Burrito forgiveness: Trump supporter holds no malice against Fairbanks food stand


A man who received a spoiled burrito from a coffee stand in Fairbanks simply because he was wearing a MAGA hat wants to remain private and has chosen to forgive and forget the poor treatment he received at the Fairbanks Espresso stand.

The coffee stand owner publicized the man’s name on social media, however. It appears she scraped his name from his credit card receipt to “dox” him on Facebook. She also called him a fascist on social media because of his support for President Donald Trump.

MRAK wrote about the incident in two stories:

Coffee stand owner to MAGA hat wearer: Don’t come here

Coffee stand owner doubles down, calls customer a fascist on social media

The young man who received the defiled burrito has been approached by the mainstream media for interviews, but he says he just wants to forgive the woman and move on. He doesn’t think he can get fair treatment from the reporters.

Here, in his own words, is his decision:

“After careful consideration I believe that in this time of national pain, the appropriate thing for me to do is forgive. I have great confidence that the residents of the Golden Heart City, the GreatLand, and the home of the Brave know that bigoted discrimination is wrong. There is no where else I would rather live.

“I am choosing to put aside the lies that have been spread about me, my actions, my beliefs, and the beliefs of millions of Americans. This unprovoked and cowardly act has been widely criticized in the court of public opinion. I see no need to press this issue any further. I hope someday that this young lady will seek healing and when that day comes the good people of this nation will be willing to listen and care for her. 

“I am choosing to remain anonymous as this issue has never been about me nor was it of my choosing to be in the spotlight. This was about her intolerance and internal struggles. I am choosing to write to you because the other media outlets have lost my trust that they will be fair journalists.”

End or story? Or will the State Department of Law look into the misuse of credit card information? 

Meanwhile, a Black Lives Matter encampment has developed around the coffee stand, complete with food tent and several portable toilets, for supporters to stay on site ostensibly to protect the food stand from Trump supporters.

A Black Lives Matter encampment at Fairbanks Espresso.

The clientele has sorted itself out, with liberals bringing their business to Fairbanks Espresso, while Trump supporters are taking their business elsewhere, honoring the Fairbanks Espresso owner’s request.


  1. Dude! Don’t be a pacifist! Call Trump, tell your story and let this woman’s 15 minutes of fame begin in earnest.

    Without consequences there’s no accountability and the pain others refer to is completely manufactured. Notice you haven’t seen a looter teary eyed over the loss of the counterfeiter and drug abuser that died? It’s because they’re celebrating the opportunity to steal shoes and clothes that don’t fit. This is underperforming, low self investment societal detritus looking for an opportunity to be a dirtbag on a rampage. Nothing more.

    To look the other way doesn’t help.

  2. The food being “spoiled”, in this case with red marker bleeding off of the foil and onto the burrito, I can deal with because I believe she didn’t know that would happen. The act itself of her writing the intolerant message is certainly not ok and is of course ironic.

    But her doxing the young man should definitely be punished by whichever legal or financial entities have the authority to do so.

    • Do you need to feel animosity toward your trash in order to rid your home of it each week or do you do it because it’s the right thing to do?

    • Bottom line:
      Their burritos suck! And their coffee ain’t so great either.
      Heading off to a different joint where I can get better food and better service.
      Probably to a MAGA stand where they don’t spit into your burrito.

      • This is no kidding. Unsanitary coffee hut. No masks. No gloves. I ate there once. Never again. And these hypocrites are accusing Trump supporters of ………….what? I called the health department to close this coffee hut down, before they bring the virus back to the Banks and cause us to get sick. Despicable place.

  3. 10 multicolored porta-potties ain’t cheap! I wonder what color of privilege pays for 10 porta-patties at a coffee stand in Fairbanks Alaska, lots of green privilege I guess.
    Knowing how much a single porta-potty costs per week it sure is a shame that whomever is paying for those 10 multicolored porta-patties at a coffee stand in Fairbanks Alaska didn’t put their money to a good use. There are people starving all over the world, there are people starving withing a few miles of this blatant waste of money. If those paying for these 10 multicolored porta-potties had any sense of decency they would know better than to virtue signal in such a wasteful manner, shame on them.

  4. How many times does one turn the other cheek until there is nothing left? BLM camping out is not a Boy Scout Jamboree…. maybe these days but not in years past. This infers force through intimidation. People have been sued for refusing to bake a cake… sued multiple times yet when one “forgives and forgets” when the very thing happens from the other side, the Left wins. African-Americans were banned from lunch counters. I honor his choice but this is a de facto win for discrimination. We are seeing a return to segregation, of “separate and (not) equal…just practiced by the same people that fought against them.

  5. I have an extremely high opinion now of this anonymous man. Good for you. Suzanne, a wonderful piece. Thank you for being professional with your words. I did not get to know this man’s name nor read the original post from the espresso stand but I hope someday to learn it so I may shake his hand.

  6. That’s nice. Let’s just coddle the people who who are deciding there is no downside to burning it all down.


    Okay let it burn.

    • Not going on media is the right choice. Thinking that they care about anything as “fellow Americans” or appealing to a sense of unity is delusional.

  7. I find my self asking how many times has he gone through the drive-thru for coffee before this incident wearing a “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” hat? Said nothing till after the Floyd incident in which I remind everyone at the time of the incident Floyd had committed a felony and resisted arrest.

  8. Bravo for forgiveness over hate and retaliation.
    I know this man very well and am so proud of him, his attitude and decisions.
    Praying for the woman and those who have rallied around her, however misguided they are.

    • Turning the other cheek just gets the other cheek slapped too. This disgraceful woman wins when charges are not pressed. I think we all know it would never work out the same way if the roles were reversed. I understand this guy doesn’t want all the notoriety that standing up for himself would bring, but she has already “outed” him as a “f—- fascist”. She needs to made an example of.

  9. I’m getting tired of the extreme misuse of the word “fascist”. Adding to the list the left uses to silence. This woman obviously doesn’t know what Fascism even is. But sadly to many just hear what they want to hear.

    • Exactly, the misuse of words seems to be a common theme with the left. Worse yet, the attempt to redefine words to meet their narrative is even more sickening.

      Racist apparently means anyone who disagrees with you and doesn’t buy into your version of what the country looks like.

  10. I drove by the “encampment” yesterday. To describe it charitably, it was an interesting freak show languishing about! If you are in Fairbanks, have a look.

    Perhaps if whoever paid for the smorgasbord of chemical toilets had instead donated the same amount to the Fairbanks Food Bank, something positive would have been accomplished.

  11. Might be fun if a Deplorable buys the ground on which this shrine sits or sets up a MAGA coffee stand next door with flags, music… red, white, and blue potties… (patriotically) bikini’d barristas…
    Thousand-mile round trip for a cup of coffee?

  12. BLM is a hate group, as is the SPLC. Antifa is an insurrectionist terrorist group. This lady, is among her own with the hate filled anarchists when she shuns the decent folks of Fairbanks and surrounds herself with these bigots.

    • I wonder how she would respond if she found out some of the services and products she buys are owned by “MAGA” people. Would she drop them and go elsewhere? Would she have to in order to follow her principles?

  13. OK, you’ve trebled down now. Why not go for a quad? The irony is the sweet republican boy has moved on; why not you?

  14. I believe politics have no place in a public business. Become a private business and require membership. You can then delegate who to serve your business to. Honestly I’m surprised that they still open considering how many federal laws they have broken.

  15. Riots and protests are doing nothing favorable for the Bureau of Land Management/Alaska Fire Service. Let it burn in 2020?

    • The Attorney General of Massachusetts, when asked about the looting and burning, stated that without burning you can’t grow a new forest.

  16. Yeah, every last one of them could have been easily describe as the stereotypical soy boy or lefty. Lots of over the top piercing, cheap tattoos, serious overweight or extremely underweight, very young, bad hygiene, lots of rainbow colors and half of them wear black or old military greens and hats because nothing says power than dressing like a Cuban dictator from Cuba 30 years ago.

    Where did society go wrong to be producing more of these hollow and worthless people?

  17. This fellow had a great response. Good for him.

    Far more tolerance than the so-called “tolerant” left.

    Imagine if you will the scene if all aspects were reversed.

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