Bronson increases lead, now up over 1,200 over Dunbar for Anchorage mayor


More ballots were counted on Monday, increasing the lead of Dave Bronson to nearly 2 percentage points above Forrest Dunbar. As of 5 pm, Bronson has a 1,241 vote lead, 21,807 to 20,566.

So far, 65,973 votes have been counted in the April 6 race. The election officials counted 6,701 votes today.

In the Anchorage School Board race for Seat B, Kelly Lessens leads Judy Eledge by just 92 votes, as conservative ballots, cast toward the end of the election cycle, continue to eat away at Lessens’ advantage. That race may be subject to a recount.

Of the ballots received so far, there are 6,846 left to count. The deadline for mail-in ballots to arrive is April 16, and certification of the election is April 20.

In other campaign news, the Dunbar campaign filed a campaign finance complaint against the Bronson campaign, in which it claimed that a loose-knit Facebook group called “Save Anchorage” is a dark-money group.


  1. It should be expected that Dunbar and his cronies will come up with numerous reasons to make the system look foolish.

  2. Loser “Dark money” hahaha nah you suck as an assembly member and you’ll suck more as mayor, people don’t want to live in North Korea. We live in North America get that right Dunbar. By the way your lower 48 “dark money” didn’t help as much as you would like huh.

  3. Dunbar is grasping for straws He knows he will not be Mayor. Time for you to pack your bags and leave Alaska little boy.

  4. Another Cry Baby 😭
    Your a loser, Dunbar
    Go to your bunker/cry room and stay there.
    People we need to stay strong getting out the votes, in the runoff election.
    Vote Bronson.

  5. So Dunbar files a complaint against Bronson for a group on Facebook who they say is”dark money!”
    That truly is laughable. What would Dunbar call all that union money? Light money?

  6. I get up this morning and begin scrolling through the many news sites that I keep bookmarked on my computer, and the first thing I see is that Dunbar has filed a complaint with APOC against the Bronson campaign, alleging all kinds of campaign financial wrong doing.
    I am sure that everyone is as shocked as I am that Dunbar is a sore loser, and is trying to obfuscate the issues by filing what will surely be proven by Bronson’s team, to be false allegations, as he petulantly lashes out and is having a tantrum……

  7. Just my opinion but the mayor extending the “emergency orders” has handed the run off election to Bronson. Talk about divorced from reality.

  8. Dark money??? I don’t think George Soros donated to the Bronson campaign. Its not over yet but it appears Dunbar’s ballot harvesters haven’t been doing their job.

  9. Dunbar got a lot of his money from the outside, how dare he accuse Bronson from receiving money within Alaska. He had a lot of his buddies from California and unions and who knows who else …

  10. And the pot is calling the kettle black with “dark money” accusations! Tell us Forrest where all that Comie-California money is coming from would you?

  11. Forrest, put on your high heels and accept the prize of “Ms. Congeniality.”
    It’s all you will get.😘

  12. Hmm Bronson losing after the first day, then getting votes and taking the lead a week later? This sounds alot like Biden and “finding” ballots at night to get him over. Either that or the Dominion machines.

  13. Remarkable that Dunbar, who took loads of cash from California, would consider a local grass-roots movement that is totally open about its finances to be “dark money.” What is it with “progressives” and their projection?

  14. We need to vote again and make sure the balleot harvest does not work against us. The Dunbar group should not be taken lightly as the charges he filed shows he is in it for the power and money. Vote Dunbar out of town, along with his dark money crowd.

  15. No, mike. It’s called conservatives voting on Election Day. Ya know, they way it’s supposed to be done.

  16. In other campaign news, the Dunbar campaign filed a campaign finance complaint against the Bronson campaign, in which it claimed that a loose-knit Facebook group called “Save Anchorage” is a dark-money group. A Democrat complaining about “dark” money. I thought not accepting election results was wrong. But if you are a Democrat you can flout the rules- no special election in the allotted time to pick a mayor, a illegal mayor also holding a assembly seat, collecting signatures out of state for a initiative against the rules etc etc……

  17. If Dunbar is against “Dark Money” in Alaskan politics, where was his voice complaining about Prop 2 last time around, when Ranked Choice Voting was foisted upon us?

    0.3% of the funding for the Proposition came from within Alaska. 99.7% came from Dark Money sources outside the state.

    Hello? Forrest? Were you asleep, or are you a hypocrite?

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