Bronson names Michael Kerle as police chief


Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson today named Michael Kerle as Anchorage’s next Chief of Police.

“Deputy Chief Kerle’s qualifications, career experience, and dedication to APD speaks for itself” said Mayor Bronson. “I appreciate his willingness to continue serving the Municipality of Anchorage as the next police chief. Deputy Chief Kerle is dedicated to protecting all communities in Anchorage. Public safety for our residents in the Muni is our number one priority as we seek to make Anchorage the safest city in America to work, live, and play.”

Kerle has served with the Anchorage Police Department for 25 years and is currently serving as the deputy chief. Kerle began his law enforcement career in 1996 when he joined APD as a recruit in the Academy. He was promoted to deputy chief in February, 2020.

Kerle was born and raised in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. He traveled the world with the United States Army as a commissioned officer before settling in Alaska in 1995 to be closer to his wife’s family.

Over the course of his 25 year career at APD, he has held positions in the patrol division, special operations, and crime suppression.

He has a bachelor of science degree from the University of New York, is a graduate of the Police Executive Leadership Graduate Program and the Administrative Officer’s Course from the Southern Institute at the University of Louisville, the FBI Hazardous Devices Executive Management School, and the SWAT Commanders’ School.

Kerle takes over for current Police Chief Kenneth McCoy, who is retiring in February to accept a position outside the municipal government.


  1. With a crime rate of 56 per 1000 residents, Alaska has one of the highest rates in America. Ones choice of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime here is 1 in 18.
    It should not matter to anyone what color the Police Chief is. Just keep us safe.
    For whatever reason( and I was saddened) that Chief McCoy is leaving, I wish him the best of luck.

  2. And, cue the liberal/leftist wailing and gnashing of teeth.
    “A white police chief! ZOMG! Blacks will be killed for driving while black, it is the end of the universe.”

  3. Thank you to Chief McCoy for his many years of dedicated service and leadership at APD.

    Congratulations to incoming Chief Kerle.

  4. This Chief may have had more opportunity to study the US Constitution than some. I hope so. Even a few hours with the US Constitution can be shocking at its content to those who believe they know what it says and means. No one has authority to change it except approved delegates at an Article Five convention. And, that’s good.

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