Giessel, for second time, uses official state newsletter to campaign against candidates


For the second time in two weeks, Sen. Cathy Giessel has used her official letterhead at the Alaska Legislature, where she serves as Senate President, to campaign against candidates who support a full Permanent Fund dividend.

“The Governor will be putting out his budget ideas by December 15.  I am hearing a few people running for the House and Senate in our District saying that they will vote for $2.1 billion in PFDs, plus about $4 billion more for “back Dividends” (a couple of those people have signed a pledge to do that).,” Giessel wrote this week.

On Sept. 17, she also talked against candidates: “Even if you vote for ‘full PFD’ candidates, they won’t be able to pay for it any way except to ROB the Permanent Fund itself,” she wrote.

Although Giessel was defeated by Roger Holland in the Republican Primary for Senate Seat N, she will continue to serve until the next senator for the district is sworn in, which occurs in January. Holland must still win on Nov. 3; he will face Carolyn Clift on the General Election ballot. Holland has supported a full Permanent Fund dividend as established by Alaska Statute.

Until then, Giessel is bound by legislative ethics rules that forbid her from using her office or resources for the purposes of campaigning for or against candidates.

The Legislative Ethics Handbook is at this link.


  1. Giessel lost her way when she got to Juneau and was instrumental in failing to properly adjust the budget to reflect the realities of the income stream to the state. She went along with the Walker robbery of the people of Alaska and can’t be gone soon enough.

  2. She still works for her masters who got her fired,,, there are price tags on every thing we do in life.. Oh yes Cathy the owners of the PFD cannot rob their own resource… Only those that illegally pilfer the fund against the will of the people can be called Robbers. An Albatross you will wear the rest of your life… Those candidates that were in her little gang must not be rewarded for their abuse of our States Constitution. Vote Please Vote.

  3. Who knew she was still in the game? I just assumed she was running around trying to find the rest of those puppies to finish that damned coat…

  4. And, she will get away with this ethics violation.
    Worst that can happen? She is already voted out of the senate.

  5. She is a symptom, and frankly so is the full PFD. If you look at the big picture, the problem is Juneau. Legislative sessions in Juneau is the definition of insanity.

  6. I am reminded of the Black Knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The lady who just got voted out of office is telling everyone it’s just a flesh room. Cheers –

  7. I remember a certain few people filing ethics complaints against Palin, which eventually drove her from office. Do state Senators also have to pay for their own legal defense, like the Governor?

    Et tu, Brutus? Let the complaints begin.

  8. Cathy Giessel just can not go away soon enough….. It makes me sick to think that I was a staunch supporter of her’s. She belongs in jail and shunned for her despicable arrogance.

  9. The Queen is still looking for her crown, but she has lost her mind, and her head, therefore, no place to wear the crown about.

  10. ” ROB the Permanent Fund itself” , AKA not let the politicians spend it the way they want to.

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