CDC changes its tune, says Covid is mild, can be managed with Advil


Just a year ago, the Centers for Disease Control and the rest of the government made sure that anyone off-message on Covid-19 would lose their job, lose their business, and lose all their friends and associates.

The federal government also infiltrated Twitter under the previous owners, and coordinated with Facebook to cancel accounts of those with opposing views on the virus, its origin, and treatment.

Today, the CDC says that for most people, Covid is entirely manageable at home. It’s probably going to be mild, the CDC says.

“Most people with COVID-19 have mild illness and can recover at home. You can treat symptoms with over-the-counter medicines, such as acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil), to help you feel better,” the CDC says.

The advice has changed from the agency that managed the pandemic for both the Trump and Biden presidencies.

Since 2021, at least eight doctors around the country have been threatened with penalties for spreading “misinformation” about vaccines or by suggesting treatments for Covid-19 that were not accepted by the government or governing medical boards.

For example, in Florida, the nominee for state surgeon general refused to answer the question about whether the Covid-19 vaccine was safe and effective. The medical board received a complaint from a local doctor about the nominee. Although Dr. Joseph Ladapo was confirmed by Republicans, Democrats voted agains Thim because of his opposition to coronavirus mandates.

The penalties went beyond political appointments. Thousands of nurses and medical assistants lost their jobs for being independent thinkers about the Covid-19 pandemic policies.

In Hawaii, the medical board filed a formal complaintsagainst the state’s chief health officer and another doctor because they supported alternative Covid-19 treatments that the federal health officials didn’t approve.

But now, the advice is stay home, take some Advil or Motrin, get some rest, and drink plenty of fluids. That’s today’s CDC advice for “most people.”


  1. LOL!!!!
    I’m not anti Vax….
    it was the fact of the matter, for me….
    I’m so glad I didn’t let them put that poison in me!!!
    I hope the sheep-el
    Of Alaska & the world
    see the wake up call !!!!
    I guess we aren’t going to die after all…

  2. Same as for most healthy people.

    Wonder if CDC is trying to get some distance from the dumpster fire known as the Biden administration?

    Won’t matter if they do. A whole lot of us, like Pepperidge Farm, remember.

  3. It is perverted but interesting to speculate how all of this might be different had Dr. Fauci told the TRUTH about the probable origins of the virus from the beginning. This much is certain: He was able to divert, deflect and obfuscate most attention away from himself and the other gain-of-function researchers for years. This was, IMO, the moral crime of the century. Now we know what metastasized cancer of the soul looks like. Judgment awaits.

  4. What about all the deaths labeled ‘died from Covid’; folks put on death drugs like Remdisavir and made to use a ventilator; families shut off from elderly; jobs and businesses lost;…these scumbags need to be held accountable, including the mainstream press who went along with all their LIES! I certainly hope the masses have awakened to their western medicine and pharma propaganda.

    • I am reminded of the Hillary Clinton testimony following Benghazi..
      “What difference does it make at this point?”
      And, I absolutely agree that these people need to be held accountable. Because of the panicdemic, the entire nation, no… world, was completely screwed over. How many people died because they were denied care? How many suicides because they were denied social interaction? How many addicts relapsed because their support system was unavailable?
      How many grandmothers were denied one last hug from their grandchild?
      Anyone, and everyone who made policy decisions based on the headlines should be put on trial.

  5. What happened over Covid was criminal. Still it isn’t just a cold, and I get a little annoyed when people dismiss it as such as for many people it was pretty bad. My husband just recovered from Covid and went on the antiviral which was pretty effective, thankfully, but he still got far sicker than just a cold. He is in excellent health, and very fit. I did not contract this go round but have had it once, in 2022, and ended up with long haul Covid, heart issues and permanent heart damage, albeit thankfully mild. I have no co-morbidity, am lean, healthy, extremely fit, mountain runner, xc skier, mountain snow machiner – yet ended up with inflammation and arrhythmia that last off and on a few months. It was scary and I dread getting Covid again. Zero previous issues and rarely get sick. The vaccines are useless and maybe even dangerous, the lockdowns were a leftist ploy to control all of us and destroy as much free market as possible, but please be mindful that some of our neighbors and friends might not fare well when they get Covid so do not treat it as some mild little cold virus.

    • Elizabeth, I agree with everything you say here.

      I had Covid myself, back in 2021, and it was not pretty — it rivaled or exceeded the worst flues I have ever had, and some of those were pretty bad. Fortunately, I have not had any lasting side effects (of which I am aware, anyway).

      • Jefferson, I had Covid in ’21 same as you. I am grateful that I was raised in a home where my Mother a Christian Scientist, denied me medical care throughout my formative years. This meant that my immune system may have become more highly developed and at the very least I was endured to suffering, (I’ve watched siblings denied care perish). That said there are three things that I cannot forget from that experience.
        I now enjoy cheap ass beer where formerly I was a craft beer snob, (loss of sense of taste)
        For months I kept perceiving that there was the awful smell of diesel exhaust everywhere.
        And most irritating, laying in bed in a coughing, fever racked condition, I was aware that this thing WAS ENGINEERED and that some A-Hole was screwing with me.
        The latter has not been forgotten and it isn’t proper for all of us to forget. These evil bastards need to be brought to justice.
        No Justice means that they will attempt yet again the same sort of thing.

  6. Unbelievable!!! Absolutely unbelievable!!! I will never believe anything the cdc comes out with. When the Drs and pharmacists couldn’t under any circumstances, advice patients to take an aspirin, go to bed and drink liquids under the duress of losing their licenses during the covid, here they are. Unbelievable. Why would anybody believe them?

  7. Fool me once… shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. NEVER AGAIN! Don’t even try, feds – You are the problem. Fauci should spend the rest of his life in jail w/o possibility of parole – death penalty would be too kind.

  8. Let’s not forget all the uproar over using already existing drugs “off label”. How pharmacist were coerced into not filling legitimately ordered medications by a doctor. Having an alternative treatment suggestion or questioning the efficacy of the vaunted vaccines, was considered cause for losing a license and labeled “misinformation”. The suppression of a honest debate and scrutiny from all quarters was the most unacceptable over-reach this administration/Fauci et al committed.
    The double standard was breathtaking:
    “My body my choice for me, but not if you don’t want that covid shot”
    “Off-lable use of drugs for covid is verboten, but hey off label use of hormone blockers for little kids is A-okay!”
    “Free speech for me, but you can’t say that… it is misinformation”

  9. Wow, So we go from a federally mandated (get jabbed or lose your job or kicked out of military) life saving VERY expensive vaccination(get it or die) to Advil/tylenol “to help you feel better” if you catch the highly contagious deadly virus.
    Absolutely Laughable!
    They must have killed enough people and made enough from phony vaccines as well as won enough selections through mail voting to get to the goal posts they were seeking when they were funding all this fabulous research King Obama with his Fauci engineered virus.
    Gotta hand it to them. They destroyed more than peoples lives but also the future of one hell of a lot of childrens education.
    As well as proven they can control the entire world just as a sheepherder can decimate a flock of sheep with panic and pandemonium.

  10. Those who say evil exists are correct….

    As to those who died ‘with Covid-19,’ I believe the record would show a preponderance of those victims had more than one comorbidity.

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