe…if that is how it works then why are fully “vaccinated” people still dying from it?
    Do some research before offering yourself as an animal test subject…it might just save your life.

    • BS !! This is truly crap that the public should be protected from!! But give him credit. The first paragraph rings true

      • As a member of “The Public” I can assure you that I do NOT need protecting. Americans individually need to decide what works for them. Stifling debate and limiting information is reminiscent of communist China and Russian and leads to poor outcomes. If your information can not stand up against what you consider “trash” then it is clearly not a strong science based and well thought out argument and can only survive by suppressing opposition.
        PJ is correct. The real numbers have always been obfuscated and massaged to fit the narrative. The two important statistics should be the mortality rate (and that is true deaths from Covid, you know the 6% of ALL Covid deaths the CDC admitted to last year) and the rate of hospitalization. However it is much sexier to scare people with big “case numbers”, which may simply be home for a day or two while they recover.

      • I suggest you research the definition of politburo:
        the principal policy-making and executive committee of a Communist (Democrat/Big Tech/Social Media) party

    • Let us hope the Mayor remains strong in his position for NO mask mandates or business lockdowns. Surprised by the number of commentators who feel getting vacinated is somehow frought with impending doom. I’m fine and thankful the anxiety of getting very sick is gone. I’m also not interested in protecting folks who won’t protect themselves by getting the jab, meaning I’m not interested in wearing a mask. That should be an incentive for getting the jab if you haven’t already because you don’t know if I’m spreading it. Maybe you’ll believe the virus is real if emergency medical facilities are again reopened like the one we saw at the Alaska Center.

  6. The CDC is a joke, why are they even considered an authority on anything? Not in your article but in the CDC release they admit that the vaccinated have a high viral load. Well, gee thanks for turning all the vaccinated into Covid Spike Protein Factories and walking “Typhoid Mary’s”.

    • We all carry a ‘load’ of germs both on our skin and in our mouth, nose and gut. Means nothing unless it causes an infection or enters our cells which is what the vaccine PREVENTS !!

      • This shot is, at best, a therapeutic, according to their own data. Show me where it provides any long term protection.

      • Best defense again corona virus, always has been, and always will be:
        1. Healthy body
        2. Positive Mindset
        3. A robust Immune System
        4. Good nutrition
        3. Sensible Personal Hygiene practices
        If you cannot achieve each of those, please QUARANTINE yourself from the rest of us accordingly, and try to refrain pushing your pseudo-science on others.

  7. Ignore the Chinese spy Faux Xi. Face diapers are remarkably ineffective at preventing the transmission of disease – and they were designed by bovines to be worn on the butt… Fear mongering on this serves only to deflect from the fact that this virus came from a Chinese lab under a grant approved and administered by none other than Dr Faux Xi. Have faith in God, Alaska – not government – especially not a government that wants to control us through fear to establish communism and overthrow America.

      • Now that we have data, it turns out that communities without mask-mandates and lock-downs, did about the same or slightly better than their imprisoned brethren. Mask have morphed into a social control and compliance tool.

  8. Makes NO sense. Plenty of studies showing masks don’t protect you from anything except sneeze and cough droplets.

    This is exactly why nobody respects the “medical experts” any longer.

  9. Come on Alaskans, you call yourself independent!Refused to wear the mask. Refused to have your children wear a mask. If your job demands a vaccine, quit! When they are put out of business or they don’t have enough staff to function-they’ll change their tune. A vaccine passport is a the start of a social credit system. Are you signing up to be a Chinese slave?

  10. Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectine work and have long track records. Strong immune systems built by healthy living work. Immune systems need exercise through social contact. The CDC is full of it and has shown itself to be untrustworthy. Fauci is an enemy combatant who belongs in Guantanamo Bay.

  11. In Juneau we are welcoming ships full of tourists. They are unloading and walking all over town. These ships also have known outbreaks on them. But now the city is imposing mask mandates? They seem like they are confused

  12. Just say no to the forced muzzling and forced shots. It’s time to show what you truly believe and leave jobs and maybe be uncomfortable. This isn’t the time to be complicate. Start pushing back and saying hell no.

  13. One thing I love about being American is the right to choose my own risk, the right to stare danger in the face and the right to be a human being driven by my own choices.

    We now face a time when the ruling class is hell bent on shoving every American in the same box. “Do what your told if you want your freedom”

    The truth is we all calculate risk differently, some of us may ride motorcycles and drink dark beer, some of us like to read a book and drink a class of wine. The fact is you cannot force all Americans to read and drink wine. We are diverse class of human species that are different on every level from culture, religion, values and character. Respect the fact that I choose to read and listen to other science, I have a much broader view of the world because I don’t limit myself to main stream news, music and pop culture. I am a critical thinker and I am non biased in my findings while researching views and sources. Respect the fact that I am neither a Republican nor Democrat and that I am free to believe what I find to be true to the best extent possible. You simply cannot subject me to your evil ways of manipulation and social pressure to encourage my compliance when I feel the risk of the vaccine is greater then the risk of the virus. You cannot tell me that my science, which has been peer reviewed and published in reputable medical journals is “misinformation” To sum it up I am fucking American and you cannot take away my freedom in a disguise of public duty and safety.

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