Trump says ‘no’ to virtual debate, commission pushes back the date to Oct. 22


After the Commission on Presidential Debates announced that the second debate, planned for Oct. 15 between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden, would be in a “virtual” format, Trump quickly nixed the idea as a waste of time.

“I heard the commission a little while ago changed the debate style, and that’s not acceptable,” Trump said on Fox News to Maria Bartiromo. “I’m not going to do a virtual debate.”

The Trump campaign want a traditional debate format, as originally planned.

Now, the Biden campaign has agreed to Oct. 22, face-to-face format, but has rejected a third debate.

The second debate will be hosted by “never Trumper” Steve Scully of CSPAN.


  1. Of course, virtual will be too difficult for the clown. He knows the mike and camera can be switched off, What a coward and pathological liar. Huge embarrassment to the US. In just over three weeks he will be tossed out in a tsunami along with Trumpian Republicanism.

    • Yes, the microphone and camera of President Trump would be switched off. After all, the hosts are all Democrats. It’s just like when China censored Pence when he was about to criticize China. But China lifted the censorship once Kemala Harris began to explain how much she and Biden love China and how much China loves them. Just think of all the monetary gifts China bestowed upon Hunter Biden. Not to mention the wonderful Corona virus China gifted to America as they support Biden so they can once again steal America blind. There isn’t really much difference between the Chinese Communist party and the Democrat party. They both love the iron fist of government controlling the citizenry.

      • Pumpkin, China is eating our lunch thanks to the obese, impeached dotard’s failed tariff wars that bankrupted more farmers than the dust bowl. The widest trade gap with China this past quarter. In October 2020, the U.S. trade deficit ($67.1 billion) grew to its highest level in 14 years. The deficit measures the difference in value between a country’s exports and its imports. If the deficit gets too big, it could hamper economic growth. The value of the U.S. dollar is diminishing like it’s a degree in travel agentology.

        • Pumpkin? What man addresses another man as pumpkin? I would venture to guess that “Rob” is actually a depressed, psychotic, Democrat woman. Yes, these women are out there. Some of them are so hell bent on transformational politics, that they become tranneeez.

      • Great comment sir! It is inconceivable how, why so many Americans cannot see the connection between China and the democratic party and elite never Trumper Republicans and the fascist corporate media. Funny thing is, Joe was a dismal candidate during the Democratic primary and now he is a superstar?
        Looks like the Chi-Coms picked corruption Joe as their man. A vote for Joe is traitorous.

    • Don’t bet on it, Rob. In three weeks your worst nightmare will be revived and you will be in psychotherapy where you belong. And if the psychotropics don’t quell your deranged mind, I can get you a straightjacket in which to secure your tremors. I’ll even personally deliver it to your mother’s basement.

      • I’m an orphan so good luck with your stupidity. DJT is living proof that a con man does not have to be smart if his victims are stupid enough. Trump worship disables the brain. In a country with a sizable chunk of the populace gone mad with racist hate in the midst of a pandemic and a deranged president currently presiding over his crumbling grifter autocracy. If Trump spoke his mind he’d be speechless. TRUMP’S BIGGEST LIE is that he “fixed the economy.” In fact, he DESTROYED Obama’s booming economy. THE FACTS speak for themselves. Follow Ridin’ With Biden to defeat Trump!

      • Rob drank the whole koolaid pitcher. What a mixed-up person. What’s the matter fella? Even your parents disowned you. I’m guessing you dropped out of high school, about in your sophomore year. Get those anti-psychotic drugs in large quantities and get your dosage in the highest range. You’re gonna need them when Trump takes his oath again.

    • This “Rob” sounds like another sissified Democrat man. Wonder if he’d be willing to give us a last name? I’d love to meet another cowardly Trump hater, in person, where we can compare the size of our hands.

    • Dream on Trump hater. Gonna see another Tsunami like in 2016 that left you and your cronies speechless. He’s simply done too much good to be swept under the carpet as you and your leftist friends are won’t to do. You best prepare yourself for street fighting cause You got no friends in the suburbs or the rural areas. And you sure ain’t got many friends in Alaska!.

    • Biden is brain dead and they feed him words
      Trump may not be perfect but the Biden situation is dire he is an absolute idiot with dementia.

  2. Of course it’s against the rules to have a Conservative host the debate. I know there are plenty of people that would do a great job….I nominate Mike Porcaro.

  3. Democrats say after 1st debate, Biden should end all future debates, and blame it on Trump. Then Trump catches the China Virus and Biden, believing that Trump will be sick and will be unable to attend, says he is looking forward to the 2nd debate and he will attend whether Trump is well enough to be there or not. Then Trump gets well in 2 days, and now Democrats say uh oh, and deflect to say Biden will attend but only if it is held virtually (so Biden can be fed answers in his basement). Add to that, the host Steve Scully was an intern for Joe Biden and in Sen.Ted Kennedy’s media affairs office. With Chris Wallace and Susan Page, this will make three Democrat hosts in a row. But the Trump campaign stands up to these biased hosts regardless. But having Joe hide in the basement while being fed answers is a bridge too far.

  4. I will not be surprised to look back in a few months and recognize that September 29, 2020 may have been the beginning of the end of the Trump candidacy. The President did OK on substance and even made some good points. That said, his presentation was beyond horrible; he repelled many more undecided voters than he attracted. The idea, I thought, was to increase voter support and thereby win the election. The idea of a Biden-Harris administration chills me to the bone. It would have been nice if the Republican nominee could have also sought to avoid that outcome.

  5. I think of President Trump like Gen. George S Patton. Not too good in the public arena where being politically acceptable to the majority is everything. But there is no general the Germans feared more than Patton. As a warrior he had no equal among the allied generals of WW 2 and if he hadn’t been held back there would have been no Russians in Germany after the war.

  6. Rob is at it again. His comments continue to belittle anyone who disagrees with him and rarely touch on the subject of MRAK’s article. Surely there is a way that he can get the message that his posts go over the line and have no place in a productive dialogue.

  7. The name calling no doubt makes Rob wish he could be a member of the Trump Cult, because it would entitle him to be a real American. A man who won’t wear a mask, but attends protests with an AK 47 just in case he needs to shoot his way to get access to freedom. There will be no debate because the President has nothing to say but insults and lies. Is he for more economic assistance to businesses and people in need? Yes. No. Maybe. Huge. A little. He doesn’t know. So you sure don’t know what he belIeves either. He is a Cult leader, and if asked to drink the cool aid, most of the believers will do so happily. Rob won’t imbibe.

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