Caucus Room partners with Must Read Alaska to organize conservatives


Must Read Alaska is partnering with a new social media group called CaucusRoom, which is much like a NextDoor application for conservatives. The organization is based out of Colorado and expanding nationwide, to provide a conservative platform for citizens to organize around campaigns, causes, and to connect with other conservatives who might want to work on shared interests.

The Caucus Room is new to Alaska but starting out strong with an online town hall meeting on Thursday, Oct. 8 at 6 pm with Sen. Mia Costello and Ardy Robertson. The meeting is in the Caucus Room called Confirm Amy for Alaska, and it relates to the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court and what Alaska conservatives can do to help.

Must Read Alaska will be the leading conservative newsroom for Alaska at the Caucus Room, and users may join the Must Read Alaska room on the site.

Sign up for the Caucus Room at this graphic link (it takes them about a minute to vet you as a conservative through their database):

What else?

The Caucus Room leads with its conservative values with a list to help people know if this is the right place for them to organize:

CaucusRoom Community Values

  1. In God we trust
  2. Truth is timeless
  3. Life is the most precious gift
  4. All people are created equal
  5. Freedom, liberty (including responsibility)
  6. Private ownership of property (I grew it, I made it, I wrote it…)
  7. The pursuit of happiness
  8. Self-sufficiency
  9. Government is a necessary evil
  10. Prime duty of government is to secure our rights
  11. Rule of law
  12. Minimal regulation
  13. Local control (subsidiarity) is generally preferred
  14. Limited power (governs least, governs best)
  15. Free markets
  16. Strong military (to secure our rights)
  17. Freedom of thought (religion, press…)
  18. Self-defense and the right to bear arms.
  19. Principled taxation
  20. Citizenship is an affirmative duty

Learn more and sign up today.