Breaking: Trudeau suspends civil liberties in Canada to end truckers protest


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau suspended civil liberties in his country on Monday in order to end the trucker convoy and occupation of that nation’s capital, which is now in its third week. He said truckers have no right to blockade borders or prevent people from living their lives in peace, apparently unaware of the irony that his government has shut down the Canadian economy and oppressed Canadians for two years.

Trudeau’s emergency order means the government may use any means necessary, without approval from Parliament, to unblock the streets of the capital, where hundreds of trucks are parked in protest of his universal vaccine mandate that requires all truckers to provide proof of a Covid vaccine to re-enter their own nation from the United States. However, Trudeau said he will not call in the military, but his Emergencies Act will grant more power to police.

The Emergencies Act, which is Canada’s version of martial law, is effective for 30 days and allows Trudeau’s government to ban public assembly, ban travel, and outlaw the use of certain property, such as trucks.

“We cannot and will not allow illegal, dangerous activities to continue,” Trudeau said. “The police will be given more tools to restore order in places where public assemblies can constitute illegal and dangerous activities, such as blockades and occupations as seen in Ottawa, the Ambassador Bridge and elsewhere. These tools include strengthening their ability to impose fines or imprisonment.”

Trudeau’s father, former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, invoked a similar measure when he used the War Measures Act for the first time in Canadian history. In what was called the “October Crisis,” which started when members of the Front de libération du Québec kidnapped the provincial Deputy Premier Pierre Laporte and British diplomat James Cross.


    • Lol you are aware that Trudeau didn’t need to invoke the Emergencies Act to deploy the military right? I served 10 years and was deployed domestically.

  1. Trudeau cannot relent to peaceful protesters, because he is guilty of crimes against humanity, and he is not the only one that knows it. He personally continues to profit handsomely from the sale of the juice, because the University of British Columbia (whose ownership transitioned to Acuitas of which he is a shareholder) developed the lipid nano-particles that are used by all all of the vaccine makers to envelope the mRNA (otherwise the immune system would destroy it) and trick the body into accepting it. Every single time the plunger gets pushed, he profits.
    Obviously it extends far beyond him, and how he “overcomes” (and the fact that he must) these pesky citizens peacefully seeking the return (after two years) of the liberty that has been stolen from them, is of critical importance to those to whom he bows.

    It is critical that we do everything within our power to support those peaceful Canadian citizens, however small it may seem. It will take more than prayer, but asking God for help is a critical part of this. PRAY. f you don’t know how, learn. You may have guns and ammo. Good for you. They are of little use here and now. Figure out you can do to help, and DO IT. Most importantly, PRAY.

  2. The truckers should all just park at home and not move any product in Canada then we’ll would see who needs who more. No food or any freight moved by trucks until the nut in charge steps down.

    • Mark, I was going to write the exact same comment. What you are describing is a “trucker’s strike.” It will only work on the condition all other Canadian and American truckers join in and refuse to cross the line. It will require solidarity. More crowd-funding. The power is there if it can be harnessed.

    • Exactly mark. The truckers have the upper hand here, shut the entire country down. It should take about another 14 days. Canadian socialists will be beginning for mercy, no food no fuel.

      On another note a very good reason to maintain gun ownership. Citizens unarmed is a recipe for disaster.

      Trudeau is a wimp.

    • Of course you understand that 94% of Canadian truckers are vaccinated and no more than 50 semis were blocking the Windsor Bridge. The Teamsters Unions were opposed to the blockades. The real story is when a few truckers start taking food off of tables and workers laid off public sentiment turns quickly. As far as food and fuel, Canada exports both.

      • Frankie, you missed the point, while the majority of the Truckers are JABBED they have valid concerns about having to take further pokes of the clot shot in order to meet Trudeau’s next threshold of what Vaxxed means . What you are seeing is that polite society has it’s limits with nonsensical leadership and dubious health policy.

    • There were lot’s of ways they could have made their point without the breaking the law. When they started breaking the law they became radicals just like blm and antifa. Conservatives do not support law breaking even in the name of protest, it’s not what we do because we believe in the rule of law.

      • You better wrestle your party from the lawless RINOs then, because the fact that Republican leaders are siding with the truckers and contributing to their lawbreaking sure makes the conservative party in America look like it’s abandoned the rule of law.

        • You are correct about one thing there John. The GOP does need to be wrestled from the RINOs.
          However, lawless? Lawbreaking? Gee…. curious how I never see you holding the Democrat leadership to the same standard. Protests, whether they get the proper permits, or not, are still protests. What is their message? Is civil disobedience warranted? If so, are you prepared to suffer the consequences? Is getting arrested for criminal trespass, etc…. worth it? The truckers have said they are willing to take their chances in the courts.
          That is something that I just do not see from the left side of the aisle protests, or the leaders in the lawless democrat party. When the VP Candidate encourages people tp donate to bail out arsonists… well… that is not exactly taking the consequences.
          By the way John, what exactly is your PhD in anyway? I know you demanded that info on another article, and I am curious what your level of education in law is?

      • Steve, I knew we could count on you to take the kneejerk pro-establishment, pro-authority stance here.
        SCREW the law! When it is the GOVERNMENT itself that is violating the very letter and intent of the law, what else are self-respecting, freedom-loving people left to do? Just submit to tyranny like a good slave, like you, is that it?
        “If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so.”
        – Thomas Jefferson

        • Jeff,
          You do not represent self-respecting or freedom-loving people, please stop trying to act like you do.
          Do you honestly think Thomas Jefferson has anything to do with Canadian trucker blockades? These Truckers could have, and should have protested legally. Lefty keyboard radicals like yourself who do not respect the rule of law do not represent conservative values.

          • You are correct in one respect, Steve, and in one respect only: radical like myself — and yes, I AM a radical, for freedom — do NOT represent so-called “conservative” values, those being automatic conformity to, and compliance with, those in authority, no matter how corrupt, self-serving and autocratic those powers may be (and are).
            No, Steve, people like me are NOT like you, in that we value fundamental human rights, and freedom, and liberty, far more than some rigid, shallow and obsequious respect for “the law”. Particularly when that law is unjust and tyrannical.
            But thank you, Steve, for once again showing your true colors here, those being the yellow of cowardice and the brown of authoritarian brown-nosing.

          • Jeff,
            If I thought you actually understood the words you use I might be convinced that you believe what you are saying. Since it’s abundantly clear you neither understand the words you use, let alone believe them, please stop with the show. Thomas Jefferson is rolling over in his grave that someone with absolutely no understanding of his words would misuse them the way you have, your ignorance is shameful. These truckers broke completely unrelated laws because they disagree with mandates. Mandates that they could easily not subject themselves to…can’t drive over an international border, ok don’t drive across an international border. Blockade a boarder because you don’t want to drive across that boarder and thus break the law? These truckers did not have to break the law to prove their point and instead of proving their point they made a spectacle of it, like how you do with each and every one of your ridiculous posts. Simply put they went for show over substance, just like you continually do.
            While you may think these truckers have a new and never before known right to not only their job, but also a new and never before known right to interstate travel without restriction in pursuit of their jobs, any thinking person knows that only leftists think such things. There is no constitutionally protected right to having a job, there is no constitutionally protected right to interstate travel without restriction. Granted radical leftists like yourself would have jobs become a constitutionally protected right, and you would have all borders broken down so that there are no limits on where one might travel at their choosing, but here…in America we have laws and we have a constitution. If you want to be a Canadian trucker, that breaks laws then go for it, you do you. But your radical leftist ideas simply do not work.

    • park the trucks, no freight or fuel movement shut it down. Blackball every trucker that moves for the next 90 days. we will see who needs who. the transportation industry rules.

  3. Funny, this story was on and when I clicked it I got a blank screen. I sat for several seconds then my screen blinked and went back to the home page. This story was nowhere to be found. Of course, I found it here. Everyone, please pass this story on. This could happen here and probably will. Little Justin is showing his true colors and roots. The little puppet is getting his strings pulled by the Globalist Elites telling him to take control of the country or they’ll find someone who will. Little Justin may find out his next job will be in a Chinese shoe factory.

    • What story? The Canadian government responding after 2 weeks of lawless rioting by truckers opposed to vaccines? Oh no, call the wambulance.

      • John, as usual we see only more lies, leftist projection of malice, and kneejerk support for authoritarianism from you. How typical, how hypocritical, how leftist.
        There has been literally nothing “lawless”, and absolutely no “rioting”, in the ENTIRELY civil, peaceful and fully justified protests by Canadian truckers against the evil Covidian mandates of the Canadian government. Unlike, say, the REAL rioting, lawlessness and rampant criminal activity of the Burn, Loot and Murder riots of the summer of 2020 that leftist apologists like you condoned if not actively supported. I’ll say it again: hypocrisy, thy name is radical leftist.
        But it is interesting to see you hypocritical and disingenuous radical leftists, along with establishmentarian trolls like Steve-O, suddenly become SO concerned about ‘lawlessness’, after the BLM ‘Summer of Love’ two years ago, when similar concerns from people like you were nowhere to be heard.

  4. A national edict from his hidden bunker somewhere in Canada, in hiding, from his fellow countrymen and women. Not just an ordinary coward, a True Doe coward.

  5. Behold unapologetic, naked and undeniable tyranny.
    And yes, that is EXACTLY what we are seeing here from the Canadian government — pure and unadulterated tyranny. The globalist scum and sociopaths are going for keeps here, now, with their Covidian coercion and insanity. Will the Canadian people stand up to them and send them packing, or bow (yet again) to police state tactics and full Orwellian dictatorial dystopia? It will be interesting to see this play out.
    Justin Trudeau is a monster, and outright evil. It is really that simple. And anyone who supports him in his tyranny is just as evil as he is, and is the enemy of freedom.

  6. Wow, this is setting a precedent!!especially since there has been no violence reported that I am aware of. Kinda reminds me of the civil rights protests of the sixties. However I wouldn’t want to get between the truckers and the police if any serious confrontations occur. Mosttruckers I know, don’t go down easy!!

    • In all honesty, we patriots must admit, blockading a border is a violation of law. Blockading any public riight-of-way is also a violation of law.

      • So what, Wayne? When faced with outright tyranny, I have no patience and no respect for pro-authoritarians bleating about “the law”. What about the gross violation of HUMAN RIGHTS that the Canadian government is engaging in? Don’t give me “violating the law” as some feeble excuse for not standing up against that!

        • Jefferson, you support lawless criminals then. You can use any excuse you want, at the end of the day, you’re not equipped to argue policy or the law. You side with criminals. You removed yourself from any discussion.

          • Protesting a wrong makes someone a lawless criminal? What are you doing to protect our own hard fought for freedoms that are be being whittled away by marxists?

          • Jeff, when standing up for freedom and the fundamental dignity and rights of individuals sets one against ‘the law’, then I PROUDLY stand against the law.
            Now, go lick your master’s boots once again, and make your pathetic appeals to conformity and servile compliance to authoritarians.

        • Jefferson, in the case of truckers, if they were properly unified, they could exert more power without breaking any laws than almost any other faction in Canada or USA. A continent-wide trucking strike of all truckers would bring everyone to their knees willing to bargain with the truckers. Very few other factions possess that kind of economic power.

      • Yep, had the freedom truckers not broken the law they would have had more public sympathy and support. Everyday people don’t support law breaking. There were lot’s of ways they could have made their point without the blockade. Every conservative that I know believes in the rule of law, those masquerading as conservatives and pushing their own agenda not so much.

        • When government is violating their OWN law, much less grossly violating human rights and fundamental freedoms, it is every person’s duty and right to not only protest those actions, but to take action against them.
          But I know that you, Steve-O, will never miss a chance to stand up for and support authoritarianism and tyranny, particularly when it comes wrapped in a putative “public health” package, courtesy of the World Economic Forum and their “Great Reset” (i.e., neo-feudalism).

        • Jeff,
          You don’t understand the basic principles at play here. These protesters went too far when they willfully broke laws that have nothing to do with covid mandates, laws they did not need to break to prove their point. This makes their actions as invalid as the blm and antifa rioters, but then you’ve already cast your lot with those who do not believe in the rule of law.

  7. NOW(!!!), is the perfect time for America to encourage: Yukon Territory, Northwest Territories, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba to succeed and become additional states of freedom loving America.

  8. What “rights” do truckers have to use their trucks to block bridges and roads? None that I am aware of. The Canadian government has been very tolerant until now of the illegal activity of some truckers in blocking public roadways and disrupting commerce. I hope some of the potential sanctions will include the forfeiture of their trucks and barring any foreign truck drivers from entering Canada in the future.

    • No Sympathy, your name is aptly chose. No sympathy for those who hold their liberties and health dear and who after suffering for a long time the oppression of tyranny peacefully protested. One suggestion , perhaps you change your handle to Sociopath. There fixed it for you!

    • What we’re seeing here is citizens petitioning their government at the required volume. If the government wasn’t flipping Canadians the double birds this wouldn’t be where it is.

    • You make valid points. However, all the rights you enjoy, which are protected by our constitution, were secured by the blood sacrifice of patriots. Reasonable and thoughtful Americans are forever thankful for our liberties. Your screen name and condescending suggestions are disgraceful. We pity you.

    • What right does anyone have to force someone to inject something that messes with their DNA or lose their job? The government hasn’t been tolerant at all. Apparently, religious exemptions or health exemptions don’t matter to Trudeau. When 90% of vaccinated citizens isn’t enough for the tyrant who refuses to even TALK to people, it’s clear he’s on a power trip. He could have ended this at any point, yet continually chooses to side against his own people.

    • No sympathy, you are correct and the criminal sympathizers on here ignore laws being broken simply because they are afraid of vaccines and support any means to oppose them in society. The mustread crowd in general has gone 180 degrees out from their positions on protests and riots that occurred in the US opposed to racial inequality, police brutality, or social unrest
      They still hold fond memories of their beloved insurrection last january though.They still support those violent thugs.

      • See the blatant dishonesty of a radical leftist here, being paraded once again for all to see.
        The Canadian truckers are not protesting against vaccines, John, they are protesting the coercive mandates FORCING them, and everyone else, to comply with an inhuman and tyrannical forced submission to vaccine MANDATES. It is illustrating, though, how you dance around deny the fundamental issue here, that being governmental coercion and authoritarianism. That is probably because the foundation of your insane political beliefs is centered around mass coercion and authoritarianism.

  9. Trudeau really thinks that if he says the truckers are a danger, and he repeats three times, it will true even when there is no evidence whatsoever that even one of them has broken a single law.

  10. Citizens of the World are arising everywhere. Australia, New Zealand, Europe, etc. are seeing masses in the streets demanding end to government tyranny. Communism’s dream, “Workers of the World unite.” Or, possibly Communism’s nightmare in this case. Anyway, Let’s Go Brandon

  11. Language matters.

    Prince Justin said at one point that the protesters held “unacceptable views.” While exceptionally stupid, his language captures and distills a critical point: That the Left fundamentally does not believe in freedom of speech. In Canada is this known as the fundamental right of opinion and expression. The language varies from the US Constitution, which is important generally, but the core idea is the same. The Prime Minister has over-reached with the use of this language and it will come back to bite him hard. Justin Trudeau might have the temporary power to suppress free speech and declare some views as “unacceptable” but that is repugnant to the majority in Canada and the United States. There is little doubt in my mind that many in the media and in the faux-ruling class share this view. In the long run, this attitude will fail and will fail badly.

    • Excellent points, JMark, particularly about the contemporary radical “leftists” (read: fascists), and their raging intolerance, and their outright hatred of freedom of speech and expression. They must censor and crush all dissent, because they know, in the blackness of their evil and twisted souls, that have neither the moral nor the intellectual high ground.

  12. @Wayne D Coogan
    In the country that I live it coercing individuals to get an experimental (and dangerous now we are finding) medical treatment when there are suitable alternatives that are less dangerous is against the law. When you take away a person’s livelihood because they do not comply with a tyrannical rule then you are the aggressor. Beware the man with nothing, for they have nothing left to lose. Tyrants are making these things happen. They want them to happen to be able to justify more tyrannical rule. Just beware the man with nothing….

  13. The Left always likes to portray itself as being “compassionate” and caring for the ‘little guy’ or blue collar workers, while demonizing their opponents as the opposite. That works well for them as long as they are compliant to their direction. In Canada, the leftest Trudeau has pushed greater and greater authoritarian mandates and expecting the usual orderly compliance. Well, the Canadian working class is being destroyed by the crushing mandates. They have decided to take to the streets and exercise peaceful demonstrations against this. Now the people are seeing the true nature of the left when they are opposed. Trudeau is using every available dictatorial power to crush this resistance. It will fail miserably. The good thing is that the people world wide will see that the left is obsessed with ever more power and will destroy anyone who resists.

    • The only thing that the left has, or wants to have, is coercion and power. All their nicey-nicey talk is just a (very thin) smokescreen for “DO WHAT WE TELL YOU TO DO, DAMMIT, OR ELSE!”

    • The right used to be about law and order. When did you decide the ends justify the means to the point breaking the law is OK in your mind?

      • “If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so.”
        – Thomas Jefferson
        Tell us, John, would you also have condemned the black Civil Rights protesters of the 1960s as well? Because they were also ‘breaking the law”.

        • Jefferson. The civil rights protesters of the 1960’s who followed Dr. King practiced civil disobedience in which they willfully violated laws, fully expecting to be arrested. When arrested, they did not resist. Normally, their infractions were misdemeanors for which they spent a few days in jail. So if you want to compare the Canadian truckers to the civil rights protesters, you should have no problem with their being arrested and jailed for their illegal activity.

  14. Perhaps Beijing Biden should consider invading Canada to protect its citizens from a crazed despot and restore democracy & leave the Ukraine alone!

  15. Justine has tested positive for fascism.

    The truckers should all peacefully just go back home…..and park their trucks.
    It will only take a few days before Justine finds out that he and all of Canada needs the truckers
    a lot more than they need him.

  16. The target is funding in support of the truckers. Parliament needs to approve this w/in 7 days. Also expect it to end up in Canadian court. Have more hope it will die in Parliament as Little Justin heads a minority government. Canadian courts like Alaskan courts have been very supportive of all COVID rules, restrictions and mandates over the last 2 years. This action is not without risk for Little Justin. Cheers –

  17. Why the mandates here have not been exposed for what they are is beyond the pale. ie. Backdoor forced push for government socialized obama care.

  18. Sadly, this USA is not the country I was born into. My father was a democratic committeeman, and my mother a republican committeeman. They used to joke about canceling out each other’s votes. After all-out slug fests during a campaign season, legislators both state and federal, got together and worked to pass laws that would benefit all. There was no ID politics and the democrats represented the working class. They did believe that big government would solve all the problems, but championed civil rights legislation that actually helped bring that about. And people then were more independent and outspoken. They respected others’ rights to speak out. Businesses and people were not canceled for disagreeing with those in power. And in Canada, politics were almost boring. Going back and forth between the borders was no problem and many enjoyed Canada.
    Contrast that with what is happening now. Democrats still believe in big government, but they also are dividing people into races and canceling out people and business that don’t agree with them. The fascism that is developing now was predicted by writer Sinclair Lewis in the 1930’s. Most of us even 20 years ago would have disagreed with that hypothesis. But here it is, with businesses like My Pillow being canceled out by stores and now even banks. Why? Because their owner backed Trump. And in normally quiet Canada disagreements have turned into protests like the Truckers against mandates that free people never thought they would see in either of our countries. We no longer talk to each other or even respect each others’ rights to differ. Until we correct this, those that wish to divide us will have won, whether we are in Canada, the US, or any other country.

    • “When fascism comes to America, it will will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”

      – Sinclair Lewis

      Reminds me of Trump hugging the flag and holding a bible upside down. Fascism is being brought to America but not by those you think.

    • Shelia (Sheila?), while I do not disagree at all with anything you have to say here, I do think it is worth pointing out that all the extreme intolerance, demands for censorship, and general coercion is coming almost exclusively from the Democrats and so-called “left”, who are in fact no longer politically”left” at all, by any traditional meaning of that word, but who have in fact swung around into virtually complete authoritarianism and yes, fascism.

  19. Remember, last year Republicans all opposed the Federal trucker pension legislation. Biden signed it into law, and every single Republican opposed it. Good thing Republicans have their backs, right?

  20. Adult Trudeau is not mature enough to be leading a country. He is proving to be an insecure yet despotic child in a mans body. Many Canadians seem to be waking up to the ample negative side of socialism with the squelching of individual freedoms and no voice. Pray for Canada. Pray for our own nation as we too are now led by Marxist leaning tyrants.

    • So much for my careful review before posting, and I did review. The word ‘Adult’ was not before ‘Trudeau’ but appeared upon posting from my iPad. Chinese engineered ‘Auto-mistake’ again randomly interjecting out of place words.

  21. It’s really pathetic to see how desperate some trolls are to tie Trump into a Canadian protest and Canadian fascism.

    Trump really should charge some people appearance fees for how much
    time he lives in their brains.

  22. This isn’t about pensions, it’s about freedom and not being forced to have government shoot chemicals into your body. Mr. Seymour ask yourself this…why do we have so few photos of the protest? Here’s why…no burning, looting, raping, killing, molotov cocktails, and takeovers of public lands/buildings. These truckers even clean up their own trash. The Ottawa chief of police resigned because he won’t arrest and bear arms against peaceful citizens.

  23. “All tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but once the fraud is exposed, they must rely exclusively on force.”
    George Orwell

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