Candidate Duplantis thinks ‘COVID is a hoax and George Floyd didn’t exist’


Stephen Duplantis believes the PFD belongs to Alaskans, “not greedy politicians who have no clue how to develop a responsible budget.”

He doesn’t believe in the “binding caucus rule,” which gives power to a select few and forces the rest of the caucus to vote one way, regardless of their conscience.

And he also apparently believes George Floyd wasn’t real and the coronavirus is a hoax. “Change my mind,” he challenged people of Facebook.

Duplantis is taking on the most well-funded state senator of them all — Natasha von Imhof, who represents District L. The two will meet in the primary election on Aug. 18, and whoever wins will head to the General Election to face Jeff Landfield, who is running as a no-party candidate.

That person who will advance to the General Election will almost certainly be von Imhof, especially after the comments Duplantis has made on current events.

Duplantis mixed it up with his friends on Facebook this week over the George Floyd statement, and several Republicans told him he is off-base, but he seems determined to stick with his talking points.

Must Read Alaska talked with Duplantis, and he explained it this way: He doesn’t think George Floyd deserved to die, but he also thinks Floyd was not the hero the media and Black Lives Matter has made him out to be.

In fact, Floyd had a violent criminal past, something the Minneapolis Police Union head has pointed out on Twitter.

“What is not being told is the violent criminal history of George Floyd. The media will not air this,” police union president Bob Kroll wrote in a letter posted Monday on Twitter.

But in Duplantis’ perspective, this is really more about the media and the movement working together to create chaos.

On coronavirus, “The shutting down of the world economy for the numbers we had was a fear reaction,” he said.

Duplantis, a pastor, was deeply offended that churches were shut down because “millions of people were predicted to die.”

“We were told to stay in our houses. Now, two weeks into the George Floyd protests, no social distancing is fine,” he said.

Duplantis says he is unapologetic for his remarks and has no intention of dropping out of the Republican primary, although he acknowledges it will take divine intervention for him to win.


  1. He is real, but there is more to the story. Candace Owens has a lot That is very enlightening, to say on it…

      • So my wife actually pointed out to me watch how EMT s handled his body when they showed up. They didn’t even appear to check to see if he was breathing, didn’t actually take a pulse,, no neck brace even though the cop had a knee on his neck for almost 9 minutes, nobody is even discussing this why? Also it’s like the cop was posing for the camera who does that? When there is a situation like this nobody calles the police HQ? WTF!! I wouldve expected the radios the cops were wearing to be going off because somebody at the scene had asked for sanity from the Police Department and did u see that cauphin? im only 5 9 and i wouldnt have fit in it George is 6 6

  2. Duplantis definitely has my vote! Two reasons and maybe a third, PFD, Binding Caucus and maybe coronavirus.
    Three of the four pertain to Alaskans. Stephen Duplantis is running for the State Senate as a Republican, not a RINO or a Democrat!

    • All I can say after listening to this is, Good night Irene! This is why incumbents win the vast majority of their races. Doubtless, von Imhof is now making plans to campaign minimally for the primary and will skate back into Juneau. Landfill is not a serious candidate and now, neither is Duplantis.

  3. To the extent that we have been played by the corona virus and still are, it’s good to look hard and think twice about what is going on. The power of the media to fuel any event is pretty darn clear too. When someone states a position and says “change my mind”, they are asking for critical dialogue. The binding caucus rule and the use of the PFD’s to balance the budget are the real major issues we are facing politically, and von Imhof, well, we know where she stands on those issues… When we see the economic impacts of the Virus Mandates (and we haven’t seen them yet) there’s going to be plenty of blame to go around… Is there going to be a “new normal” ? and what is that going to look like ? The Anchorage Assembly voted for the masks to go, but they were still in place in Eagle River today…

    • Interesting, your thoughts on “change my mind”.
      Seems less like a desire for critical dialogue than a plaintive plea for an adult to assume responsibility for somebody’s inability to manage complex thoughts, much less First Principles.
      Wonder what was lost in the translation… maybe increasing discomfort with an inability to slip the surly bonds of ego-bound rhetoric… maybe innocently misguided desire to be seen as the Creator of Value rather than simply creating value… or, cynically, just another demagogue trying to ride the wave into the Holy City of Juneau.
      Not sure Alaska’s lobbyist-legislator team, or anyone else, needs to worry about this one…

  4. I agree ,,, we have been sheep dipped, Duplantis is fresh air in the corrupt crypt called Alaska politics. Anyone but Natasha…

  5. Does Stephen Duplantis believe the earth is flat because he cannot see the curvature of the earth?
    This is a false flag operation, it is simply too absurd to think anyone would believe what this man Stephen Duplantis has said. Using the logic of the person who claims to be Stephen Duplantis, I don’t know that he exists so he doesn’t and this interview never happened.

    • Thanks Ed,

      Any luck figuring out which rights you’ve been deprived of? Should be easy to name one, or have you figured out that you live in Hawaii and your Governor has deprived you of many more rights that Governor Dunleavy has preserved for the residents of Alaska?

  6. Why did George Floyd have a closed casket funeral? And who hauls a dead body several miles, for multiple funeral services? No one. I think I remember reading that President Lincoln was in a parade for people to view and honor him. Kennedy as well. But we are talking about presidents, not porn star counterfeiters on drugs.

    • You must have forgotten about the woman in Ketchikan who had her dead husband on ice in the bed of a pickup truck and drove him to various bars around town for something like a week.

  7. Stephen Duplantis is so right on about all this. I’m an African American man from Portland, Or. and don’t just go with the first thing I hear or even nowadays see.

    The media and Democrats/liberals have been trying to create a race war for years and the person behind all of it is George Soros. He’s been funding all the rioters and looters through his foundation that he donated $35 billion dollars to.

    Ever since Trump has taken office the Democrats have tried everything they can to sabotage him so they can get more seats in the House of representatives and usher in Joe Biden.

    George Soros is part of the global elite attempting to dismantle America’s way of life. The Democrats want to turn this country into a social/communistic country like China. Go take a look at the Black Lives Matter website, which really has nothing to do with black lives but really about transgenderism and how bad capitalism is.

    It is true we do need police reform and more accountability from the police because if a child is never disciplined for their negative behavior they become out of control, and that’s what we’re seeing now as a direct result.

    Stephen Duplantis is someone you should vote for if you want the truth. I’m 45 and have never voted but this year will be my first thanks to Donald Trump fighting the globalist from taking over our country. Vote 4 Jesus as Lord and savior.

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