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Stranger stabbing at library sends woman to hospital

Drug overdoses, sex in the stacks -- it's common knowledge that the Loussac is in trouble

Pornography for teens is a bad look for libraries, and so are people shooting up drugs and overdosing in the elevators. Now, you may want to be armed — at least with a taser — if you go to the Anchorage Loussac Library.

According to Anchorage police, 32-year-old Corey L. Ahkivgak, was sitting at a table in the lobby on Sunday afternoon, when he stood up and ran toward a man and woman who were returning books. Ahkivgak stabbed the woman in the back and fled the building on foot. The woman was taken to the hospital by ambulance and is expected to survive.

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Ahkivgak had been in the area for two or three hours, when the woman and man approached the book return kiosk to handle their library business. That’s when the attacker suddenly ran over and stabbed the woman.

It’s the kind of thing that happens on buses in Anchorage — a stabbing happened on a city bus about six weeks ago — and in other places where homeless mentally ill gather.

Listen as Assemblyman John Weddleton defends the rights of vagrants to occupy the library.

A description of Ahkivgak was aired over the police radio, and officers formed a perimeter near the library. They brought in a K-9, but did not track down the suspect immediately. Just before 5 pm, a swing shift officer saw a man matching Ahkivgak’s description walking near 36th Avenue and Cottonwood Street (Locarno Drive), and took the man into custody. He was identified as Ahkivgak.

The knife was said to be a small knife, like a Swiss Army knife, according to Must Read Alaska sources.

Then, while being transported to the police department for questioning, Ahkivgak slipped his handcuffs, from the back of his body.

The officer pulled his vehicle over, removed Ahkivgak, re-cuffed his hands behind him, and then placed hobbles onto Ahkivgak’s legs to keep him from slipping the cuffs again.

While Ahkivgak was sitting in the interview room at APD Headquarters, he flipped over the table, causing it to break. At the conclusion of the interview, Ahkivgak was remanded at the Anchorage Jail on the charges of Assault III, Violate Conditions of Release, Criminal Mischief IV (for the damage to the interview room), and Assault I.

Police said this was a random attack, as there was no indication that Ahkivgak and the victim knew one another. The motive for the attack is still under investigation.

In 2018, Ahkivgak was charged with felony assault for beating his mother with a frying pan after she told him to leave her house.

The current policies put in place by the most recent librarian for the Anchorage Library led to the unsafe conditions in the library, where the library has become a day shelter for seriously mentally ill people, drug addicts, and porn addicts. Under the past library leadership, it has become a social service agency, and day camp for homeless people. The past policies created Drag Queen Story Hour, and social services provided.

Although Mayor Dave Bronson has made it a priority to make the library safer, the leftist Assembly has bucked him at every turn in terms of putting safety first.

Amy Demboski, the municipal manager, said she is considering doing a safety stand-down to train staff in situational awareness and deescalation techniques with an expert. Demboski is currently in charge of the libraries, with Judy Eledge as her deputy library director, since the Anchorage Assembly refused to confirm either of Mayor Bronson’s library director choices. The Mayor’s Office is in the process of interviewing candidates for the position.

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. This is why we have the Armor of God and you pray without ceasing. You even pray over the buildings and cars you enter. I ain’t going to stop going to the library. Besides! It needs more conservatives and more bible reading groups meeting at the library (daily). Besides! Most of the homeless are kind and try to be courteous. that man might had been wrong thinking or demon possessed. Good chance is the homeless don’t want to be around him either, which i guess why he was alone. You see why anchorage needs christ shared.

          • Uh, what? The very definition of faith is absolute belief despite an absence of evidence. Religious truth exists only in your mind and it’s not “same with religion” at all.
            You cannot be a reliable and objective proponent of science if you’re willing to inject personal views for which no evidence ever existed.

          • What purpose would that serve, jefferson? Let’s not stray too far from the topic at hand. This is about the Loussac Library and how under the leadership of the Anchorage Assembly a property worth millions intended to encourage our youth to become something more than gaming enthusiasts has been turned into a drug, sex, and bum haven peppered with incidences of senseless violence against women. There may be an article on how a piece of paper may or may not spare you exposure to the flu bug but this is not it.

    • Demboski is going to be somehow involved in leading or organizing deescalation training???? Demboski can’t even deescalate her own uncontrollable behaviors against our liberal assembly men and women!

  2. I haven’t gone to the library once in the past five years. I took my young son there and he got to see a couple having sex in a lovely upholstered chair. That was it. When I mentioned it to the clerk at the check out counter, he shrugged. Apparently this was no big deal.

    I guess folks pay for sex shows, and we got one for free. I’m not particularly grateful for that.

  3. FAS, no doubt about it. The villages turn these guys loose because they are too troublesome, too violent, too angry, take your pick. Then they come to anchorage, land of the handout. Once here they can get free bus rides, free old cell phones, clothes, food warm libraries to haunt, shelters, etc.
    Ask the assembly, the only way to help these guys is to throw more money at them or have another peer review think tank session to get to the root of the problem. If you want to help……stop feeding them, stop giving them money at the intersections, stop “taking care” of them. Maybe they can work at something that requires little training or supervision like shoveling snow, sanding sidewalks, picking up trash. Actually being a productive member of rather than a blight on society. Or we can let up keep treating the lousssac like a smack shack and raising property taxes, that’s been working pretty good so far.

  4. Clearly the ‘system’ is not working for this victim.

    Regretfully it wasn’t an assembly member that got the knife….If it had been you would be seeing an instant change in policy.

    • The only policy change would be that the assembly staff would all get armed guards 24/7. These filthy socialists don’t care about the public.

  5. Perhaps our new head librarian should have a degree in Police Science instead of Library blather. I have often wondered whether earning a Library degree is like earning a Law degree where your first semester includes coursework in how to suspend your natural inclinations to abhor lawlessness and be able to defend people you believe are actually guilty. Perhaps Librarians learn to tolerate graphic pornography among the children’s literature, and support weirdos of all flavors as Citizen teachers. Whoever shrugged at people having sex on the library furniture needs to be fired.
    Amy, you seem to be the one most concerned about making a positive difference at the community level. Take aim at this nonsense and put an end to it.

  6. Yet another reminder why I left Anchorage years ago. Juneau may have an unhealthy obsession with drag shows, but otherwise is saner and safer.

    The Assembly cares more about this guy than they do about the paypigs (taxpayers) who fund their socialist utopia. And Anchorage votes them back in time and again.

  7. Anchorage’s Alaska native “corner dwellers” are no different to those shaved headed “first People’s” of most European countries, thugs, drug addicts and racists.

    It’s about time people woke up and stopped worshiping these bad actors, stop giving them a pass based on their skin color.

    Start to jail them like the Europeans readily do with their native scum.

    Just think about that, for one second before commenting!

    • I thought about: “Bad Actors” “Corner Dwellers” “Europeans” “Native Scum” “Shaved Headed” (and not “Shaven Headed”) and was wondering if you ever think for one second what you sound like to other people? I’m not sure where to go from here so I’ll just leave it at that. ~CHEERS!

      • Wait until your family are on the pointy end of that knife, then you’ll be right there with the “had enough with this crap” Europeans in their, “ban knives, save lives” mantra (look it up).

        Like I said, we’re done with your Marxist assembly politically correct tosh.

  8. Remember when the library was not a social cesspool?
    That was in the days before the Marxist Nine came to power.
    But that is just a coincidence, I’m sure.
    (rolls eyes)

  9. Lock them up in the library. We need a facility for the mentally ill, and the library is as good a place as anywhere else. I have the biggest library ever constructed in my hands right now, so don’t need the Loussac Library anymore. Indeed, I saw the sign at the entrance of Mat-Su College yesterday that said that their library is no longer open to the general public. Who needs ’em?
    But what we DO need, and desperately, is a facility to CONTAIN the mentally ill……..or the tools to direct the damage they do upon the people who enable them………

    • For quite some time, Bean’s Cafe and Brother Francis Shelter were filling that role. The talking points issued by their enablers touted the cost savings of warehousing them versus actually treating them. Of course, anyone who experienced what life was like there and/or had opportunity to see treatment in action would know better, especially when you factor in the cost of health care and other emergency services.
      While it’s long been acknowledged that Alaska’s mental health system is broken, there’s been a lack of detailed coverage, particularly recently. We’ve heard about the golden parachutes afforded members of the entitled class like Dr. Blanford, but that’s about it.

  10. Shut the dump down!!! What’s it going to take before the buffoons realize the problem, a murder? a rape? Shut the dam place down now!

  11. Going around Anchorage unarmed is always a mistake. That is likely as true in Mid-town as anywhere. Liberal social policies, especially free hand-outs, are to blame. Americans were much smarter a while back.

  12. Years back all library computers had filters, so that you could surf the web, but not porn. Then our “more enlightened” librarians got rid of it. Now they wonder why they get more and more of the same. I have compassion for people, who are homeless and are trying to get out. However if you chose to stay in that life style and then expect everyone else to pick up your slack and supply you with a no-rules living…that’s not okay.
    Ironically during the Covid mess, my local library had a security guard sit at the front entrance and admonish all to wear masks!
    My suggestion is to re-install the filters, hire security and have everyone, who behaves inappropriately removed.

  13. The Matsu Libraries – Wasilla & Palmer – are dealing with some issues as well. More along the line of using the library as a day shelter. Especially the bathrooms. This is not a problem limited to Anchorage.

    • It is sad, but not uncommon, for libraries to serve as refuges for those seeking shelter. Until that problem is addressed, public places will serve that purpose because they are, well, public places.

      • yes I agree, the fact that public property exists is a huge problem that should be handled sooner rather than later

  14. These people like Ahkivgak do NOTHING for society and should all be sent to Adak to live out their lives. Weekly air drops of food and supplies and let them fight it out for survival!

  15. If this is how most of the republican voters plus the 750 extra viewers really think how to respond to the homeless. you are all are no brighter nor less american than the nine liberal assembly members whose liberal crowd will agree the homeless plus the unvaccinated and other dregs of society should be shipped together to the same island. The disunity attitude doesn’t help with the problem nor prepare the voters be more unified facing rank choice voting to vote for red candidates.its easy to think the homeless don’t care about their future when they are idle, or the unvaccinated does’t care about their health and neighbors health when your bubble world is small thats why you all ought to finanacially contribute to support RACS. Revive. Alaska. Community. Services. It is a comfort homeless housing project. I know majority of you if not all are good and kind and don’t mean how your comments sound and how democrats might harp on it. You can google RACS. It will serve the homeless, abused, and addict, and unvaccinated better.(i am just kidding about the last word)

    • Are you sure that a person with a world view based on a 2000 year old fictitious novel should be assessing the intelligence of others? Would Jesus approve of your assertion that other posters were worse than the homosexuals that have been allowed voice on the ANC Assembly? That doesn’t sound particularly christian of you.
      Perhaps God should smite the assembly members? Some of them? If so, which specific ones?
      The Lord works in mysterious ways and perhaps one of those ways involves having a disproportionate percentage of unholy individuals on the Assembly. Then again, priests are big fans of that behavior so maybe they’re not unholy. I’m poorly qualified to judge men who lie with men and women who lie with women. Just smite ’em and be done with it.
      Any chance there’s a vid of the lovebird’s in Ms. Nygaard’s upholstered chair? Just interested in knowing what’s acceptable Loussac behavior of course.
      I recall years ago when Arnie Link gave the MOA the amazing gift that allowed us all to have such a beautiful library. I doubt Arnie had in mind it being used as an overpriced facility for the dregs of society to shoot up, stab and screw which begs the question…
      Which is the greater drag in this instance? The perpetrator at the Loussac, the Assembly member that has allowed such a beautiful facility to become waste, or the electorate that allowed them voice? My thought is that it’s the electorate and as long as we have the PFD, Covid Emergency Rental Assistance Program, Supplemental Unemployment benefits, etc… we’ll have a parasitic electorate.

    • You are fooling yourself Jen if you think these vagabonds and vagrants want any help being pulled out of the proverbial gutters. All they want is your money, food, and where to get their next bottle of booze or drug hit. They provide ZERO benefit to the rest of society – unless you consider being employed by one of many dozens of charities, or public swamp jobs, that keep these people living on the streets in perpetuity.

  16. Per the competitors news site, Ahkivgak had been facing charges of third-degree assault that stemmed from an incident in early December in which he was accused of “assaulting women at random,” according to charges filed in Sunday’s stabbing.

    The charges were dismissed Jan. 6 when Superior Court Judge Josie Garton found 32-year-old Ahkivgak incompetent to stand trial. He was then released from custody.

    I would venture that the current attack was something that the judge should have known was highly likely to occur…..

    • It’s ludicrous that Judge Garton would let him go. What if this was a pitbull biting women at random? It would already be locked up, and likely euthanized.
      Do we really hold our pets to a higher standard than human beings?

  17. This is a growing problem that our media ignores. Asian women in the lower 48 have absolute targets on their backs. They’re getting stabbed, clubbed, thrown into moving trains…When will something be done? So far, nothing and I imagine it’s because of who the attackers are.

    • Are Asian women being attacked in the Loussac Library, Jim? Because that’s what this article is about; the Loussac. There’s a TED Talk you may find interesting about libraries and it’s entitled “How to design a library that makes kids want to read”. The title implies that the concept of a library has something to do with encouraging wonder and learning. That’s what libraries are for.
      Somewhere in the last few years the Anchorage Assembly has lost sight of the fact that a library’s primary purpose is to foster learning and instead of making it a place where young people can learn they’ve steered it away toward an environment that an Anchorage Assembly member might take pleasure in. In one convenient location you can sate yourself on publicly displayed electronic images of debauchery, disrespect and objectification of women, share an STD while rutting on a lovely upholstered chair, you can fire up your favorite mind altering substance (no booze… too legal) and sleep it off amongst similarly unwashed and fetid visitors and even stab a middle aged woman or two if you get to feeling your oats. Not enough, Jim? Watch the schedule of events for an opportunity to see some variant of a pot bellied Chris Constant sporting a dress, wig, makeup, and the longest eyelashes you’ve ever seen reading a tawdry story to children about how a future social deviant has two dads that can only express their love for each other through their stool. Different kind of bum than we were talking about earlier, Jim. Got that fetching picture of Mr. Constant in your mind? Good. Yes yes, he’s the disrespectful and inarticulate POS that calls his better a slut but under his breath like a coward. That’s what our library has become, Jim.
      Now the question for you Jim, is what are you going to do about it?
      I’ll tell you what not to do, Jim. Don’t send any of your Asian lady friends in there. Don’t send anyone in there. It’s infected with societal vermin, Jim. Burn your library card and vote that the haven be closed until such time as we have responsible people on the Anchorage Assembly. I hope that helps, Jim.

  18. Turns out this guy was released on an earlier assault charge because he was found incompetent to stand trial. So they just let him go. The library really isn’t responsible for the actions that result from bungled court proceedings. Or is it? And if not, who or what? Inquiring minds want to know.

    • That premise is flawed. The City is definitely responsible for maintaining the health and safety of those using our public facilities and that responsibility is not absolved simply by the City saying “oops”. There must be accountability at the Anchorage Assembly, the court system, and at each level between. Absent that there’s no incentive to do a better job and a comfortable reliance on liberal pap as your assertion suggests. Would you like more Ahkivgak’s running around? How about more Clayton Charlies? They are an outgrowth of a population willing to look the other way and if you’d like to live in an environment where you and your husband is safe Homo, you’ll also need to grow a pair.

  19. Hope the woman has not suffered permanent injuries. Why is no one questioning the Alaska Court system and legal/mental health entities that would release a violent perpetrator back into the community-at-large? This man has attacked individuals on the streets, and his violent outbursts could have well occurred on city buses, or in local retail stores, churches or parks. This is a troubling Alaska story – not just a dreadful event occurring in a city library on Sunday afternoon hours.

  20. This was reported on ADN that the woman received a spinal injury and was in intensive care. Sad story.

  21. I have been attacked at the library more than once. I used to post about the conditions there on local Facebook groups but got shouted off by the bleeding hearts. I said more than once that someone will get shot or stabbed there. Welp. Here we are.

    Last summer I was getting the wifi outside during the shutdown. A man walked up to me demanding I give him a charger. I told him I didn’t have one and he spit on me saying “F white people.” I have been threatened with assault more than once for not providing change, cigarettes, chargers, time, drugs, to people. You are in no way safe going to the Loussac.

    Another time I actually caught a guy in the act of stealing my bike. This is directly in front of the security cameras. The security guard also just shrugged at me. At least my bike didn’t get stolen. That time. Another time it did.

    Drugs and drinking in the bathrooms seemed to be the norm. Using the toilet was about like any prison movie I’ve ever seen.

    There are NO quiet areas. The people are so out of control even asking someone to please be quiet in a quiet area can mean you are risking your life. Security will not help you.

    Whatever you do though don’t bring food or candy in. That can get you banned.

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