Dunleavy: There will be ‘no vaccine passports on my watch’


Today, Gov. Mike Dunleavy said that he is opposed to any government requiring Alaskans to get a Covid-19 shot.

Getting the vaccine “is a private health decision best left between Alaskans and their doctor,” he wrote. “That said, I am fully opposed to any government requiring Alaskans to get the vaccine. There will be no vaccine passports under my watch.”

On Sunday, Dunleavy appeared on a Must Read Alaska livestream, where he reiterated that decisions around the vaccine are personal choices that Alaskans must make, and that, although he recently had Covid, he is scheduled for a vaccine in May.

“I just don’t always want to be looking over my shoulder,” and worry about whether he will catch Covid again, he said, describing the experience as miserable, with a 102 degree fever, chills, body aches, headache, and a cough that persists to today.

“I was doing a great job of avoiding it,” he said. “I got hit with it in February.”

“I was out of commission for 14 days. My wife, who had had her one shot, had to move out of the house. For most of us, it won’t kill you, probably won’t hospitalize you, but the inconvenience is not worth it.”

Dunleavy, along with Anchorage resident Gwen Adams discussed their experiences with Covid over the past year. Watch the interview at this link:


  1. How about some protection from private bussiness discriminations. If I am protected from discrimination for a handicap am I also protected from restrictions by bussinesses due to my jab status???? That would big a BIG STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION . StopMedicalDiscrimination.com

  2. So it is ok for the schools and the military to require vaccines but private business can not? by the way you misspelled business.

  3. Getting the vaccine “is a private health decision best left between Alaskans and their doctor,” he wrote. “That said, I am fully opposed to any government requiring Alaskans to get the vaccine.

    Governor Dunlevy, does that ‘government’ apply to Anchorage? See something, just don’t say something, DO SOMETHING!

  4. Wake up Mike! The Bering Strait Native Corporation has announced their intention to require mandatory vaccinations for all their AIH Employees, and a store in Bethel, is now requiring proof of vaccination to enter!
    Alaskans are now being forced to reveal their private medical information in order to continue employment or shop for essentials and are being discriminated against for their personal decision to decline a still not approved by the FDA Experimental Vaccine! Governor Dunleavey, it’s time to read the handwriting on the wall and to Stand Up for the Rights of All Alaskans!

  5. That’s nice, but what about private businesses that are going to require them? Especially airlines for those of us who live here in Alaska. Our only other option is driving through Canada and since they’ve gone full on communist and are kicking down doors and arresting people I really doubt they’d let us drive through without one. Who’s going to protect me from that?

  6. You don’t judge me not wearing a mask, and you won’t be judged how funny looking you look wearing your mask. Although anyone who had judged me not wearing a mask, they gotten the best of two worlds, I didn’t judge them wearing their mask.

    If world leaders and some narrowminded people weren’t controlling there been a better response from the peoples and they’d taken wuhan virus more seriously; as well as local american governments squashing the BLM and Antifa riots from ever taking place burning peoples homes, businesses, and landmarks when the country was supposed to be under a pandemic. yeah! The country watching thousands of rioters unmasked not social distanced that really didn’t help make the democrats virus hyper vigilance credible while those rioters were looting/burning their cities.

    Everything about the Wuhan virus had nothing to do with saving as many people as possible dying from a virus. world leaders can care less about us! it was too get President Trump out of the White House, so the globalists can have their reign uninterrupted for the short time God allows.

  7. Until the Muni of Anchorage says you MUST have one, then he will day it’s up to each local government just like the mandates. Not confident in his backbone to stick up for the people.

  8. Sez the guy that wants visitors to our state to take the vaccine to open up our yuge tourist economy. Which is it, take vaccine or not? You cant get a lil pregnant goobenor.

  9. It’s sad to see the level of childishness that these posts sink to. I see why many prefer to remain anonymous. I for one think that one should be willing to stand behind their comments with a real name. If not, their comment means nothing. It’s also interesting to note that there is generally a distinct difference in spelling, grammar and clarity in thought between the two types of posters.
    ” just sayin “

  10. My body, my choice.
    This is medical tyranny and the sheeple with diapers on their faces are going along with it.

  11. Liked the video!
    Yes its your choice, end of story
    So Stop the madness, just live your life as you see fit, mask or no mask
    If your Afraid or Unhealthy just stay home
    let’s get back to normal.
    I have been living my life this whole time as if nothing has changed
    Stop telling me how to live my life.

  12. He had Covid, and now has the antibodies giving him natural resistance … and he plans to get the “vaccine” which won’t protect him from catching Covid? Which may even make him more susceptible to one or another of the mutations? The “vaccine” itself may even kill him.
    Covid had a very small chance of killing him, and he dodged that bullet. Now he wants to get the “vaccine” and jump in front of another bullet, or two?
    That’s called “Attempting to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory”.

  13. Hey folks, Vaccination cards with passports have been required for international travel for over 50 years. It is not a new concept. Of course if you stay home no card, no problem.

  14. Herb Ratcliff you are 100% wrong! They are only “recommended” for travel and not mandatory. I have traveled all over the world and have never took a vaccine when it was recommended and was still able to travel, broad planes and enter such countries. So where do you get off stating you need vaccines papers as a requirement for international travel?

    There never was a law and never should there be one. MY BODY MY CHOICE! PERIOD! So get bent with your BS tyrannical statement. The government never has the right to force you to engage in medical treatments you don’t want! And neither does a business. What kind of tyrannical BS do you spoon feed yourself to sound like such a eugenic Nazi? And as for people like the trolling Harbor Guy, who falsely believe vaccines are required by law for certain fields of employment, that too is also a bunch of made up BS. You always have the right to file for exemptions and lawfully refuse. I have worked in the medical field, inside of hospitals and compounding pharmacies and never once did I inject myself with vaccines to be eligible for employment, even when the shots were recommended. I just said no to the shots, filed for the right of exemption, and went to work anyway.

  15. OK I want to see a Sobriety Card for every driver, produced on demand. After all drunk drivers kill far more people than CV.

    What? You can’t demand roadside compliance with sobriety tests? That results in arrest? Ouch. I guess you’ll have to start arresting people that choose to keep their HIPAA information private. Except HIPAA is protected by federal law.

    Instead of persecuting healthy people, how about we isolate and protect the vulnerable? That’s how society has worked for millennia.

  16. I hope the Governor takes that stand when the real Id is due to be mandatory this year. The real id is another type of covid passport. As long as He keeps the freedom stance I will keep voting for him. We still need our past dividends please. I will lose my property this year without it due to tax foreclosure.

  17. Thank you, Governor Dunleavy.
    Recommend clarifying with an executive order, for example: “…no state or local government, corporate, or private entity, or individual operating in Alaska shall require Covid-19 vaccinations, vaccination passports, or face coverings as a condition of employment or a requirement for conducting business.”
    To Faucists who demand the opposite, Alaska’s Governor might point out, not unkindly, that:
    Alaskan-Americans are done with this unscientific, unsustainable, unconstitutional hysteria. We’re returning to normal life just like they’re doing in Florida, Texas, South Dakota, Utah, Nebraska, New Hampshire, and Georgia.
    The China flu pandemic may have no easy solution, but economic, health, and social outcomes of free states prove they made the right call in rejecting authoritarian instincts embraced by their non-free state neighbors.
    And Alaska, on this Governor’s watch, will be among those making the right call.
    Thanks again for your help, Gov.

  18. If we have had COVID and fully recovered (I recovered in a day) we should be exempt or given a card from the health dept. I have proven my body’s immune system, have antibodies, and I’m just very fearful of this vaccine and what’s in it. I have heard of some terrible side effects from family and acqaintences. Thank you governor.

  19. “For most of us, it won’t kill you, probably won’t hospitalize you, but the inconvenience is not worth it.”
    says the Governor!!…..and here it is in a nutshell. We have destroyed our economy, thousands of people out of work, tourism kaputt, virtue signaling masks, restaurants shut down because getting sick is “inconvenient”. The hospitalization rate for those infected is 1-5%! When was the luck of the draw regarding your genetic make-up and lifestyle, allowing you to demand that everyone become a germa-phobe because getting sick is inconvenient to you!

  20. Ever heard of the small pox vaccine? Polio Vaccine? Immunization record to register for school?
    What planet you from? Many countries required to see your shot record for entry.

    The only people complaining are the anti-vaxers who say not enough people have died for it to be a pandemic.

  21. Ah, Herb, you seem to forget that the Covid vaccines are experimental. Clinical trials are ongoing. Already, one vaccine has been removed from production because of blood clotting issues. Fortunately we haven’t reached the point in time where the Federal government can force its citizens to inject experimental drugs & participate in clinical trials against their will.

  22. WOW? you all sure do get worked up.
    If ya don’t want the vaccine, don’t get it.
    If a shop requires you to have it, shop somewhere else.
    If you want to wear a mask, go ahead.
    If ya don’t want to wear a mask, go ahead.
    Even the Bering Strait Native Corporation cant force their employees to get it without lawsuits, which they will lose.
    There is no law that can make you do anything you don’t want- you’re an American.
    We all have the privilege’s to choose and we all don’t have to agree on the same thing.
    What are YOUR values and ethics?

    I agree with the governor that THEY shouldn’t have to require a passport.

  23. Herb Ratcliff, I have heard of them and guess what? They weren’t mandatory! I know plenty of people who never had a polio or small pox vaccine, or MMR, or Dtap, and still attended school and traveled. There are lots of people out there. So the real question is what planet are you from where you believe all of these shots are 100% mandatory? Anyone has the right to file for exemptions. So why are you so prejudice against freedom of choice? Plenty of people have been registered in school without vaccines papers! It’s called filing for an exemptions! Besides if you are vaccinated what do you care if someone isn’t. If your vaccine works so well then why would you even care? Also have you ever met a vaccine damaged person because I have. It’s horrific. And did you know that if you are damaged in years down the road that you cannot sue the vaccine manufactures for damages for any amount over $1,000? Yep the pharmaceutical companies have 100% immunity from all liability to any damages from vaccines now. So don’t expect to get any compensation when you have an autoimmune disorder, nerve problems or cancer in 10 years for volunteering to take part in the stage IV clinical trials of mRNA Covid therapy. All of which can happen from this experimental Covid shot. The reason mRNA could never pass animal clinical trials is because if caused cancer in 100% of the animals and caused death when they were reintroduced to the wild virus it was being experimented for. So obviously you would rather take the risk and partake in a vaccine clinical trial of experimental Covid vaccine for a virus you have a 98.9% chance of surviving if you catch it than read any substantial science? And now you want everyone else to make the same misguided, uneducated decision you did? Sorry that’s not going to happen, some of us know how to work in a lab and read science research journals. Maybe your should start doing the same, instead of watching TV and listening to your misguided echo chamber of a peer group telling you take your shot because it’s okay and safe. Truth be told we won’t have the data on this experimental trial for another 10 years, so good luck. Also, I have traveled all over the planet and was never once denied entry into a country or region when I chose not to get vaccinated! Not once! (and I have been to some third world places where diseases can be a problem and vaccinations are recommended or what you falsely believe to be required). So again you are 100% dead wrong! It’s called exemption filings! So again what planet do you live on to think that all this has to be forced on an individual? Seriously? What planet do you live on that thinks its okay to treat every human being on the planet with the same medical treatment regardless of how it could react to their individual health issues? Only eugenicists and Nazis forced medical treatments on those who didn’t want them. So are you a Nazi eugenicist? Or do you just sympathize with Nazi and eugenic ideologies? And for the record I am not a anti-vaxer, that is a fallacy driven by uneducated people like yourself to under mind anyone with abilities to think and research medical science. I am anti stupidity and anti forcing medical treatments on those who do not want it. It’s called freedom. I support medical freedom. Obviously you prefer anti freedom. So get bent with your backwards tyrannical views and misguided facts. You don’t know as much as you think you know. But line up, roll up your sleeve, and take your experimental shot, I don’t care if you choose to be a pharmacological cash cow. But don’t tell me I have to walk in your shoes to have the right to travel and partake in society, because I don’t. Maybe you should try reading a book or reading medical research papers and journals, over watching TV and listening to what your echo chamber peer group tells you. Maybe you should research the CDC and find out they are not a government office but instead a private corporation for profit that gets dumped tax dollars for research grants. Maybe try talking with a person who has a vaccine damaged child. These are just a suggestions to help you self educate. Then maybe you can get your facts straight instead of living in a world of eugenic tyrannical falsehoods with no sympathy or empathy to others who value medical freedom. Just a suggestion.

  24. House Bill 175 will help protect Alaskans from being required to produce vaccination papers. The bill is currently stuck in the House Community & Regional Affairs Committee. Committee co-chairs are Hannan and Schrage and committee members include: Patkotak, Drummond, Prax, McCarty and McCabe.

    To help get the bill moving, call your legislators and send in a message of support.

  25. Exactly! My medical history is private. Would you like us to carry a colonoscopy or pap smear passport? This is just ludicrous!

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