Countdown to Anchorage redistricting


People have 10 days left to submit their own draft political boundary maps for the Municipality of Anchorage. The Anchorage Assembly has provided its own draft maps for the new Assembly boundaries in Anchorage, a process that takes place after state redistricting is completed.

The Assembly’s redistricting committee is led by Assemblyman Chris Constant. The schedule for the deliberation and adoption of the new maps is:

Jan 20: Deadline for submission of third-party maps (5 pm)

Jan 26: Town Hall-Virtual 

Jan 27: Town Hall-Loussac Library at 36th and Denali

Jan 28: Committee Meeting: review Town Hall feedback 

Feb 15: Assembly Meeting: introduce proposed plan 

Feb 24: Assembly Meeting: 1st public hearing

Feb 25: Assembly Work session

Mar 1: Assembly Meeting: 2nd public hearing, deliberation, plan adoption

The first round of draft maps for the Anchorage reapportionment can be found at

This Reapportionment will include a new 12th Assembly seat that was approved by Anchorage voters in 2020.

Due to the late completion of the U.S. Census, and therefore the State redistricting plan, the Anchorage reapportionment will not be completed in time for the upcoming election, so the final adopted plan will go into effect for elections occurring after April 2022.


  1. I find it amusing how far out into the tidal waters of Cook Inlet and Turnagain Arm these proposed districts extend. Certainly we would not want to deprive all the inhabitants of Fire Island and the Turnagain mud flats of their proper municipal representation!

    • Interesting questions since the State or the US usually has control over navigable waters to MHW (vegetation line). It appears the MOA boundaries extend to Mean Low Water and covers Fire Island. This does allow MOA to assess property taxes on CIRI’s Fire Island Wind Farm.

  2. I don’t like the timeline. Who dictated that? Cut the city off at Girdwood. Apportion the rest to Whittier. Or no borough. It is rural and should have the same rights as the Chignik(s) or Tuntatuliak. Anchorage doesn’t have a clue.

    • What’s the deal with the state redistrict law suits. Seems the appointed committee did there job. The maps are ok and we need better representation maybe term limits where you can’t serve more than two consecutive terms as a senator or no more than ten years five terms as a representative..:Maybe we can put this in at the constitutional convention when we fix the PFD… good luck with the maps in Anchorage…

    • The Assembly needs the money it can squeeze out of the rich yuppies and millennials who own property in Girdwood. It’s become the hillside with a ski slope.

      Socialists need their money to fund the homeless, drag queen story time, and porn access in libraries. Plus rigging elections ain’t cheap

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