Breaking: Nikki Haley says she is voting for Trump. Here’s why.

Nikki Haley

After speaking to a group at the Hudson Institute in Washington, D.C., former presidential candidate Nikki Haley said she will vote for Donald Trump for president.

The former U.N. Ambassador for Trump and former South Carolina governor dropped from the GOP presidential slate after Super Tuesday in March, having run a campaign that was highly critical of Trump.

But on Wednesday, she said that even though Trump “has not been perfect on these policies [holding enemies to account and securing the border], I’ve made that clear many, many times,” President Joe Biden “has been a catastrophe.

“Trump would be smart to reach out to the millions of people who voted for me and continue to support me, and not assume that they’re just going to be with him. And I genuinely hope he does that,” she said.

Many Haley supporters are moderate Republicans or “never-Trumpers.”


  1. Thank you Nikki Haley. Now if we can get Sara Palin to say she’s voting for Begich that will be progress!

  2. Trying to cover her backside. Finger in the air to determine how it blows.

    A tower of integrity, her.

  3. Still delusional “!millions of people who voted for me” like Old Yeller’s81 million!!

  4. Haley has come to reckon that she looks like a spoiled little girl. She has no where else to go. I hope Trump doesn’t do a damn thing for her when he gets back in.

    • Ha ha. Haley and Lisa Murkowski should do a Trump support campaign ad together.
      Lisa and Nik for Trump.

      • Lisa isn’t going to the Republican Convention this year because of her blind hatred for Trump. I wonder if she’ll go see her daddy instead at the Democrat Convention in Chicago?

  5. I don’t trust her any farther than I can spit. Our country is saturated with useless bureaucrats tha t have done nothing but suck the government tit their entire lives. And that alone is why we are where we are. Living in political hell.

    • She has a long, undistinguished career in political expediency.

      Never been a bandwagon she won’t jump on

  6. Flake , liar and war monger . Must be looking for a new job . This will really piss off her GOP handlers . This woman is both nuts and delusional .

  7. Governor Haley is being a practical politician. I can forgive her for that. For myself, I find Donald Trump to be unprincipled, irrational, offensive and intellectually unsuited to be President. Unless and until citizens demand better candidates, we will continue to face these horrible choices.

  8. One of Trump’s many flaws is his aggressive vindictiveness against anyone who disagrees with him. Haley sure took the brunt of that. After the last election I hoped the Republicans could find someone like Trump who is also not like Trump. Someone with his vision and awareness and his ability to come up with ways to deal with things. Yet without the mean pettiness. I had hoped Haley could be that person. She is not.

    After months of Trump’s attacks, she needed time to heal. But she knows that in spite of all the history between them, Trump is still the far better choice over Brandon. I’m glad she’s come around.

  9. Trump bashes her husband for being in the military, and yet she will vote for him. It’s tribe before all else nowadays, and that includes ethics, the rule of law, self respect, and even one’s own reputation.

    Just remember folks, no one who associates themselves with Donald J. Trump comes away unscathed. Not his Cabinet members, his contractors, his lawyers, his business associates, his ex-wives, or even his kids. Karma is coming for him, and when it arrives it will be a b**ch.

    • Thanks for the laugh.

      For an uneducated child, you are occasionally funny. You don’t mean to be, but whatever…

    • Hans Litten, it appears you haven’t seen the memo that’s been circulating around the world for the last 2,400 years. It’s only three words long: “Socialism doesn’t work.”

      Wake up to reality. None of us are voting for Trump for his manners, social appeal, or gentility. We are interesting in hiring him because he is realistically the best choice to revive our republic for all our benefit. Regardless of feelings or opinion, our economy towers in importance above all other concerns. Without a strong economy we can accomplish very little.

      • You’ve got me all wrong – I’m as pro-Capitalism as I am anti-Trump. The man is a joke. Bring on a respectable Republican like Romney, and maybe I’ll listen to him.

  10. A true disappointment. I hoped she’d have a shred of integrity and continue her stand against Cheeto Jesus, but alas, she does not.

    It absolutely amazes me that so many in the GOP aren’t concerned that an unrepentant conman has taken over the party. Trump stands for no GOP values or platforms. He stands only for himself and what he can get out of others. For God’s sake, he was selling bibles – a man who doesn’t know a thing about the Good Book, who is the antithesis of any sort of Christian values! Simply unbelievable.

    Wake up conservatives, Cheeto Jesus isn’t your savior, he is your destruction – and he’s not even trying to hide it. And now Nikki has thrown in with his camp, so very disappointing.

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