Bronson asking Anchorage Assembly to extend suspension of plastic bag ban


Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson has submitted an ordinance to the Anchorage Assembly to extend the suspension of enforcement of the purchase of plastic bags from retailers in the city.

Anchorage Municipal Code Chapter 15.95 requires sellers to not provide or distribute plastic shopping bags and to charge a fee for alternative bags.

The Anchorage Assembly passed AO 2021-15 on Feb. 23, 2021 suspending enforcement until Aug. 31, 2021. The new ordinance would extend that suspension until May 1, 2022.

“I’ve heard from a variety of Anchorage residents, businesses, and stakeholders about their support for extending this moratorium on enforcement. With supply chain shortages and delays, the rise is COVID-19 case counts, and the massive expansion in curbside pick-up and delivery that has limited the use of personal and reusable bags, this policy should be extended until we can get our hands around a variety of outstanding issues. This suspension would also allow retailers to use their existing stock of plastic bags, provide time for businesses to restock their supplies of reusable or paper bags, and continue to limit contact between employees and customers for those wishing to do so,” Bronson said. “While I generally disagree with the underlying policy banning the distribution of plastic bags, I think we can all agree that a temporary moratorium on this policy is the right approach.”

This ordinance will be introduced in the Anchorage Assembly Meeting on Sept. 14.


  1. With our corrupted government, medical mafia and MSM propaganda, plastic bags are NOT the political focus we need to have.

  2. There needs to be a linkage for the Assembly: If the pandemic is over, we can implement the plastic bag rule. If the pandemic is not over, then the rule should be suspended. They can’t have it both ways. BTW – I think the plastic bag ban is stupid, but that is another discussion.

  3. Yes, extend the suspension. Carrs/Safeway started charging 10 Cents per paper bag as of yesterday 9/1/2021. There are no signs or mention of the additional bag charge by the checker or signage. I just watched a guy with 8 full paper bags and he complained. No dice said the Safeway CSA.

    • Censored: You’re right. Pretty soon there won’t be any goods produced or delivered to put in those bags anyway if we don’t get it together. Squabbling over bags as Rome burns. Sad.

  4. Please, please, please, government overlords…let us use plastic bags!
    Government now controls every aspect of our lives and we let it.
    It’s pathetic.

  5. The plastic bag ban was halted because of the pandemic. Now it appears that the pandemic is raising its ugly headache again. The same reasons exist now that existed then. You would expect reasonable policy makers to extend the use of plastic bags until we get a better grip on the Covid:
    So now we will see whether the Assembly is only interested in making Bronson look bad or whether they will be consistent and do the right thing. My money is on the former.

  6. Paper bags rip before I even get home regardless of the weight of the contents.
    On the other hand, plastic bags have many reuses. I use them to line the small trash containers in bedrooms & baths, put my shoes in individual bags prior to putting them in my suitcase for travel, keep dirty clothes in bags while traveling, salmon fillets in tied bags on shelves of my upright freezer so they don’t slide out every time I open the door, lunch bags, etc.

  7. Let it go Bronson. Silly requests from your “fawning cronies.” (Jane’s words, not mine)

    Homelessness issues should at the forefront. I imagine when camps have to be cleaned out, there are hundreds of used plastic bags littering the ground.

    • After a trip to Carrs yesterday where I was surprised at the newly-instated paper bag charge, I intended to write to the Mayor to ask him to scrap the nonsense of the San Francisco plastic bag ban, so I’m glad he’s issued this statement and will be taking it up with the Assembly.
      Perhaps they should re-purpose the plastic bags and make masks out of them. Then, Berkowitz could come back and tell us about how he, personally, has picked up plastic masks off the ground and out of trees . . .

    • Homelessness is a priority? Only to bums.
      There are a ton of important issues on the horizon and society’s parasitic layer is certainly on that list somewhere but not at the top. Let them eat cake… and move to SanFran.
      The solution is to arrest them for their nonsense and give them the chance to accept a ticket to CA in lieu of an extended period in Alaska’s correctional system. The caveat being that if they came back their incarceration begins immediately.

  8. When the planet tires of us humans and shakes us off like a dog would do to a set of fleas, these countless tons of plastics lying around the planet might come in handy. The next life form just might be able to thrive in an Earth + the food energy in Plastics world! .

  9. Remember when it was “Save the trees”?
    Then the kick was “Recycle!”.
    But that was not good enough so now we are back to paper bags. Proving this is NOT an environmental issue. It’s all about control like all other liberal ideas.

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