Breaking: Tara Sweeney suspends campaign for Congress


Republican Tara Sweeney, who struggled to get traction in her run for U.S. Congress, has officially suspended her campaign. She made the announcement on Instagram on Tuesday, saying she’s taking her name out of the final four that will appear on the November ranked choice ballot.

“Looking at the outcome of the Regular Primary election, I don’t see a path to victory, nor to raise the resources needed to be successful this November,” she wrote. While she did not say who she would endorse, she said she looks “forward to working with a true Alaskan willing to carry forward the legacy of Don Young while serving in Congress.

That leaves just three people on the ballot for the regular general election — Sarah Palin, Mary Peltola, and Nick Begich, the same three who were on the ballot for the special primary election, whose results are not yet finalized.

Sweeney came in fifth in the special primary election, but after Al Gross was forced out by unknown forces, her name was not added to the special general election ballot.

Edited: The same pattern will not repeat for the regular general election — by her dropping out early, Libertarian Chris Bye will be on the ballot in November.

Sweeney had only gotten 3.7% of the votes in the regular primary election.


  1. Team Alaska, it’s Kelly Sara and big mike immediately for a change, nick begich can replace Dan Sullivan you bet. Republican clowns put a democrat in the lead, clowns Sara deserves our votes. Only Lisa’s family should have vote for her. It’s it us the voters or dominion & rank stank choice. Shameless so help you GOD oath breakers. Lisa your exposed.

    • We are not clowns. Palin is a liberal.
      Palin supported benefits for same sex partners at the State level when Governor.
      The “gay press” was applauding the move at the time.
      She raise taxes & helped shrink our only industry (ACES something Les Gara loved)
      State Gov GREW under Sarah Palin

      The “coup de grace” ? … along w/ Billionaire grifter, Alice Rogoff, Palin endorsed Walker & he used our PF to GROW government even more then Palin had.

      She talks conservative, but does things liberals applaud.

      • What is wrong with liberals?
        It is leftists that are the problem. If Sarah is OK with gay partners having the same benefits as straight ones, what is the issue? And, I disagree with her pushing for ACES, but if I only voted for politicians that I agree with 100% of the time, I would never cast a vote.

    • Palin will likely lose to Peltola. I ran the numbers and even if Palin gets 2/3rds of begich’s votes with 85% of Begich’s voters ranking a second canidate, Palin will still lose the election by a couple hundred votes. She could still win, but don’t be too sure about it.

    • I don’t see the conspiracy. Although not a fan of Sweeney, I think she is being smart. She knows running against Sarah or Nick is a fool’s errand. Just a waste of energy and money. It is the right move.

      • As third choice, she would have been ranked by those who are ranking the red. Petola wouldn’t. I tend to agree with Chuck. Apparently being from the Bush is more important than party affiliation to Tara. Would be a good thing to remember the next time she surfaces in the political world. Cheers –

  2. Save your voice, energy, and money, Tara. The Democrat Party has determined that two Native women running for one seat is even more equity than they would normally ask for.

  3. She’s weeks late in doing this. I mentally suspended her when she played the race and gender cards.

  4. Thanks Tara. You would have been great in Congress. Looking forward to hearing about you in the future.

  5. When the bear doctor dropped out last time and Sweeney had a third party sue to allow her on to the ballot we were told that the statute governing elections says a candidate must drop out 64 days before the general election for the substitution provision to be applied. Now I’m not good at math, but if Sweeney dropped out on the 23rd of August that’s 77 days and 77 is more than 64. In this case, the fifth place candidate should move on to the general ballot.

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