‘Ready to rumble’ Reinbold takes on Dunleavy in video

Lora Reinbold

Eagle River Sen. Lora Reinbold says she doesn’t have the resources the governor has at his disposal, but she is still “ready to rumble.”

Her Facebook video response to Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s letter of rebuke was posted this weekend on Facebook.

Reinbold says the governor’s letter is an “assault on the Legislature,” and she is firm in her role as a legislator overseeing the executive branch. “We’re just asking questions that Alaskans want answered,” Reinbold said. She said that she is short, while he is tall, and she has a staff of two, while he has a staff of 20,000, but she is not intimidated by him.

Dunleavy had written a scathing letter to Reinbold last week, in which the governor told the senator to stop spreading misinformation to the public about his actions and about the Covid-19 virus and vaccines.

He also said that due to her behavior, he is not allowing anyone from his administration to cooperate with her any longer, citing the excessive demands she has made in her role as chair of the Judiciary Committee.

View the Sen. Reinbold video at this link.


  1. “He (Dunleavy) also said that due to her behavior, he is not allowing anyone from his administration to cooperate with her any longer”
    I have to agree with Reinbold that is an abuse of her rights. Another dumb Dunleavy move like announcing he was penalizing the Judiciary in the budget for a decision he didn’t like. That’s throwing gas on the fire and it sure sounds more like Ben Stevens than Silent Mike.

    • Yes, it is not unusual to have nutty legislators. Drunks too. And legislators have illegitimate children on legislative staffers. But we get by. We know that it will always be with us, and at most it’s a distraction. Maybe it’s in the water fountains in the Capitol. The executive branch response this time was inappropriate and excessive, even for the Governor’s Ego Syndrome. It was dismissive and disrespectful of the people who elected Senator Reinbold. The power is asymmetrical, as the Senator indicated. The Governor must have had plenty of retarded kids in school over the years, drunken kids and parents, and teachers, parents and students knocking up students. That is how he deals with all of this.

  2. So Reinbold thinks that she is something special now? Other than a public servant sent to represent the will of her constituents? She is nobody. What is wrong with these politicians? It’s almost like they are all chasing power and money…

    We need people who understand why they were elected and who the serve! We The People! Not you, the royal tyrant!

  3. Sounds like Reinbold is ready to play the “ poor underprivileged woman “ card now. Let’s see if she plays the “ me too” card.

  4. Every conservative I know is tired of these representatives who do everything against their constituents’ wishes! It’s about time (maybe too late) that Dunleavy stands with us. The voters spoke loudly last election and we will speak very clearly next election! Reinbold and other rinos better wake up and listen.

  5. “Dunleavy had written a scathing letter to Reinbold last week, in which the governor told the senator to stop spreading misinformation to the public about his actions and about the Covid-19 virus and vaccines.”
    Anyone who has listened to Lora Reinbold’s sister, IIona Farr MD, when she calls into Dan Fagan’s show, soon realizes how clueless Dunleavy and Anne Zink, his health czar, have been on COVID response.

  6. Mike, you’re a one-term Johnny-come-lately. You still allowed PFDs to be stolen, you allowed cook inlet to be closed to gillnetters… You suck! Go back to Scranton where your mentor Joe comes from, us born and raised alaskans don’t need you.

  7. Time to start cutting the Budget, and do more important things like. Roasting and abusing Senator Reinbold is a great distraction and time waster, so we people can temporarily forget and overlook what Alaska is doing in the midst of it all.

  8. My money is on Dunleavy, always bet on … Truth, Honesty, and Integrity.
    Keep up the good work Mike, take “no” Bull-Chit from those Liberals!!!

    • Just answer this: When did Dunleavy EVER stand up to liberals? He once had my support…never again. If you can’t walk the walk, don’t talk the talk.

  9. Now that COVID has disappeared with immunity and all that, it’s time to stand against any fake CDC measure, there is no curve and so state rights trump federal wishes as far as our constitution goes. Stand tall stand, now as they are in Florida and Israel. Our immunity is greater than their restrictions. Open up and follow the reality of a maximum benefit for the people. You have the red pen. Use it to free out economy now!!!

  10. Dunleavy is scared. Maybe NY Governor Cuomo’s ongoing FBI investigation over his Covid response has a lot of so called “health officials & medical experts”, along with clueless politicians rethinking their absolutely dumb Covid mandates! Could criminal/civil prosecutions be in the future? One can only hope!

  11. Keep fighting Lora. Dunleavy has cowered in his basement hiding from leftist and only come out to attack conservatives and woman at that. Big Mike is hardly a leader, but a shadow of his persona he portrayed to get elected. One and done Mike, who ran scared of the recall and union tyrants.

  12. I do not live in Eagle River or Lora’s district, but years ago I called her legislative office and told her that if she ever runs for governor, she has my vote.
    She obviously wants to trim the size of our bloated government and it’s out-of-control power over our lives.
    The tsunami of flak that she is getting from Dunleavy is proof that she is asking the correct questions and it’s making people in Juneau nervous.
    You keep being you, Lora….

  13. I want to know when someone’s going to get wound up enough to write a letter about the spreading of all the lies and BS of this now year long scam called the Pandemic. Wake me up when someone grows a pair to do that.

    • Well Zip, since the grown-ups are now in charge it’s not that fashionable to go about telling lies as it was during Trump administration. Don’t hold your breath for what you wish for. Heheh! And it’s nothing to do with “growing a pair” but rather just common sense.

      • Billy, grown-ups in charge? Pray tell Billy boy, who are these grown ups? The Chi-Com masters of sleepy joe?
        Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?
        Any number of environmental whack jobs now seated within the federal system with their hands on the levers?
        I await your predictable response.

      • You actually think Chairman Biden and all of the deep state radical operatives he is appointing are less likely to lie to and deceive the American people? I suppose you don’t think the mainstream media and big tech companies will be complicit in covering the lies and deception either. You are now officially dumber than a box of rocks in a rubber kayak. Try not to hurt yourself as you respond…

  14. Some people on this thread actually believe Laura is a communist liberal!! She is trying to expose the liars and the go-alongs that locked you up.. this fake pandemic was a Democrat concoction, and the usual weak Republicans got scared of the media, not the virus!!

  15. Sen Reinbold should have just kept quiet. The weight of public opinion was favoring her after the Governor’s unseemly attack. Now there seems to be an even split because of her response. They now both look
    less than good.

  16. Lots of Rino’s and Squish’s on here.
    Lora has done the right thing – questioning non-sensical wuflu mandates by Mz. Zink and Dunleavy. Dunleavy is a bully – if you are a conservative woman you become a target for him.
    Has Dunleavy kept even 1 promise?
    Kenai Land Deal Lisa – is Dunleavy using his influence ot censure her?
    2nd Ammendment Sanctuary status – hello?
    Voter Integrity – why are we using Dominion voting machines and SmartMatic?
    Dunleavy – do something, anything, please.

  17. We are witnessing the death of the Alaskan GOP, they have been for the most part useless. The other party will stick together no matter how wrong they are, republicans seem to be back stabbing traitorous unethical incompetent turn coats. Did I leave anything out?

  18. Time to mention names – Dave Stieren, Todd smoldering Smoldon, Glenn Clary, Andy Clary, are just a few to remember to be aware of in our very small population state. If we truly want people who operate from principles that are Godly, these folks need to be on the ever growing list to sidestep and vet for better people who love God more than their positions. I don’t desire to be mean, but responsibility must be in the hands of wise humble people and too many are not.

  19. I am a proud voter for Sen Reinbold and support her and not the Governor in this fight. His letter and actions reflected in that letter are grossly inappropriate and should be retracted immediately. He needs to apologize to the Senator and District 14 voters. The public deserves an in depth investigation of both the States and Anchorage’s handling of this pandemic and particularly the Federal funds. Although the State has done far better than Anchorage.

  20. The questions that Senator Reinbold have asked are legitimate questions. The hospitals have never been overtaxed during this ‘pandemic’. Dunleavy needs to come forth with some answers. Is Ben Stevens mixed up in all of this mess? We’d like to know because Dunleavy started out pretty well then went missing in action and has lost what was left of his backbone. Again, the Republican party leadership in this state is continuing to show itself as totally corrupt.

  21. A Russian admiral is given credit, for a saying that was even before his time: “Perfect is the enemy of good enough.”
    Reinbold may not be perfect, but she’s good enough … and certainly better than who the DEM/RINO’s offer.

  22. You can always tell when someone gets to close to the truth. Because the other person gets all upset and starts to call you names and censor you. Nice job Ms. Reinbold! At least you’re doing your job, representing your constituents.

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