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Anchorage Assembly votes to end mask mandate early

The Anchorage Assembly voted unanimously on Tuesday to end the mask mandate emergency ordinance in Anchorage at midnight.

Assemblywoman Meg Zaletel declared victory, saying the mandate did “what it was intended and set our city on a better path” for the health of the community.

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The mask ordinance, which was controversial, was voted into law in October and would have expired next week, unless extended by another emergency ordinance.

Several members of the public showed up to the Assembly meeting in Guy Fawkes masks, in apparent protest of the mask mandate.

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. Hey Meg! We’re not patting you on the back for the mask power move you and the asssmbly enacted that was not needed.

  2. Madness ended by daylight; it will return under cover of darkness.

    Once tasted power immediately becomes addictive.

    • You should write a book based on your perceived conspiracy theories. Mandates won’t be coming back anytime soon. Those in charge we’re looking for an excuse to end them and still try to save face. It’s going to take something really bad for masks to come back and if that does happen, God help us all.

      • It normally would be a conspiracy theory, but the assembly proved Ogilila right. There was no justification for the mandate in October, but the assembly passed it anyway, under cover of darkness, just as Ogilila said.

      • “Mandates won’t be coming back anytime soon.”
        History is abundantly clear on this front. As soon as petty tyrants and tin-pot dictators get the smallest sampling of power over the masses, they will not relinquish it.
        This is not a conspiracy theory, it is an undeniable fact of history. Do you really think the Anchorage Assembly is full of angels who are actually concerned and looking out for the best interests of the population?

      • That is exactly what they (and probably you) said back in the spring when they ended the mandate the first time.

  3. The Marxists are finally admitting that no one was paying attention to their stupid, unscientific mask mandate. They were literally mocked.

    • There were a few, but it seems for the most part, people are ready to just live life.
      The assembly will want to take credit for everything but in reality, the power is in the people to decide.

      • This was a resounding victory for the Assembly.
        They wanted to demonstrate they were in charge, not the Mayor, and they passed an EO knowing it was destined for a veto. They also know the veto override was a sure thing.
        It is about all about a … measuring contest if you get my drift, and the Assembly won this one.

        • Let’s hope Anchorage voters can peel their faces away from their screens long enough to remember this … measuring contest and react accordingly in the next e…ection.

        • Do tell exactly how they won then? Not one store I visited in the past couple of months required me to put on a face diaper – NOT ONE!! The mayor was not enforcing the “mandate” either.

          So please do tell……..we will be waiting.

          • The assembly won.
            They knowingly drew the veto, and overrode it.
            Stop assuming the assembly has adults on it. That is a mistake. The assembly is populated with toddlers. They won because they overrode the veto.
            Actual real world results do not matter to them. They overrode the veto. Therefore, they won.

        • Except if you went to any bars on the weekend, you would see that the Assembly is in fact, not in control. We live free.
          If the assembly will not comply with the will of the people, then the will of the people will leave the assembly to feed of itself.
          Its existence is on borrowed time.

        • Was it a victory though? They overrode the veto, but the Mayor ultimately enforces it, which he refused to do.

          The assembly is just sour because their boy didn’t win.

          • Stop thinking like an adult. Think like a child. Or a progressive, does not matter, same thing.
            They overrode the veto. It is the only thing they were playing for. Actually getting the population to comply was never part of the equation.

  4. We won on this issue. Make no mistake, the liberals on the Assembly want the mask mandate to continue. But they did not have the political capital to renew the mandate.

    We must now focus our energy beating back ASD’s mask mandate. Forcing our kids to wear masks all day is wrong and not supported by the science. If we oppose ASD’s mask mandate with as much passion, ASD will be forced to follow Anchorage’s lead.

    • You must live in Eagle River, the majority of Anchorage residents supported the mask mandates, this will be verified in the April elections. To date the ASD Board has relied on science, not anonymous Dan’s

      • can someone order Frank a cheeseburger please? Make sure it’s from Eagle River so none of that Liberal pickle makes it in his mouth.

      • Frank, just looking around Anchorage these past few weeks, would dispute your assertion. Yes there were people with masks, but more often mask-less individuals made an appearance in numbers that do not support your “majority” claim. Also, nothing will be “verified” in the next election, if the assembly gets their way and closes the vote counting to all but the most minimal number of observers. Manipulating the vote is not verification. That’s called cheating.
        As for the ASD mask mandate, it should be up to the parents. You are correct that the ASD claims to follow the science, but it appears only the science that furthers and fits their agenda. This is no longer March 2020 we have data that clearly shows areas without masks had about the same virus rate overall, as those with mandates, lock-downs etc. Out of curiosity, now that the assembly has declared it “safe” to be without a mask, will you follow their advice or continue to wear one?

      • Frank what are you smoking these days? There is a massive difference between “supporting” and “abiding” most anchorage residents “abided” by the mask mandate, we did not “support” it. It’s about time you moved back to Wisconsin.

      • No we don’t support forcing children to suffocate themselves with bacteria traps. That’s simply not true. The school board is even more communist than the assembly. The ASD is IGNORING the science on masks and the threat to children.

      • Which science would that be? Which statistics and mathematics? When you see a 30-count drop in a population of 500 or 600 you’re within the standard error of the trend. What was the standard deviation of their trend over the last month? 3 months? 6 months?
        “Science” indeed. Nobody that works for this city can answer those questions. Therefore it is provably NOT based on science or math.

      • As usual, Frank, you are exaggerating to support your blindly partisan and authoritarian bias, if not outright lying. The majority of people out and about in public that I saw over the past couple of months were NOT wearing the stupid and ineffective masks, nor did most who I know support the mask mandate. Indeed, it is and was widely hated, as it should have been, as it is nothing more than a device to signal radical leftist ‘virtue’ (sic) and servile compliance to capricious authority.

      • Interesting statement: “…the majority of Anchorage residents supported the mask mandates…”
        I saw nothing of the sort. In fact, I saw the opposite. So, I am going to ask you to provide something more than your opinion, if you would be so kind.

      • Is that why school kids are carrying common colds for over two weeks? Would have anything to do with breathing in their in muffled exhaust for over 6 hours a day would it? April can’t come soon enough. Do you actually think the business owners and everyone else affected by tyrannical mandates, let alone the blatant fraudulent misuse of Covid funds will be forgotten? Good luck with that

        • Sure personal friend who brought the common cold home from school. Adult has recovered, child continues to have the same cold and symptoms 3 weeks, past bringing it home. I think you do not really understand how the human respiratory system works. You do that your breath exhaled is releasing toxins from your body, correct? How well does a car run if you funnel the exhaust to its intake? Nuff said you must have failed basic biology.

      • Not in my experience. In my dealings I saw no difference in the percentage of people wearing masks before vs. during the mandate.

    • We won nothing.
      This entire thing went exactly as the Assembly wanted. The mandate served its purpose. It drew the Mayoral veto, and the Assembly overrode it.
      If we oppose the ASD mandate with as much passion? The opposition to the mandate had nothing to do with it. Did you see how the Assembly went about passing it? After they got annoyed at several days of opposition testimony, they declared an emergency and passed it during a session where it was not scheduled.
      The ASD is not going to listen to the public any more than the assembly did.

        • Unfortunately, when the assembly gets upset, and throws a tantrum, the game board will end up landing squarely on you, me, and the rest of the residents of Anchorage.

    • What did you “win”? The mask mandate was set to expire 12/31 or when the hospital crisis of care levels went down. The mandate did what it needed to, which is why it was ended early.

      • Derek, the trend of cases was already going down when the ordinance was implemented. They knew they had to hurry up and activate the ordinance before cases dropped too low so they could say “see, we told you so”.
        You gotta pay closer attention or else you miss the plot.

  5. What mask mandate?

    I was only chastised by one store owner who’s establishment I will never patronize again. They told me I could mask up or order online. I told them if I had to order on line it would not be from them. Sad because they are the only local supplier of the particular product, that I know of.

    • What store? Tell me so I won’t shop there. We have to be organized to win at the Marxist game.

      I quit Pet Zoo. Which stores did you quit?

      Unfortunately “rising above the fray” has been proven not to work. The chopping block is fresh.

      Name the Marxists.

  6. The mask mandate was useless from the very beginning. It was simply a power play by Zaletel and her cohorts designed to thwart the new mayor. Zaletel’s worthless comment was the best face saving she could do.

    • The assembly expresses power of the people because they do not have power over themselves. They are driven by fear. Masks are a symptom of their illness.

  7. Here is some REAL science…

    FACT – Prior to October 6th COVID cases where on the rise.
    FACT – Every Wednesday I order a Cheeseburger for lunch.
    FACT – Wednesday October 6th I ate a hamburger for lunch because Kriner’s was out of cheese.
    FACT – COVID cases began to decline AFTER I ate the hamburger.
    FACT – My lunch choice caused the decrease in COVID.

    Meg cannot attack my logic without attacking her own.

  8. And what about unmasking the kids at school? Will the Anchorage School Board follow along with “the science”?

  9. So I guess telling people to stop living in fear when they asked where my mask was won’t be necessary anymore. Great

  10. What happened to the gold stars and all the hoopla about our rights being taken away? Looks like the assembly did what they said they would. The angry mob of looneys looks pretty silly.

    • The hoopla about rights was smothered when the Assembly scheduled a special session for October 13 to continue testimony on the masking mandate, but then in a surprise move (that surprised no one) passed an emergency ordinance during the regular Assembly meeting on Tuesday the 12th.
      Stupidly, the people who were testifying against the mandate actually believed the Assembly would stick to the published agenda, and continue the mandate testimony as scheduled Wednesday. The angry mob of loonies were correct. The assembly has no interest in hearing what the public wants to say, and it thinks it can do as it wants without repercussions.
      Change my mind.

    • We stood up. We are free. The assembly removed the mandate not because it worked, but because most of us did not comply. They will try to take credit, but in reality, they hold no power.
      There was already a downward trend in cases but they say “hey look, it worked. See, we were right.”
      Many of us did not comply, then they say “See, we dropped the mandate, see how benevolent we are?”

      It is time for you to understand psychological warfare, if you can.

    • Not at all, radical leftist John. It was PRECISELY due to the massive public outrage against this stupid, unscientific and virtue(sic)-signaling mask mandate, and also due to the widespread non-compliance with it, that the authoritarian Marxist Nine on the ass-embly were forced into this (for them) face-saving measure to rescind the mandate, lest they be made to look even more foolish than they already, are as compliance with it continues to fall.

    • Haha. The rights of the majority of the people that elected Bronson knowing full well he was never going to use mandates, those rights were taken away. I suspect you don’t even believe we should have elections unless you agree with the results. Sounds pretty tyrannical if you ask me. Oh and the Supreme Court got in the way of Biden’s gold stars. And ya, they literally could have waited a week to just let it dissolve, but they had to make it ceremonious like this so Meg could take narcissistic credit like this.

      “When you’re better than others, it’s best to let them know in no uncertain terms so that they won’t embarrass themselves by questioning your decisions or actions.”

  11. Convenient timing for a lot of liberals to attend superfluous “holiday” parties since they aren’t even capable of calling it Christmas. I can hear them now “Let’s package it to be a decline in cases and call it success!” A hotdog in a trench coat is still a hot dog.

    • No, you don’t understand, campaign season has started and there are fundraisers to be held. But with a mask mandated, it seems only conservative candidates have any fun get-together. So now a success can be claimed, hero status achieved, the city declared safe and political hob-nobbling can commence without the pesky need to watch out for people trying to catch you not observing your own mandate…..

  12. Does not change the fact that the Assembly is a gaggle of power mongering busybodies that need to be removed.

  13. “Assemblywoman Meg Zaletel declared victory, saying the mandate did “what it was intended“”

    … to remind us that you are still our masters?

  14. Yo Meg, if something is working so well, why end it? If you’re going to end something, you should pick something that doesn’t work. Thanks for admitting the mask mandate doesn’t work. Now you should apologize with sincere humility and beg our forgiveness.

  15. Someone explain how this is NOT like the Church opposing Galileo when he claimed the Sun did not orbit the Earth.
    Only difference is, we get to “buy indulgences” from “the Church” by wearing masks and bowing in apology whenever they speak.
    Just like the Church and Galileo, the truth will come out. History will not look kindly on this fiasco.

  16. Thank you Assembly nine for ending the mask mandate early. Next time don’t take abusive perpetrator forceful response on us.

    The problem with perpetrators is they don’t realize they are an abuser. If Everyone around a perpetrator could only behave the way the perpetrator demanded then the perpetrator will have no problems, hahahaha, then the perpetrator doesn’t have any conflicts when everyone acts the way the abuser demands. Afterall that’s why victims get hit by an abuser because of we don’t meet his expectations. To a perpetrator we deserve the consequence being hit, being thrown, being humiliated cause the victim behaved badly. Abusers punish.

    Try to resist the urge forcing next time. Especially in a state experienced and experiencing domestic violence from childhood, to school, to work, to the street, to home. Being forceful, being manipulative, playing the public shame game doesn’t move the state of Alaska forward.

  17. I’m so glad our assembly exposed themselves as the leftist control freaks they are. I doubt most people noticed they had taken over the assembly. Well, they’ve noticed now.

    We’ll be saying goodbye to these folks next election.

  18. Will Meg allow masks to be worn still?
    Oh, we can decide on or own? This complicates everything, I need the assembly to think for me. LOL

  19. The mandate did what it intended? Absurd. Prove it. What data demonstrates it ‘did what was intended’? Convenient how impossible that is. It’s like Drakes Formula. Present a bunch of arbitrary, unproven data to support another unproven claim that’s all, already, based on other unproven theoretical presumptions. Yet in the end, ZERO supporting evidence. What child minded rationale. Besides that all the data in the world is second to citizens making their own choices, apart only from individually DETERMINATE/ACTUAL threat factors. And then with extreme constraint. This ‘assembly’ is a gaggle Playschool miscreants. They can claim masks will stop DUI’s too. Why not? Just as credible as this claim. How does an assembly get away with harming Anchorage residents – whom they exist to serve – without repercussion?

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