Can companies force workers to get Covid vaccine as a condition of employment?


The memo from Alaska Industrial Hardware makes it clear: All employees shall be vaccinated against Covid-19 by August. Or else.

Alaska Industrial Hardware is a subsidiary of Bering Straits Native Corporation, which states that the vaccination is “necessary for BSNC’s long-term continuity, the health and well-being of employees, and an important health and safety measure toward ending the pandemic. The CDC has determined that COVID-10 vaccines are safe and highly effective in preventing the spread of COVID 19 and recommends that, with few exceptions, everyone should get vaccinated in order to prevent serious, life-threatening complications from COVID-19.”

With that, the BSNC board of directors mandated all employees of the BSNC companies be vaccinated immediately, unless a “reasonable accommodation” is approved. Those employees out of compliance by Aug. 1, 2021 will be placed on unpaid leave.

Rep. David Eastman tried to have the Alaska House of Representatives consider a “sense of the House” on whether mandatory vaccinations should be allowed in Alaska as a condition of employment. His efforts fell short after Speaker Louise Stutes shut him down and referred the matter to several committees for what is known as “death by committee.”

Vaccine passports are widely debated for travel and for participation in large-scale events such as concerts and sports competitions. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has ordered their use.

Last month, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed an executive order banning the use of vaccine passports to restrict admissions to sites including movie theaters, sporting events, theme parks and airplanes.

“It’s completely unacceptable for either the government or the private sector to impose upon you the requirement that you show proof of vaccine to just simply be able to participate in normal society,” he said. He pointed out the privacy concerns over corporations having access to vaccine data.

“You want the fox to guard the henhouse?” he said. “Give me a break.”


  1. Apparently AIH and BSNC have never heard of this thingy called HIPAA?
    Demanding to see one’s personal medical records is against the law.

  2. This is one of my fears, working for a ‘woke’ corporation. Good for Rep Eastman and we need to inundate our representatives to actually do something to protect our rights rather than just waste our money.

  3. According to an earlier post on FB this evening,, the MOA Covid response office is starting to call Alaskans who have not yet received a vaccination. They say the state of Alaska made records available to them of Alaskans who have not yet received a vaccine. This sounds like a violation of everyone’s privacy to me. Are we going to stand for this?!?!

  4. Hmmm… seems the AIH higher ups didn’t read the Nuremberg Code nor understand that this Jab ain’t a vaccine but an EXPERIMENTAL biometric drug that until approved by the FDA, is unconstitutional to mandate. Another little caveat is that we are all supposed to have “informed consent” on what is being administered. But, how can that be when all the ingredients of the biometric drug have not been released to the public? Use those little fingers and let them do some walking on the research part. There are MANY doctors telling people to not take the jab but Fb, google and some others are silencing their voices off their platforms. Why??? Let’s have a debate. Let’s hear the otherside!!!
    Tell AIH to take a hike. I have a feeling we’ll be having to boycott many companies because of this.
    Seriously, the Biden administration knows this and is the reason they will not go this direction so they are counting on companies to do their dirty work.
    Where is the ACLU on this subject?

  5. It’s not an approved vaccine, it’s an experimental drug allowed to be used on an Emergency Use Basis. What this corporation is attempting to do is force all their employees to participate in an experimental drug program without full information and consent in violation of Federal Law. They will loose badly and the employees with collect compensation in the end.

  6. Good. Vaccines are required for kids to go to school, military requires them, you have to have them to travel overseas.

    The GOP just wants to create another wedge issues to divide Americans. The GOP and Trump made the virus a political issue that has lead to over 550,000 American deaths.

    The GOP is big on backing business when it suites them but when business demands everyone that they employ is vaccinated they all of sudden become Big Brother.

    Alaska does not need to become Florida.

  7. I would think that this violates HIPAA on more than one level. Now that we know that the vaccine isn’t an end-all to the virus-that-shall-remain-unnamed (one can get reinfected after being vaccinated), what’s the reason for forcing an employee to get it? For BSNC, the money talks and the BS walks. Sad that the employees of AIH have that hanging over their heads.

  8. Can companies force workers to get an experimental vaccine the likes human beings have never been injected with? The same type of vaccine that was 100% fatal in all trial animals? A vaccine for a virus that is 99.8% survivable pushed by a man who openly admits he is in favor of the depopulation of earth? For a virus that was very obviously made for a planed vote by mail fraudulent election that has resulted in the most censorship, dictatorship and communist reich the United States has ever seen? as a condition of employment?
    Event 201
    Agenda 21

  9. We might as well live under NAZI dictators as submit to Unconstitutional Dictates’, or E.O.’s called Mandates. When I arrived in the U.S.A. it was lovingly called the land of the free and the home of the brave. Now due to Socialist Usurpation of our freedoms we are becoming the land of the scared and the anxiously trembling and Hypnotized. Have faith my fellow Americans in the wisdom of the God who made us. Without a Mask, He Placed us Naked upon the earth, and commanded us to Go Forth Increase and Multiply. Staying six feet apart we could never obey Him. It was Lucifer who told Adam and Eve to go cover yourselves, Father will see your nakedness. The great spoiler is still destroying man’s live on earth.

  10. I’d be looking for a different job and talking to lawyers. How on earth can people be forced to have a medical procedure? What in the hell is going on here.

  11. Bad move Bering Straits Native Corporation , if anything goes wrong from the vaccine (infertility cancer, autoimmune diseases) your company will be open to lawsuits. Why would you take on a risk the vaccine manufacturers would not? The share holders need a new board ASAP.

    The vaccine companies are indemnified from damages. That means if the vaccine is found to be harmful they can not be sued. Pfizer could make 15 billion dollars this year from the COVID vaccine alone.

  12. I’ve read it not legal, because it’s not yet a vaccin. It has been authorized under a type of emergency order. The military was not able to force its service members to take the V because of this.
    If forced, BSNC should be liable for any short or long term reactions that may occur from the injection.
    Long term trials on ferrets became short term trials, because they didn’t survive.
    Recipients of the V are now testing the RNA experiment. You’d have to be in Nazi Germany to find human testing on this scale.
    Doctors are concerned this V may lead to a rise in cancers and autoimmune disease. BSNC may want you reconsider mandatory compliance.

  13. The Jury is still out and there’s a substantial divergence of opinion among experts in their fields concerning the safety and efficacy of these Experimental Vaccines. They have not yet been approved by the FDA and have not undergone testing regarding their long term side effects!
    The Pharmaceutical Companies are Immune from Any Liability, be it death or debilitating injuries caused by these experimental vaccines, and this alone should be a huge Red Flag for everyone! If these vaccines are as safe as they claim they are why did they insist on having complete immunity from prosecution or liability in their use?
    Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and his non profit, Children’s Health Defense has done a fine job of exposing the truth about vaccine injuries that the powerful Pharmaceutical Companies have done their best to conceal from the public. He has stated that it is a “Violation of Federal Law: (21 U.S.C. 360bbb – 3(e)(1) (A)(ii)(III) to force anyone to take a vaccine approved under an Experimental Use Authorization!

  14. Looks like it’s time for an exclusive old time Alaskan boycott, this goes against every moral objective of individual choice

  15. Certain needs to be a class action, with HIPAA spearheading it. Covid is the biggest HIPAA violation of our time (so far).

  16. This is tragic. A.I.H has over the years become an indispensable tool supplier for many in the Construction industry in Alaska. Sadly I will take my business elsewhere if A.I.H. forces this violation of human rights upon its employees.

  17. Sadly, that’s what BSNC is looking for: a lawsuit. Given the outcome of suits against California’s SB277, its a slam dunk for corporate mandates. Once it clears the court hurdle, the corporations will effectively own our bodies. Slavery in all but name.

  18. If there was real data showing the vaccine works it might be understandable. But right now MSM is pushing “strains” from S. Africa, Brazil, UK, and other locales which supposedly are here now. The CDC is demanding Michigan lock down again. They say until we have 100% compliance on the vaccine we will continue to be locked down and have mandates. Meanwhile, thousands stream across our southern border with no testing, no vaccines, and the only ones wearing masks are the smugglers.

  19. The traditional High-cast Native families usually had autocratic authority over their tribal affairs … very similar to a plutocracy. This has been carried over into many of the Alaska Native corporations.
    The lower casts may make “suggestions” and have some right to be informed, but that’s about the extent of it.
    The Bering Straits Native Corporation leadership has made this decision, most likely without consulting their membership.
    Sue them individually because they don’t have any qualified immunity, and it is doubtful that their corporate bylaws indemnify them for unconstitutional acts. If you sue the corporation, it has too many lawyers. You will either lose, or they will keep you in court for decades..

  20. With only 30% of Alaskans willing to risk their long term health by injecting a vaccine that is not FDA approved, is still in clinical trials, has an efficacy term of perhaps less then 6 months & has liability protections in place for the vaccine makers, the powers that be have to come up with some means of ginning up the vaccine numbers.

  21. I used to work in a Child care center here in Anchorage. My condition of employment was I had to have Hep A&B, Measles, flu etc…

    I was not forced to work there, it was just the condition of employment

  22. Funny how the Anchorage hospitals ARE NOT mandating COVID-19 shots for their medical staff……… Wonder why?

  23. So the Left wants to stop funding the police. Who’s going to be the enforcer gathering you up, then handcuffing you so they can inject you with this scary shot? Then, because you were not compliant, they throw you in jail.
    Again I say please knock.
    Armed Alaskan

  24. I smell a lawsuit. Sounds like a great time to get ordained and use it on the grounds of religious freedom.

  25. More people are dropping dead from these shots daily as the media refuses to cover the facts. CNN’s legal consultant recently died in good health at the age of 47 almost 100 days after the shot, DMX (the rapper) died recently after getting the shot and the family is now considering a lawsuit for the media falsely reporting cause of death a drug overdose. The family of DMX said the only drug in his system was the vaccine! A 27 year old doctor from the Chicago area, in good health, dropped dead suddenly. Cause of death being reported as unknown; however, he too took the shot. There are thousands of these cases popping up all over the U.S. Wake up people and use your brains for once and stop being sheep. Just because you took the shot and have been walking around feeling fine, doesn’t mean you won’t die suddenly down the road from unknown complications. You have no idea what will happen to you in the years to come because of these injections and neither do the so called “experts.” Covid vaccine recipients are nothing more than guinea pigs and lab rats. Plus mRNA gene therapy treatments are known to cause cancer. That is why they could never make it past animal trials but until recently with the emergency use for COVID, a disease you have a 98.9% of surviving if you catch it. These shot are 100% experimental and everyone who has taken it is only participating in the 3rd and 4th stage of human clinical trials. People think that requiring vaccines isn’t tyrannical but in reality it is 100% tyrannical. Stop being afraid and resist these tyrants and stand up for yourselves! Stand up now or die later. The choice is yours.

  26. Condition of employment. Condition of employment says that you do not get high or drunk at work. No one says you are forced to work under those conditions, it is your choice.

  27. Florida is a different state than dependent Alaska. I would be encouraged seeing an executive order written banning mandatory vaccines.

    I have half and half feelings.

    Nothing good ever came about when coercion had to be used.

  28. Being vaccinated as a condition of employment differs from being forced to be vaccinated with an experimental vaccine under the threat of being terminated from employment.

  29. HARBORGUY: Amazing how statistics get manipulated to fit a particular agenda. While any death is tragic, there are 2 million plus seniors over the age of 65 that die each year in the US. Of positive COVID cases, at least 80% are over the age of 85. Anytime a positive COVID test is recorded, it becomes a COVID death, regardless of the actual cause. It’s referred to as “comorbidity”.

  30. SMONARCH, isn’t it funny that someone running into a wall at 70mph on a motorcycle, but testing positive on autopsy for COVID, is listed as a COVID statistic; while young people dropping over after taking the vaccine have no relation to it as the cause? Remember, mayor hyphen demands 70%.

  31. I believe the persons involved are cancelling the Constitution. I believe the NSA is aware of funds moved and by whom. Very harmful economic behavior.

  32. Harbor Guy, I find it amazing that you refer to the m-RNA shot as a vaccine. It is not. Perhaps you should investigate what this is and how it works, or doesn’t work. I will clue you in on one fact, the only immunity surrounding this EXPERIMENTAL shot , is the immunity big drug corporations enjoy from lawsuits arising from those patients who have suffered harm and or death from this shot.

  33. Hey Harbor person, even the military is not mandating the China Flu vaccine. If the military can’t mandate then neither can a private company.

    I guess since you never served and never will, you would not know.

    AIH, I won’t shop there either now.

  34. As far as adults are concerned, if a person doesn’t want the vaccine, why is it an issue? The vaccine-haters are the ones at risk, not those who have been vaccinated. As long as all have had access to the vaccine, after that, it’s on them. Why does every issue under the sun have to be a point of contention when it doesn’t have to be? If they get sick and die, the vaccine pushers can gleefully puff and posture about how wise they were, and those of us who really don’t want to play God or Nero and who got vaccinated can shrug and continue on with our lives.

  35. I believe that I seen an article on this, that it goes against federal law to force any individual to take an experimental vaccine.

  36. I was not aware AIH is now owned by a native corporation! They were employee owned, after the founder retired or passed away? Am I remembering that correctly? When were they purchased by BSNC? Beside the point though and pretty chilling any company would require.

  37. RD, I used to work in a hospital setting and just like for you, it was required to have a hepatitis vaccine and TB test. The difference is, I knew that was required BEFORE I hired on and it made sense for a hospital or in your case a daycare. At the same time flu shot where offered each year, but not required!
    AIH deals in hardware. I bet they did not mandate for everyone to get a flu shot last year, so what’s different? For an employer to willy-nilly demand you submit to medical treatment, is a slippery slope indeed. Why stop with a covid vaccine? Why not install a health monitor and have weekly weigh-ins and mandatory diets for those considered too rotund? Or how about a demand to advise them if you own a firearm of any kind, attended a recent assembly meeting or heaven forbid play hockey….
    Goodbye Land of the Free!!

  38. HARBORGUY: The military is not required to get the vaccine, it is voluntary, as it should be until it is a proven vaccine.

  39. US airlines are not making vaccination mandatory for their employees, for fear of liability down the road, but they are using every lever they can to make it happen. It won’t be long and pilots won’t be able to fly to certain countries without proof of vaccination.

  40. Hospitals do this all time. They require a flu vaccine for nurses and doctors, but make it “optional” with the caveat that if you do not get vaccinated you must wear a mask at all times when dealing with patients. Fair enough, same should be done by these companies. Vaccinate or mask up.

  41. It’s called a class action lawsuit taken up on the state Supreme Court, case law has already been established

  42. It amazes me how ignorant some of these posts are. It is very easy to see who hasn’t a clue as to the state constitution and the federal constitution nor the Nuremberg treaty re ratified in the United States in 2009.

  43. If any employee has a negative reaction, such as the recent blood clot issues and other severe allergic reactions, BBNC’s Workers Compensation will be liable. Unless BBNC is self-insured, significant issues could increase WC costs for other employers. Do we really want employers and corporations to have control over individual health care decisions?

  44. Let’s see: Denali Industrial, Fire & Fastener, SBS, etc.

    Very sad to see (been an “AIH” customer since the mid-70’s) but there’s options. It ain’t the same AIH anyway……

  45. How does the trump supporters feel about Trump and his wife getting vaccinated?

    Regardless what folks believe business can and will require vaccination for employment and none of you can do anything about it. You can boycott until hades freezes over but I doubt AIH really cares. ‘

    The military will require the vaccination at some point.

    All you nut jobs can rationalize some excuse for the death of 550000 Americans , more deaths than we suffered in all the war combined since the civil war.

    It just goes to show you how selfish you people are.

  46. 550,000 is a large number. It is not even close to the war dead though. Get your facts straight. You cannot force vaccinations. Is it a good idea to protect yourself? Yes. Forced, no.

  47. I heard Sealaska Heritage is also moving to require their employees to get a shot, and I believe SEARHC already has as well. How this is not illegal is beyond me. It is absolutely unethical to require a person to have an experimental substance injected into their body as a condition of employment! Especially for a virus that has well over 99% recovery rate and is absolutely treatable with time-tested, safe medications. (Tune in online to this weekend’s Health & Freedom Conference for LOTS more information.) I would love to see people fight this and win. Training employees is a huge expense in both time and money; if enough people refuse the shot and walk, these companies would lose a lot of money…and they should.

  48. I am really sick and tired of people being labeled “selfish”,”stupid” or “ignorant” because they make a different choice. I guess it never occurred to the name callers, that these individuals studied the facts and do not see this virus as the Armageddon it has been portrayed to be. With a very high survival rate and many individuals, who did not even know they were infected, it is understandable that one would weigh the risk of getting Covid as much less, than unknown effects of a vaccine that has no track record.
    Ironically our more liberal brethren, who lectures us on merits of Non-GMO, the dangers of high-fructose corn syrup, demand we eat all natural and pesticide free organic….have no problem exposing their bodies to a vaccine that really isn’t a vaccine….

  49. AFH, those are the next to last line of a progressive when there is no intelligence or logic to their argument. Their last line is to scream racist, racist! It does get tiresome dealing with them.

  50. Time to say “goodbye” to all businesses owned by BBNC. All commenters who disagree with the actions of BBNC should vote with their dollars and shop elsewhere. Get Woke, Go Broke.

  51. The ‘vaccine’ apparently does nothing to keep people from spreading Covid. So why should employers require it? The vaccines are still not FDA approved. They have been deployed under “emergency use authorization” only. There is a reason for this. Nobody knows how safe they actually are, especially over the long term. Every year there are an average of 4,500 approved drugs and medical devices that have to be removed from use because they turned out to be dangerous. Watch daytime tv for 15 minutes and you’ll see at least 1 commercial for some law firm that will help you sue the drug or device maker that had products approved by science and doctors that were considered safe until they weren’t. Well Covid vaccine makers got themselves a nice little exemption from this from Congress. But if my employer or wife’s employer forces us to vaccinate and one of us is harmed or dies from it there’s no protection for them. You forced people to receive an experimental gene therapy masquerading as a vaccine in order to keep the job they need to survive. And for what? For nothing. The vaccinated are still spreading Covid. You are going to sued buddy. Virtue signal with your own body.

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