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Busted: Anchorage police announce major crime sweep involving nine agencies working together

Criminals are being taken off the streets of Anchorage by the dozens. From July 19 through July 21, a timeframe that includes the incidence of the felon who shot an Anchorage police officer, nine agencies joined together for an Anchorage-wide crime suppression sweep with a focus on violent offenders.

Those efforts resulted in the seizure of multiple drugs, four firearms (one that had been reported as stolen), and $3,800 cash. 23 felony warrants and 35 misdemeanor warrants were served, 11 new felony charges were filed, and 29 new misdemeanor charges were filed.

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The Anchorage Police Department, Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Marshals, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, Alaska State Troopers, Wasilla Police Department, Palmer Police Department, Drug Enforcement Administration, and the U.S. Postal Inspectors participated. Regardless of which agency handled the paperwork and drew the case number, representatives from several different agencies were involved in each case. 

 “The cooperation of law enforcement agencies at all levels (federal, state, and local) is paramount to strengthening crime prevention efforts and increasing public safety.  This collaboration locally was highlighted in last week’s operation,” said Anchorage Police Chief Michael Kerle. “Working together we strived to reduce the crime rate and minimize the impact of criminal activity on families, our youth, and every member of this great community.”

The following are some highlights from the arrests made:

APD Case 22-23385:

A traffic stop was conducted on a vehicle at E 11th Avenue and Hyder Street that had illegally tinted windows and no license plates.  The driver, 23-year-old Issac J. Maeva, was charged with Misconduct Involving a Weapon II – Drug Crime, Misconduct Involving a Controlled Substance III, and Violate Conditions of Release. He was remanded at the jail on an outstanding warrant. The passenger, 24-year-old Sophia I. A. Belton, was remanded at Hiland Correctional for Misconduct Involving a Controlled Substance IV.

AST Case AK22073721:

A traffic stop was conducted at Debarr Road and Muldoon Road on a vehicle with illegally tinted windows.  The driver, 32-year-old Jeramie D. Ghrames, was arrested for Driving with a Cancelled License (DWLC). A bag from inside the vehicle was seized as evidence and subsequently searched once a search warrant was obtained.  Inside the bag was a stolen handgun.  Ghrames was additionally charged with Misconduct Involving a Weapon III – Felon in Possession and Theft II.  Ghrames was also on the Scofflaw List (multiple unpaid traffic citations) for over $3,500; the vehicle was impounded.

APD Case 22-23506:

A traffic stop was conducted at W 36th Avenue and Oregon Drive on a vehicle with illegally tinted windows.  The driver, 36-year-old Fale J. Moevao, advised officers there was a BB gun between the driver’s seat and middle console.  Officers located the weapon and determined it was a loaded handgun. The rest of the vehicle was searched once a search warrant was obtained.  Moevao was remanded at the Anchorage Jail on the charges of Driving with a Revoked License (DWLR) and Misconduct Involving a Weapon III – Felon in Possession.

APD Case 22-23646:

Officers contacted 31-year-old Albert P. Berry at W 9th Avenue and D Street; he had a misdemeanor warrant. Berry physically resisted during the handcuffing process, and he provided a name that was not his own.  Pre-trial Officers arrived at the scene and advised Berry had cut off his ankle monitor.  Ultimately Berry was remanded at the Anchorage Jail on the charges of Criminal Mischief III, two counts of Violate Conditions of Release, Resisting, Escape III, and False Information.

Not included in the sweep report, but arrested while he was on the lam inside the Centennial Campground, Iese Gali Jr. was charged last week with attempted murder in the first degree of a police officer, assault in the first degree of a police officer, assault in the third degree of a police officer, and misconduct involving weapons in the third degree. The charges follow an incident that took place at the Centennial Park Campground on July 20, when officers attempted to contact Gali, who was wanted on a separate charge of evading law enforcement. A massive police presence descended on the campground after Gali pulled a gun and shot one of the officers in the abdomen.

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Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. We want and we need “Body Cams” on police officers. Body Cams help tell the story. And far more accurate than we get through news. Body Cams….lets get on with the officer’s uniform requirement that the unions are scared to death of that reality and what body cams will produce, legitimately, on each officer, each shift and all activities of the officer.

    • The criminals and those that make excuses for them are scared to death of body cams. The police union is no where near as terrified.
      Every time an “aspiring rapper” who just happens to be turning his life around, gets ventilated during a confrontation with a police officer, cries of racism spring up like dandelions after a rain. And, when the body camera video is released, those cries seem to dissipate …quickly.

      • Well maybe cops should stop being murderous psychopaths, infact all Americans need to take the psychopathic disposition down a notch or twelve. Americans are crazy egomaniacs who think we all live in the same reality where everyone has same circumstances. Quit promoting bullying by denying it’s existence.

    • DK, Nothing is stopping you from wearing a body cam, right? Everyone old enough to be potty trained has a cell phone in their hands now days, capable of high resolution pictures and videos. Meaning that if the cops are out thumping people and getting some Street justice we should have ample evidence of their behavior I would think. I think a better question for you is would you wear a body cam at work?

    • We don’t need them we need stronger responses to criminal activity. People Use to get hung for stealing a horse now you can steal a car and don’t even show up for your court appearance where the judge will give you a pat on the hand and pay you for your time. The judicial system is a joke.

      • You’re not wrong. We arrest people for putting a chemical they chose to put in their body. Meanwhile I’ve been a victim of several financial crimes, by businesses and corporations. Insurance is theft and a scam. I’m a law abiding citizen, and I wish the cops would stop attacking citizens who are just trying to feel a little relief after dealing with this predatory capitalistic system were forced into, and go after the real criminals like the corporations and landlords who can basically get away with theft. This country is a joke, and it’s being played on all the poor citizens.

      • Amen!!!!! I’ve been saying this for a long time. It’s the turnstile judicial system we have. The cops are fighting a losing battle. And we, the civilians ae paying the price. Amen.

  2. Unfortunately they will be put back on the streets and this merry go round will continue.
    In the long term this means nothing unless changes are made in our court system.
    Remember “don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time”?
    That’s old history.

  3. Bravo, Mayor Bronson and APD! Tinted window stops got multiple criminals off the streets. Go get some more, please!

  4. How will the FBI ever get past the public knowledge that the FBI is essentially a crime syndicate themselves? They rig elections with false accusations and arrests. They detain people without a speedy trial. And they raid homes of elderly unarmed citizens for non-violent misdemeanors. And why does the APD continue to work with them?

  5. Thank you so much in keeping residents safe. The only problem is we have Judges like Andrew Peterson who lets criminals out on almost no bail and an ankle monitor. The criminal removes the monitor and go on to shoot our police officers. Prayers for the officer who was shot recently.

  6. Hopefully State Dept of Corrections Parole & Probation Officers were involved as well. They can often help in these activities because they know so many people within this circle.

  7. “backing the blue”, can never be a good thing for good or bad people. LEOS are agents of the government and will always be testifying against you whether your a criminal or an innocent citizen. Take NYC for example, those leos violate citizens rights everyday under tyrannical unconstitutional laws against the 2nd amendment. Some LEOS are good and abide by the Constitution, some will do whatever they’re told because they’re just “following orders” & have a family to feed. Regardless if its Constitutional or not. Carry a gun and protect yourself. Don’t rely on government to “protect you”.

    • Police enforces the laws the legislature enacts and upholds the laws as written. Their job is not to assess the constitutionality of the laws passed. That function resides with the courts. So if you have issues with laws in NYC, then moan to your legislators or bring a suit against it, challenging if it passes constitutional muster.
      Your clear animus against police makes me wonder what your definition of “protecting oneself against the government” really entails.
      Carrying a firearm is a personal choice subject to the laws passed in your state.

  8. I was wondering what was going on. I was driving down Spenard between Gwennies and the main train tracks last Thursday and the fuzz were everywhere. I must have seen nearly 10 units on Spenard and parked out along roads in just a 1/4 mile.

  9. Anyone ever observed the pattern our police can just do their job, what they signed up for, when there commander-in-chief (mayor) is a conservative republican. Cause under a democrat mayor our police unntentionally make
    the public feel picked on and bullied starting with berkowitzs era of traffic stop sting operation. You know! The
    public don’t mind being held accountable for mistakes, public just don’t like police watcing us like all are criminals, that’s what happens – the pattern- under a democrat mayor whether the officers are aware their attitude changes. I notice. Under a real republican, the dept is laser focused toward what is truly a danger and reduces peace, and the officers peace officer attitude shows it.

    • So basically you’re saying the police scrutinize everyone under a liberal mayor, but scrutinize criminals under a conservative mayor. At least I think that is what you meant.

  10. Thank all men & women serving and protecting risking your own lives for your community god bless you all.
    As my family keep each of you in prayers day n night continue great job cleaning up our streets to make us safe thank you.

  11. REMEMBER SB91?? If WALKER is reelected again this will bee worse than it is now. Also all of you against the sitting Governor should learn this! When you complain about the lack of a full dividend, think of this. The Governor cannot TOUCH THE PURSE STRINGS.ONLY the lame legislature, some of who were like Revak, who said he would absolutely vote for a full fund. He lied saying that half his constituents were against it. Well over half the bunch down there in party land lied and changed when they got there. Von Im Hoff, the LT for Cathy Giessel when she was in has all the money she needs. Giesel running again against Holland. That district needs to shut her down. so many dishonest legislators make the great one shine!!

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