Governor adds Covid response to this special session, expanding telehealth and multi-state nursing licensure


oday, Gov. Mike Dunleavy expanded the third special session to include two pieces of legislation that will strengthen the state’s ongoing response to the current Covid-19 surge.

The governor will transmit a new bill that will expand the use of telemedicine and telehealth services and provide additional tools to expand Alaska’s health care workforce and enhance capacity within the state’s healthcare system to help respond to the recent surge in Covid-19.

In January, the governor introduced legislation to allow Alaska to join the 34 other states would have adopted a Multistate Nurse Licensure Compact. HB 83 and SB 67 would strengthen the healthcare delivery system by reducing barriers to licensure for Registered and License Practical Nurses, and enhance the ability for nurses from other states to practice in Alaska.

The governor’s action today adds those bills to the special session call and they can be immediately taken up House and Senate Health and Social Services Committees.

The Legislature is in a Third Special Session which is currently scheduled to end on Sept. 16.


  1. Governor Dunleavy has a chance to stand tall by allowing the early use of Ivermectin & other inexpensive drugs in the treatment of Covid 19 which appears to have shown efficacy in other countries in keeping patients out of the hospital. & off of ventilators. Of course there would be considerable push back from the healthcare lobby and his own Dr. Zink who do not want to upset the Covid Crisis gravy train.

  2. The legislators are not mds except for one. They never will be doctors. They do not have the skills, knowledge and abilities to serve as public health guidance. Doctors Societies do have the skills to credibly advise Alaskans on private health matters.

  3. Focus, boy. Focus.

    The state is hemorrhaging money and talent. The legislature thinks you a joke.

    They are not gonna take you more seriously if you muddy the fiscal waters. The voters aren’t gonna take you seriously when you misdirect them with “Covid!”

    There are legitimate Covid concerns to be addressed. But neither you nor the legislature can walk and chew gum at the same time.

    Plug the fiscal hole first. Covid will be there next week, month, year. The PFD and your disaster of a governorship won’t be.

  4. This is exciting news for Alaska Nurses. We have long needed a multi-state license. It can take weeks to months to get approval for an RN License in Alaska. Multi-state licensing is rigorous and safe for the residents of Alaska. Multi-state licensure will improve nurse mobility, public protection and increase access to care. I say…Hoorah for Gov. Dunleavy!!!

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