Breaking: Sen. Reinbold bounced from Judiciary chair


Senate Committee on Committees changed out the chair of Senate Judiciary today, taking it away from Sen. Lora Reinbold and putting in place Sen. Roger Holland, District N.

Reinbold has been using the committee to advance her own agenda, rather than the majority caucus agenda, sources said. That includes waging a personal war with the governor over his various ways of handling the Covid-19 crisis over the past year.

The governor finally responded with a scathing letter saying his office would no longer cooperate with her demands.

Reinbold was present in the audience during the committee meeting, which was brief.

To move workload around, Sen. Holland was removed from Labor and Commerce Committee and Sen. Josh Revak was subbed in as vice chair. Sen. President Peter Micciche was added to Labor and Commerce.

The matter passed the Senate 17-1, with only Reinbold voting no. Two members were absent.


  1. Elections have consequences, good or bad. In her case it was plain bad. Her constituents need to think about that next election cycle. Think she needs to spend more time with her family.

  2. Hey, lets make a 100% turn-over in the Senate Finance Committee. They could stand doing work other than finance. The debt gets deeper and deeper with the Finance group that hasn’t been changed out in years.

  3. Yeah, if you don’t cowtow to the senate bull, you just get kicked to the curb. This is the new government bull and it is going to end up in a civli war.

  4. You always know exactly where Senator Reinbold stands on each and every issue. I applaud her and support her for standing on her convictions. She will never be accused of being a RINO. If any of you youngsters remember the fable of The Emperors New Clothes. One person stood for the truth, not the popular opinion. Lora always stands for the truth and my constitutional rights. I will vote for her every chance I get.

  5. They discipline Sen. Reinbold for having a mind of her own! ( she isn’t even disrespectful like a jezebel spirited woman ) but Alaska doesn’t discipline Rep. Rasmussen and Rep. Merrick? There is something Wrong! That’s where the problems start with Alaska problems, Alaskans don’t know the difference between strong women and arrogant women.

  6. Considering she is one of the only elected officials down there trying to reign in the spending problem they have. We need more down there with a backbone to stand up to these big spenders.

  7. I applaud Senator Lora Reinbold for having the courage to question the prevailing narrative during this ongoing
    covid pandemic! She has been one of the few voices we the people have had in Juneau willing to ask the difficult questions and to speak out when she saw government overreach at both the state and federal level. She has consistently spoken up in support and defense of the Constitutional Rights of All Alaskans and I for one and grateful for her service!

  8. Lora is by far the least effective senator in the Legislature. She has no aptitude for influencing an outcome, or effecting policy, or commanding any sort of respect among her peers. Literally everyone in the Legislature has written her off.

    Lora, some people got it; others don’t. There’s a better calling for you somewhere. Good luck finding it.

  9. We stand with Reinbold.
    She asks the right questions.
    She demands response.
    Effective getting under the skin of
    Plodding back door desk makers.
    Go with Reinbold

  10. Reinbold is easily the most polarizing person in the Senate and has been for a long time. The recent vote to oust Reinbolt speaks for itself. Senate took a chance with Reinbolt and she abused her power.
    I agree with some of Reinbold stances, but this women is a nut job.

    As far as Chugiak/Eagle River goes Reinbold, my question to you is ” where is the Bacon”?

    Outside of bringing more sad headlines for the good people of my home town to ponder, what have you done?
    Between Democratic Boot Licker Merrick and Radical Reinbold, Chugiak/Eagle River has two opposite sides of the Political spectrum. Both unacceptable.
    Time to flush out the old and bring in fresh faces that stand by their word and can get along with people.

  11. I am not in her district and therefor cannot vote for her to represent me in Juneau, but I called her office a few years ago and said that if she ever runs for governor, she has my vote, and I still stand by that….
    She seems to be the only person in Juneau who stands up for her convictions and the only one interested in fighting against the swamp.
    You go girl, and keep being you……

  12. No amount of opposition by Alaskan senators to the US Constitution defeats it. They have their usual group think, fascist anti Constitution secretive behavior going on again.
    The only thing they represent is their own stubbornness and greed. Therefore, they won’t finish the budget. You are out of time this year. Go home and receive the inspiration you deserve from your constituents.

  13. We have a bunch of self serving bullies in Juneau right now who are quick to gang up on anyone who dares speak the truth (Reinbold), yet are strangely silent when others of their ilk are caught in serious infractions of legislative protocol ( Field, Rasmussen & Merrick ). Disgusting hypocrites, everyone of them!

  14. Sen. Reinbold is the only politician in Juneau that is fighting for the Alaskan people against the civil liberties violations against them.
    The media is being bought off with PPE money to make her look bad but in the end they also will be exposed as corrupt as those in the capitol.
    The politicians can’t ram down the throats of the Alaskan people the stripped Alaska Constitution and more lock downs with Sen. Reinbold standing in the way.

    All of this is coming straight from the Gov’s office.

  15. A hearing about the budget? Nope I’m going to talk about masks. Court backlog? Nope, masks. Attorney general, probation/parole, legislative ethics, the weather, Last night’s football game….mask mask mask.

    Using every single hearing as a way to talk about her pet issue is not productive. There is a need for her thoughts and conservative voice.

    If Lora can figure out how to compartmentalize her thoughts and multitask she will have my support.

    Until then, she is just too disorganized and unproductive to be in a leadership position.

  16. I am not a Reinbold fan but must ask the Senate leadership: If vaccines are effective and vaccinated people do not spread Covid, why are masks required? Please respond with reasons based on evidence and logic.

  17. I thought Senator Reinbold was particularly well suited to this assignment. The annoyance of the others proved she is an effective antidote to comfortable, comforting group think the legislators now believe is their constitutional right. They will not acknowledge the public’s views, nor tolerate evidence of their presence nor is the public allowed within the buildings. Well. They are our buildings. You may catch a sniffle from time to time. If it is not a risk you are willing to take to provide contracted service in creating a balanced budget please resign. Life in Alaska includes a bit of risk unfortunately. Wish it was not so.

  18. I’m very pleased with the businesslike demeanor of Senator Reinbold. She is keeping her eye on the ball while the other senators are losing credibility. Senator Reinbold is comporting herself with wonderful respect for what’s left of the process that is due in Alaska.
    I hope the others will benefit from remedial Constitution analysis and audit by the proper authorities. That would help. Ours isn’t the only state enmired due to lack of reference to expressed rights of the people and permanent limitations of government authority.

  19. Senator Reinbold would do well to remember to pick fights she can win and that are important enough to matter. Picking a fight with an Alaskan Airlines flight attendant does not adhere to that counsel. Likewise her disputes with senate leadership. There are ways to make yourself heard that do not leave a trail of bitterness. Many of the commenters on this page admire Reinbold’s iconoclastic spunk. Well then how about a list of Reinbold’s accomplishments? Making ignominious headlines is not an accomplishment.

  20. “A fanatic is one who can’t change her mind and won’t change the subject.”

    ― Winston S. Churchill (with apologies)

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