Breaking: Trumps both positive for COVID-19


President Donald Trump and Melania Trump have tested positive for the COVID-19 virus, it was announced today.

Hope Hicks, a senior aide to President Trump, was announced as positive for the virus earlier in the day.

Trump is 74 years old and carries extra weight, both of which are conditions that can lead to complications from the virus. However, he also has the best medical care in the world.

The election is 32 days away. Before his test results came in, Trump had a full schedule of campaign events on Friday. He was tested at midnight, Eastern time and the announcement came shortly after 1 am Friday.

Trump tweeted:

“Tonight, @FLOTUS and I tested positive for COVID-19. We will begin our quarantine and recovery process immediately. We will get through this TOGETHER!”

Among those who have had close contact with Hicks in recent days are Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, Ivanka Trump, Eric Trump, Donald Trump Jr. Kim Guilfoyle, Lara Trump, Tiffany Trump, Dan Scavino, Stephen Miller, Jason Miller, and Kayleigh McEnany.

This story is breaking news and will be updated.

8:15 am Friday update: Joe and Jill Biden have tested negative for the coronavirus.


  1. Couldn’t have happened to a more reckless and deserving couple. Let’s hope that the liar-in-chief gets his just deserts whatever karma has in store for him being obese and already compromised from aneurysms. He has murdered >205k so I’m sure he won’t mind joining the victims.

        • No. While his comments are hateful and idiotic, silencing the opponent because you don’t like what he has to say would be hypocritical. Let him speak and then tell him why you disagree.

      • Yes…. This type of death chant rhetoric is not American. If I want to listen/read The crazed Robs/Karens out there I can look them up on cnn/msnbc. This site is an enjoyable read.

      • I want to say yes, but am not sure banning is in alignment with our values.

        I want to say yes, but think doing so would be wrong.

        That said, his comment is disgusting, shallow and childish.

      • He’s threatened me. Not that that usually upsets me but…combined with his demented ravings, constant and repulsive name calling and more quasi threats to others…I say end him. And Rob, I carry.

      • I can be a bit colorful with my language but never to the point I wish death on someone just because we have opposing opinions. Tough call but it is your site, your rules.

      • He adds nothing to the discourse here – only contempt and disrespect for all the values that true Americans hold dear. A reasonable discussion of differences of opinion should not include such vile hatred for the views of others simply because he disagrees with them.

      • Yes, ban Rob for wishing ill to the President and his wife, and blaming Covid deaths on Trump instead of the CHINESE WUHAN VIRUS

      • Different opinions are one thing, but the hate and psychopathic lies from people like that deserve no place on your excellent site, Suzanne.

        • No. Even though Rob is the epitome of the psychotic, left-wing Democrat, his presence here shows the tolerance of Suzanne and her loyal followers at MRAK. Banning him disallows an opportunity for Rob to become educated by folks far smarter and nicer than himself. Rob has lots of problems and needs help.

          • To be clear, I am not a fan of banning, but I also don’t see the need to let psychopathic liars who live with hate running through their bloodstream, soil a site that is a refuge of truth and excellent journalism.
            I am in a quandary on this.
            Besides, I think she can ban him from commenting here, while letting him continue to read and, and as you point out…..learn some truths about the world around us.
            At the end of the day, it’s her site and her call.
            I’ll be okay with whatever she decides, especially if she lets us respond to people like him as we see fit.

          • Suzanne is a true leader and an honest journalist. That’s something rarely seen anymore. It’s her call, and hers alone as whether to ban creeps like Rob. Left-wing newspapers and blogs would never print such incindiary remarks if they were made against a Democrat. Rob is nothing more that a little cockroach and further evidence how hateful and angry the Left really is.

      • No, I dealt with leftist jackasses like him for many years and responded to the whole gamut of lefty arrogance, condescension, and with the pros, Alinskyite tactics. The best way to deal with them is to let them be and show who they really are; ignorant, shallow people incapable of reason, and whose thinking is only emotional. It’s best to leave them out there for the world to see what they really are.

      • As much as I would like him gone, he has the same rights as the rest of us do. Since this is a private forum, those rights do not apply if the owner doesn’t want them on. Maybe ask him to apologize.

      • Do as you see fit Ms. Editor. There can, however, be no doubt about how this question will poll with your polarized Readers…

        But please understand that the level of hatred, incivility, and un-Christian behavior exhibited in the offending comment is largely the product of continued exposure to divisive media outlets that increasingly demonize people, and promote such enmity – mainly for the sake of profit, clicks, and notoriety, I might add.

        As a person and as a politician, I detest Mr. Trump. But I do not take pleasure in seeing him ill, and I wish him well for the sake of his family, and especially for his young son.

        • I don’t care for the man as a person so much, and as a politician all is fair in Love and war. But I do like the man for what he’s doing for the country. Rebuilt our military, called in old debts from NATO countries, new trade deals where Obama had us bent over, 401ks nearing record highs, I could go on and on and on . Wait I forgot to mention border security. So basically unless you’re on welfare or in prison, and you are a gun owner, and don’t like those videos where they show a baby spine being spun around like in a margarita blender before they are aborted, you pretty much like what Trump’s done for the country.

          • It’s the man that offends me much more than (all of) his policies. Political power goes back and forth, and I can roll with the ebb and flow, knowing that the tide will eventually turn, and turn yet again. After all, I’ve voted Republican all my life, except for the last two Presidential elections.

            There are plenty of mainstream GOP politicians who could carry the conservative flag without acting as immature, as cruel, and as offensive as Trump does. So it’s time for him to go, and to be replaced by someone with common decency, whether they be liberal or conservative.

      • Suzanne
        Banning Rob would be satisfying in the short term, but it would not be in keeping with our values as a free nation. Everyone has a voice. So instead of banning him, maybe the better approach would be to ignore him and not respond to his commentary, vile as it is. He manages to distract from the actual topic by attacking others personally and makes it all about himself and his view of the world.
        With that sentiment, my thoughts and prayers go out to the President and First Lady for a mild illness and a speedy recovery.

        • but…. suzanne deletes comments already. i criticized her for bringing harm to the potts family in the mallot case and she deleted my respectfully worded comments. nothing new. ?‍♀️

      • It’s unfortunate that some people do not have the ability to filter their own comments, but it does give us insight to how their brains work…or don’t. If Rob had said this towards another person here I could see it being a bigger issue but since President Trump is a public figure it is different. Having somebody so hateful and ill-informed represent whatever it is Rob represents is punishment enough for him and his cause.
        What Rob fails to understand and fails to take into consideration is that President Trump could have spread covid to Biden during the debate. So does Biden get the same treatment that Rob has shown towards our President?

      • No. He is a consistent reminder of the tiny intellect and immature behavior of the Left! Let him stay as an example to all!

        • Exactly, there’s a line between being a troll and just having an opposite belief. We need constant reminder of the opposite belief! Banning would just create yet another echo chamber. But if it’s genuine trolling…..bring on the ban hammer.

      • I suggest “no”. Give him a warning that should he do it again that he will be banned. I agree that his post is simply wrong and has no redeeming value. But dissent is healthy when it is done properly. Maybe Rob can learn from this experience.

      • Rob’s comments are the product of his ignorance, lack of education and upbringing. Pray for him, he needs it.

        • Please tell me what I am ignorant about with evidence from authority and not your prejudiced feelings and opinion from your white, right-wing bubble.

      • Yes.
        I ‘had’ a friend who is flaming with TDS. She recently sent me emails which were out of the conscious level of civility, and nothing political was brought up, just her need to vent on me because she knows I am a Trump supporter. Come on people, if someone is hitting you, do you turn your face and walk away or ask for more and stand there because you need to give them every opportunity to beat you up?
        Exposing the readers to Robs vitriol might make some ‘feel’ you are being fair. But! Is it right to be triggered by this loony, instead of spending our energy and time sharing our thoughts on the articles at hand?
        Break the abuse cycle. Just say NO.
        PS – Rob’s happy now. I’m sure he is a bot hoping to trigger this response, just measuring how much he could get out before he succeeded. I’m sure he’s been blocked on every conservative site he chooses to troll – (oh, sorry, am I being gender insensitive)…it’s beyond time to Bobbit Rob-IT, kick it to the curb. Believe me, conservatives get kicked from FB, UT, Tw, all the time, for civil truths.

      • Yes.
        For no other reason than “He has murdered >205K…”

        That comment alone demonstrates clearly that Rob’s intent is to troll, spam, and cause dissent.

        After being warned, told to calm it down, and having posts edited, one would think Rob would have gotten the message, but apparently not.

      • Rob lives in a Maytag box in close proximity to Bean’s and posts his vitriol from an Obama phone. It’s unlikely you’re going to learn anything constructive from him.

      • Madam Editor, may we request Rob not be excommunicated.
        Liberal ideologues may be a dime a dozen, but Rob seems unique in his(?) ability to show what the Democrat Dark Side believes about issues near and dear to Conservatives.
        One wonders whether Rob’s vitriol may be a primitive call for help, dare one suggest even for conversion to the Bright Side.
        No, we don’t suggest turning the other cheek until we run out of cheeks, but what seems like a chance to save a fellow human being from Democrat Darkness should deserve our attention.

        • You do not know please don’t project and assign false political associations. It is not my fault you have neither integrity nor principles supporting a fascist.

          • Walks like a duck, quacks like a duck
            Brother, it’s a duck.
            And wouldn’t you know…
            duck season’s here!

      • No, don’t ban him. Like many have stated, it is against our values which are based in large in the Constitution. It’s also good to know that the “other side” is exposed to this media, and it gives us a glimpse into the mind of the left, unfortunately verifying what we already know: we must vote to remove those with such a mindset out of power.

    • The CDC has actually came out and said the true numbers from dying of C19 itself is just under 12,000. Perhaps 205K US citizens have died with C19 but thats not the cause of death.

    • All lefty’s should be on their knees right now, blubbering and praying that President Trump doesn’t die. If that happened that would turn him into possibly the biggest martyr this country and the free world has ever seen. Think JFK, MLK and Lincoln. But you don’t think, do you?

  2. God bless these people and pray for a speedy recovery.
    To all the haters that have flooded the twitters, keep it up for all to see who and what you really are.

  3. My two cents: I’m not a big fan of censorship in general.
    That said, Rob is over the line hoping Trump gets his “just desserts” and joins the other victims of coronavirus.

    Rob is obviously suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. Must be awful living in such a state of constant hatred.

  4. Reading the vindictive and brutish comments from Rob and others like him actually helps me realize two things more with greater certainty-

    1) the heart is desperately wicked above all things, and
    2) I want to strive to treat all people with kindness and respect, regardless of their views. We actually degrade ourselves when we do otherwise…..

    So no censorship! Let Rob be a reminder of just how ugly we don’t ever wanna be:)

  5. Ban for inaccurate information. Trumpet has not murdered anyone. No authority for aneurysm comment. Plus, commenter was too chicken to identify himself or herself. Karma can go around.

    • How can you say he didn’t kill anyone when he held back on the truth of this Covid and still to this day down play it

      • One of the hallmarks of a good leader is the ability to remain calm during a crisis and encourage citizens to do the same. Panic never benefits any predicament.

        Do you think a POTUS is God, and able to stop people from dying from natural causes? Is the rest of the world blaming their leaders for deaths from COVID? What about the orders of governors of New York and other states mandating that nursing homes admit and readmit patients who tested positive for the coronavirus, despite the higher number of deaths among the elderly? Those are the ones who should be held accountable for deaths that might have been prevented. Two officials of a Massachusetts nursing home have already been indicted on criminal charges for acting “wantonly and recklessly” at the start of the pandemic.

        Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx both attested to the fact that President Trump acted promptly and appropriately as soon as the data were presented to him. In January while the democrats were focused on their impeachment sham, President Trump cut off travel from China. For this the dems accused him of overreacting and racism toward the Chinese. He ordered and distributed medical supplies where needed. Billions of PPE have been delivered. He acted under the Defense Production Act and urged private companies to shift their production to supply masks, hand sanitizer, testing supplies, and ventilators.

        Under President Trump’s leadership, this was the largest mobilization of public and private sector resources since WWII. We could go on, but what more could he have done??

      • Over 98 percent of those who contract the COVID don’t die from it. If anything there are those who are up playing it for Political reasons. Remember it was the President who banned travel from China early on and the left was calling him a phobic for doing so. If anything because he did the ban and a month later on the EU actually saved lives. So if you want to blame him for deaths that go back and blame Obama for the swine flu’s deaths.

      • Because he didn’t kill anyone.

        Let me ask you a quick Q: Had Trump came out and declared this a panic inducing emergency as soon as he heard about it, how many fewer people would have died? Please back up your answer with some data.

        I know this is tough to grapple with, but there are viruses all over the world. And, people will die from them. And no politician alive can stop someone from dying.

        Final note, please realize there is a vast difference between dying WITH the virus, and dying FROM the virus. Had everyone of the 200K+ people listed as a COVID death been tested for common STDs, it would turn out the vast majority of them died from sex.

        So, please. Inform all of us exactly how many people died because of Trump, and provide your supporting evidence.

  6. No; not this time. Offensive as it is to read such inflammatory statements, they graphically expose the thoughts of an incredibly perverted and sick mind. I think everyone here immediately recognizes that fact and we must be big/mature/tolerant enough to accept that his comments are the unstable rambling of a sick mind and ignore its contents for that reason – this time – just as the Kennedy brothers ignored the unstable ranting message from Premier Krushchev during the Cuban Missile Crisis, and instead elected to respond to the more rational message from the Politburo, thus avoiding an escalation into potential nuclear war.
    But this is his warning. No more!

    • So advise him that such statements are totally unacceptable and such future statements will properly subject him to banning. The opportunity to comment responsibly herein is solely up to him.
      Hopefully, he will choose to voluntarily leave the site. But I wouldn’t hesitate if he continues in this manner. You owe it to the rest of us, in that event.

  7. I think your readers are critical thinkers who can recognize deliberate troll bait, or a deranged liberal rant, and assign the appropriate value to it. For his or her sake, I hope it’s the former.

    It’s your forum. I recommend you give him one bite on each topic, then just not approve repeated abusive posts on the same topic unless there is a valid point or reasoned response. I know that’s more work for you, but probably better than an outright ban.

  8. I hope for a quick recovery for our President and Lady. I could not help noticing the dramatic difference between Biden and his wife and our President and Melania after the debate. Trump and Melania looked like royalty and Biden and his wife…well not so much.

  9. Rob is akin to a radical Muslim whose fellow Muslims refuse to call out. Rob can always serve as a bad example of the larger leftist segment that we’re up against. It’s your site. I say only censor him when he breaks your “community standards.”

  10. No! Please do not ban the retired Engineer, who alone is light years smarter than the the entire MRAK Editorial staff and the entire readership. As true ” liberals” in the Jeffersonian bent we should welcome all points of view. Besides that, Rob makes me smile ?, he embodies the full spectrum of the leftist totalitarian world view. A view that turned away from critical thinking long ago.

  11. The President and his wife are in our prayers for a quick recovery.
    As for banning Rob, no. You need to know what the enemy is thinking and doing so as to stay ahead of them.

  12. Fagan says Planned Parenthood and democrats have murdered million of innocent babies. But that’s okay because it’s right wing speech, which is cool under the First Amendment. Cool, but an absurd and outrageous declaration. Rob ‘s statement that Trump killed about 200,000 seems tame in comparison. The people who Rob riled up are the same ones who clap loudly when someone compares Berkowitz to Hitler because of his covid orders. I predict we will soon hear that a diabolical plot by Antifa infected the First Lady, and she transmitted it to the War President. Suzanne routinely doesn’t post my comments, without explanation. Lesson to Rob and others like him: MRAK readers love the Second Amendment, but the First Amendment can be very dangerous when used by the other side. Ban free speech first, and then ban guns.

    • Eric, Fagan tells the truth about millions of deaths. I might add that if Suzanne nixes your logorrhea it might be because she cannot post every incoherent utterance.

      I didn’t quite understand your comments regarding banning free speech and fire arm ownership, unless you are pointing out what the Totalitarian leftist like Mayor Berkowitz desire. Keep at it Eric S. Keep reading MRAC! And keep commenting!

  13. Possibly we need to read what Rob writes for the same reason I listen to the news and watch the news on Public Broadcasting. Knowing what the the enemy wants you to think is useful. For example, if you’re a law-abiding gun owner but they want to register your gun (as candidate Al Gross does), then they certainly intend to then come to seize your gun and quite possibly have the government murder you once disarmed. On the other hand, banning Rob but resolving to stay tuned into the enemy at its more pretentious and better financed level, such as Public Broadcasting, might make more sense. Say, why do taxpayers subsidize Public Broadcasting anyway?

  14. Pretty funny, actually, that the most important topic is whether to ban ol’ troll Rob! Will you ban me for suggesting that I am experiencing a bit of schadenfreude? However, to ameliorate that a tad, I am absolutely CERTAIN that the democrats are responsible! And to double down: I call it “the beer virus”, too.

  15. That comment is clearly slanderous, your allowing abuse of your forum if not deleted. Allowing that just encourages more vile, putrid hate. Most uncivil.

  16. I vote no, him spewing his hatred towards those that don’t align with his beliefs shows what a pitiful person he is and it’s good to know who our enemies are these days. But it is your call Suzanne.

  17. I truly wish him a speedy and full recovery.
    He as the leader of the country bares responsibility for the response. He is either not well informed by his staff or just a lying a lot, or both.
    Remember when he said:
    -It was just going to disappear like a miracle.
    -When it warms up it will go away
    -It is not that bad.
    -It is now under control.
    -99% of the time it is harmless.
    -We are rounding the corner.
    -Blamed Obama for not having the tests ready.
    -(On tape) that he knew it was bad but that he didn’t want to panic people. (such a leader)
    Of course there are more instances of deflection or deception from our President.
    I hope he quickly recovers. No-one should suffer needlessly. As a nation we need him to recover so he can lose the popular vote by 8-10% and hopefully lose the electoral college. Plus you gotta know with him in charge of his Presidential Library, it is going to be LIT, better than Disney (I would definitely visit for the rides and beauty pageants), but we gotta go as soon as it opens, it will be bankrupt in 2 years.

  18. Rob is very tame and harmless. I’m surrounded by his types here in Juneau. Let him post his rants and be glad you’re not like him or share his opinions. I personally could care less if Trump has the virus. He and Melania are in very good health and will be fine in a day or so. Nothing to see here.

  19. Banning Rob for voicing his opinion, (as offensive and immature as it was) would be no better than how leftists ban conservative voices today. Do we want to be like them? Rob, a previous commenter mentioned that you were an engineer? I always assumed, from reading prior comments of yours, that you must be around 14 years old.

  20. I send Mr. Trump the same level and quality of condolences as he would have offered to Mr. Biden, Ms. Pelosi, Ms. Harris, or Mr. Obama if any of them were ill….

  21. A couple of thoughts regarding the ‘ROB’ situation….

    No, I do not believe ‘they’ should be banned for two reasons. The first is pragmatic. We, most of us, anyway, defend free speech, whether we agree with it or not, as that is a given right to Citizens of this Nation, and yes, this is a ‘private’, versus a ‘government’ function, but again, most of us agree with the principle of ‘free speech’.

    The second is sympathetic as well as pragmatic. Individuals such as ‘ROB’ may exist unto themselves as only being able to do so by being ‘acknowledged’ or able to provoke a ‘reaction’, either positive or negative, which matters not, so long as they garner the attention they seek. Should they be prevented from this self confirmation, no matter how delusional, they may decide that that their existence is pointless, and end said existence, most likely with ending other existences first, and nobody wants that, within either scenario.

    So, no, I do not believe a ‘site’ ban is warranted. At least not until ‘their’ verbiage is demonstrably threatening, either directly or implied, directly to others that post on this site, or said verbiage is without doubt, threatening violence, as to which law enforcement should be informed of said threat.

    However, I DO believe the ability of individual visitors and commenters to ‘individually’ block the authors themselves would be a better solution.

    Just my thoughts.

  22. Rob’s continuing posts reflect that he might be irredeemable. When comments stray so far from the subject matter and become personal and mean spirited, they fail in any way to contribute in a meaningful way.
    I now think that he needs to be banned. Not permanently, but long enough for him to get the message, however.

  23. Well they couldn’t impeach him and they’re not going to be able to beat him in the election so is it possible that some mole or pulled over with covid-19 infected the president? Somebody who has access. He’s the most protected man in the world, how does he get sick with this thing when supposedly it’s winding down. How are so many high ranking Republicans sick right now ? Just food for thought. Was this an assassination attempt

  24. OK GF, you’re usually pretty straight up. But I think you’ve gone over the edge with this one. Really??

      • Well GF, if we’ve gotta take a trip down down Conspiracy Lane, then how about this: Trump isn’t actually sick at all. The whole thing is being staged in order to draw sympathy votes, and to show him recovering rapidly in order to reinforce his claim that Covid is really nothing serious at all.

        Or, you know, he could just have gotten sick by not masking up while amongst large numbers of people during a respiratory disease pandemic.

        Once again, there’s a choice for the radical folks on each end of the spectrum, and a most plausible one for the rational ones in the middle., like me.

    • Knowing that the Biden’s are on the Chinese payroll, is it too much of a stretch to think that this conspiracy was a planned event? Screw up the country, Biden wins. Crazier things have happened.

    • Nancy Pelosi: “We have arrows in our quiver that I’m not about to discuss right now.” She also stated that impeachment could be on the table if President Donald Trump moves forward with a plan to replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg before the election. Obviously she couldn’t care less about the Constitutional rights and responsibilities of a POTUS.

      Ocasio-Cortez said Dems need to use “every tool at our disposal” to block a Senate confirmation hearing for any potential replacement nominated by President Trump. “We must also commit to using every procedural tool available to us to ensure that we buy ourselves the time necessary. We all need to be more courageous and act in unprecedented ways to make sure that our rights are stabilized.” We need to make sure we mobilize on an unprecedented scale to ensure this vacancy is reserved for the next president.”

      And remember what little Chuck E Schumer said: “Intelligence Agencies have six ways from Sunday of getting back at you.”

      The snakes and vermin in the DC cesspool are desperate!

  25. Trump was never sick at all. This is all fake news, a hoax, a staged illness. All he wanted to do was show himself getting better quickly so that he could tell people “not to fear Covid”, and look ever more resilient.

    Unfortunately, it will all be for naught, Donald.

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