Candidate Tshibaka has raffle under way with a ticket to Mar-a-Lago as prize


Alaska Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka is holding a campaign raffle and the winner will have the opportunity to join her at Mar-a-Lago, where she is having a fundraiser with former President Donald Trump on Feb. 10. Tickets are $50 and are found at the campaign fundraising site. The deadline for purchasing a ticket is Jan. 27 at 11:59 pm.

One winner will be chosen by a random drawing on Jan. 28. That person will only be allowed to attend after a background check to ensure the safety and security of the event. 

Tshibaka, born and raised in Alaska, is a Republican who has the support of the Alaska Republican Party, is challenging Sen. Lisa Murkowski in this year’s election. Murkowski has been sanctioned by the party and asked to not run as a Republican.


    • Three, Frankie. Leeza has never been there and it may be her only chance to see what wealth earned on the private sector can do for hard working people.

      • So you’re saying Leeza is NOT on the take? And holding that against her?
        I’m pretty sure we don’t need any more corrupt politicians.

  1. Come see Donald Trump before he gets indicted! Get your mar a lago weddings in before the cockroaches take over.

    • Uhhh, sounds like a yes for John Saymore. All of these characters only dream that they were at Mar-a-lago, taking in the lavish sights and living their pretend world of extravagance. But since their own poor choices, unemployment, screwed-up social lives, lack of savings, drugging, and basic resentment towards successful men and women…….they choose to be mean and hostile. Life is short. Someone please get Saymore a ticket before he has stroke of envy.

      • Yup, poor guy, Jonesing to get a look at MAL. Probably just trying to make a decent living instead of wasting inherited money, grifting from gullible investors, and lying his way into public office.
        But, as Barnum said, there’s one born every minute

    • Oh how political can the DOJ be. Juat the political public service that Americans regard as corrupt because it is.

      • I’m going to assume your question is serious. Trump called Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and said: “So look. All I want to do is this. I just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have. Because we won the state.” That is a violation of state and federal laws.

        Plus as a private businessman, he misrepresented the value of some of his properties to the IRS, thus cheating you and me.

        • “So look. All I want to do is this. I just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have. Because we won the state.” That is a violation of state and federal laws.
          Not a direct quote. Taken completely out of context. If you actually read the transcript of the call you will find out that you have been had.
          Try and indict him on that. The case is flimsier than the russian collusion hoax.

          • It is a direct quote from audio tape. You can listen to it if you want to. The tape is all over the internet.

            What possible context could be good in this case? He tried to get the Georgia Secretary of State in charge of elections to falsify their election count so he could win the state.

            Whether you agree that’s something serious or not, it happened. So lying about it so blatantly is only going to backfire. And the fact that you need to lie about it suggests you do find it somewhat repuslive.

        • Oh… One more point.
          “That is a violation of state and federal laws.”
          Is a 100% guaranteed no questions asked impeachment in the House and conviction in the Senate. Pelosi knows it, Schumer knows it, and the Republicans know they would not be able to vote against it.
          Yet, none of them took this egregious violation of State and Federal laws and used it to remove Trump from office. Gee… .wonder why?

        • Context matters here.
          The full statement, from Trump in context:
          “And you are going to find that they are — which is totally illegal, it is more illegal for you than it is for them because, you know what they did and you’re not reporting it. That’s a criminal, that’s a criminal offense. And you can’t let that happen. That’s a big risk to you and to Ryan, your lawyer. And that’s a big risk. But they are shredding ballots, in my opinion, based on what I’ve heard. And they are removing machinery and they’re moving it as fast as they can, both of which are criminal finds. And you can’t let it happen and you are letting it happen. You know, I mean, I’m notifying you that you’re letting it happen. So look. All I want to do is this. I just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have because we won the state.”
          Perhaps read it a few times. At no point does Trump pressure the GA Sec of State to do anything illegal in any way. He is making a case that the count is questionable, he is asking the GA Sec of State to investigate. And… He is expressing a desire. He could have said “I want a pony.” and it would have placed just as much pressure on the GA sec of state to create votes.
          Perhaps you should actually read the transcript of the call, and understand the context. Oh, and do so without bias. Replace the word Trump with Biden, and see if you get the same meaning.

    • I have no inclination of visiting there but if you think Donald Trump is going to do any jail time you are surely mistaken. Do you think they want to risk him spouting off what he knows to the general public? I suspect the Kennedy assassination was because he was going rogue, and I wouldn’t put it past Hillary for trying to silence Trump. But it’s not going to happen anyway. This is all just smoke and mirrors probably for donations.

      • Greg, am I to believe Trump hasn’t already spouted off all he knows? What else could he possibly know? Like who killed Epstein?

        I suspect he will be indicted for crimes similar to his CFO Allen Weisselberg this year. 15 counts including conspiracy, grand larceny, multiple counts of tax fraud and falsifying business records. Hard to believe Trump isn’t directly involved in those charges. And I find it hard to believe Weisselberg wants to spend the rest of his life in prison just to spare his longtime boss a similar fate. Who knows? Maybe it will all blow over and Trump will run again in 2024.

  2. Thanks, no. I hope you beat the Princess like a rented mule (at the ballot box), but it’s past time Trump set off the stage.
    Policy wise he was a great President, but his presence is distracting and fueling the left.

  3. Will the winner be required to take the Mark Of the Beast (Clot Shot) before being cleared to attend the event? Asking for a friend.

  4. Will the “campaign raffle” be a random drawing done in public? Or behind closed doors to ensure an acceptable “winner” (even before the background check)?


    Will the “winner” have to pay for roundtrip travel to Florida and mar-a-lago? Or will this be provided to the “winner”?


    While in Florida, will the “winner” have to pay for lodging? Or will this be provided to the “winner”?


    What are the anti-scam provisions in place?

  5. Looks like Kelly is fishing to become part of the best government money can buy. Or maybe the worst. Time will tell. Let me know if you want to place your bets.
    Kelly may have been born and raised in Alaska, but she has spent the majority of her professional career as a Washington insider. Sure, she’s been here long enough to run for the Senate (as opposed to the senate), but I was born and raised a Minnesotan, and that doesn’t mean I know what MN wants or needs now. Plus, she never would have come here if her husband hadn’t become a Dunleavy operative. (BTW, where was he born and raised? And how old is he? And what are his qualifications for the job that he gets six figures of your not-tax-paid-for dollars? And would he have got the job if he weren’t married to Kelly?) Or maybe he wouldn’t have come here if Kelly weren’t running for the Senate.
    Anyhoo, it looks like Kelly is being taken for a ride Trump. I understand SHE is paying for the festivities @ Mar A Lago, which is an unusual arrangement if one is invited somewhere. So, Trump is charging for his endorsement. Dunleavy might want to tap into that reverse arrangement if he wants to keep Mr. DJT endorsing him. But he might want to get that endorsement in writing. And certified.
    C’mon Alaskans, don’t get played for suckers. This is clearly a GOP ploy to put an operative into the US Senate who will buckle to the Trump party’s every design. The one thing that sets Murkowski apart is that she is a REAL Republican, and she’s actually working for the PEOPLE of Alaska, not just the AK GOP. (In case you didn’t know, that’s a GOOD thing.)
    On the other hand, if you think Trump is the bees knees, then Kelly is your man. Um, woman.

    • The best government that money can buy is apparently part of the Murkowski trademark. When an entire family can mooch off the taxpayers and proletariat for 42 years and still wear their royal crowns shamelessly, government for and by the people becomes a pathway to total hypocracy and treason for the royals. The Murkowski brand is not unlike the Biden brand. Over the decades politics becomes a blur of party differentials and is replaced by greed and entitlement. Get me a book of tickets, Kelly.

    • Ha, your funny. If Murky is a real republican, I want nothing to do with republicans. Literally, anyone but Murky. Anyone… I would vote backside Berky or Begich over Murky. I would put Murky as 5th in a list of 4……

    • Why the F should I care where someone was born?
      When Hillary ran for Senate in NY State, no one batted an eye, or questioned her place of birth. In fact, “I have always felt like a NYer” was good enough for the leftists to elect her.
      The question is not where the politician was born, but whether they support the policies you agree with.

  6. To earn Trump’s endorsement, Tshibaka has endorsed his widely-ridiculed and utterly baseless claims that he won the last election, but his victory was stolen from him by widespread voter fraud. What should Alaskans think about a candidate who has.shown herself willing to say things that are clearly false in order to win the approval of a disgraced former president Trump who tried to stage a coup and who doesn’t know or care about Alaska? She seems to have placed her bet on Trump being the future of the Republican Party. I certainly hope she is wrong.

    • She’s right. YOU are wrong, Rick. Whatsamatter? You Lefties seem petrified of Kelly T. Did all you Commies and America Haters signal each other this morning on Instagram and Twitter?

      • Marla: Tshibaka is CLEARLY a grifter, everything in her resume points to that. There is no question. And to suck up to the likes of Trump shows extraordinary cluelessness. She speaks in tongues! Have you ever seen and heard someone speak in tongues? It’s proof she doesn’t have an evidence-based world view and will believe ANY dang thing.

        • Evan, if your comment above is true, perhaps you and Kelly T have more in common then you know?
          And BTW given your long study of Anthropology, surely you have been exposed to many cultural differences. I thought lib’s, so called celebrated diversity? Honestly Evan, how is mindless and constant spouting of Chuck Schumer ‘s talking points differ from Kelly T’s speaking in tongues?

      • I’m not a leftie just because I won ‘t vote for Trump. He is a dishonest crook who incited an attack on the Capital based on the lie that he won an election that he lost by over 7 million votes. Wake up and smell the coffee Marla. Do you think he’ll do better in the next election if he runs again? He isn’t electable and those who continue to debase themselves by groveling for his endorsement won’t get my vote or those of most people.

        • All that may be true but I can see that Trump still scares you. He’s scared a lot of people enough that the election could have been stolen. They were good at covering their tracks if they did it but it doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen.

        • Where did all of these brainwashed Leftists come from? Are they all government employees with nothing to do at work?

        • Tell me you are a leftie while NOT saying you are a leftie.
          “…who incited an attack on the Capital based on the lie that he won an election that he lost by over 7 million votes.”
          We have a winner.

          • CB: This is a true statement: “…who incited an attack on the Capital based on the lie that he won an election that he lost by over 7 million votes.” To believe it, you don’t have to be Left or Right, just intelligent and not blindly partisan.

          • Winning the popular vote is meaningless for a Presidential election. If you paid attention in HS Civics, you would know that.
            And, it is only the leftists that are pushing the “incited a riot” as there are no direct cause effect connections between Trump’s statements and the riot.
            You do not have to be a leftie or a rightie to know inciting a riot needs to pass a test of reasonableness, and nothing Trump did passes that test.

  7. 9. DETERMINATION OF WINNER: One (1) potential winner will be chosen by a random drawing from all eligible entries to be held by the Kelly for Alaska on January 28, 2022. Sponsor may, at its discretion, conduct a background check on each potential winner. Sponsor reserves the right to disqualify any potential winner from receiving the Prize based on such background check if Sponsor determines, in its sole discretion, that awarding the Prize to such potential winner could result in a safety or security risk to any person or persons or could result in the disruption of any event associated with the Promotion. Sponsor will, in its sole discretion, then select a winner from the list of eligible potential winners on the basis of criteria determined and applied by Sponsor to provide for an appropriate range of views, backgrounds, and interests. The winner will be notified by phone or email on January 28, 2022. In the event that not enough potential winners respond to Sponsor’s attempts to contact them or are otherwise disqualified such that Sponsor is unable to award the Prize, Sponsor may select additional potential winners by random drawing from remaining eligible entries.
    So Kelly is going to do a background check on the random winner. If they do not like you, you are out. Than they will award to someone they choose. Clearly they are not looking for a range of views.
    Great way to throw out $50.

  8. No particular interest in traveling to Florida or rubbing shoulders at M-a-L, but I’d happily contribute $$ to Ms. Tshibaka’s campaign…of the two candidates, she’s clearly the only one that would not support the wholesale rush by the current House / President / 50% Senate to take from the productive and give to the aggressively and willingly non-productive.

  9. If any Alaskan wins this prize send suzanne downing, then through mrak we will all get a glimpse into the event and the whose who that is controlling our lives. Besides, Trump probably would like to meet the writer of mrak, who is annoying the democrat/republican bureaucratic establishment up in the far north.

  10. First prize: One week in Mar-a-Lago.

    Second prize: Two weeks in Mar-a-Lago.

    Nothing but Dictator Chic and sycophants to be found there…

    • Yeah, but say nothing of the revolving doors of the White House during the Clinton and Obama years….Rumor had it that a night in the Lincoln bedroom was up for grabs for the “right donor or celebrity” and the taxpayer got to foot the bill. At least this time there is a choice, if one wants to contribute or not.

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