Breaking: Biden vaccine mandate halted by appeals court in major blow to president


The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans today put a temporary injunction on the Joe Biden vaccine mandate for businesses with more than 100 employees.

The ruling came Friday afternoon, and said that the mandate “grossly exceeds OSHA’s statutory authority.”

Gov. Mike Dunleavy heralded the opinion as a victory for freedom.

“For a federal court of appeals to stop a government action from proceeding tells Americans all they need to know about the ramifications of President Biden’s aggressiveness toward citizens,” Dunleavy said. 

“Make no mistake, this issue will go to the U.S. Supreme Court. In the meantime, Alaskans can know there is some constraint against rampant overreach into their work and lives.” – Gov. Mike Dunleavy

Earlier this fall, President Joe Biden announced that the vaccine mandate would be enacted through the Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the federal regulator for workplace conditions.

The proposed mandate was published in the Federal Register last week, prompting the court challenge. On Friday, the court put a temporary stay on the Biden mandate.

The 5th Circuit’s decision halting the mandate applies nationwide. OSHA is now barred from taking additional steps until the federal courts issue a new order. 

Earlier this week, the White House advised businesses who would be impacted by the mandate should proceed as though the White House would win in court.

Read the 5th Circuit decision here.


  1. Daunting compilation of athletes collapsing and dying from the covid VAX


    • Nah!
      Nothing to see. People in their prime in excellent health have heart attacks all the time.
      My bad.

  2. I pray the scotus strikes this down when the time comes, but I fear I will be very disappointed. Either way, I will never agree with this tyranny.

  3. While welcome, this does not bring relief to federal workers or federal contractors, and SCOTUS has yet to address it except to deny an emergency ruling. Meantime, lots of folks are facing losing their jobs due to this unconstitutional overreach. We do not live in the USSR, or even China.

  4. “Earlier this week, the White House advised businesses who would be impacted by the mandate should proceed as though the White House would win in court.”……once again displaying their stunning arrogance, and also their latent hostility towards the U.S. Constitution.

  5. Are we not a nation of laws? And yet, when our Assembly, Legislature, Congress and National Administration ignore our laws, our Charter, our Constitutions and encourage ignoring court rulings, how can anyone expect the people to obey the law?

  6. Good! America is still America. At least some other state’s courts arent like Alaskas! Other state courts still follow rules and laws.

  7. Cause we don’t need a vaccine for an forever changing forever mutating coronavirus (flu, covid19, commoncold). What we need is another over the counter covid19 cold syrup that works just the same as flu/cold but only for reducing covid 19 symptoms or medicines for early treatment.

    The flu coronovirus has already made tens of thousands mutated Flu viruses that annually kills hundreds of thousands of lives. Why in the heck you want to do that making 10s of thousands of covid19 viruses by getting a vaccine every year? Only for a more deadly virus of it’s original form to kill you, your neighbor, or friend all because of YOU couldnt lay off the annual coronavirus vaccine!?

  8. I disagree with the Guv about this issue going to SUPREMES,. Biden’s order is repugnant to the Constitution as a whole and one Presidential Order cannot undo the entire fabric of the Constitution. Given the above I’ll bet SCOTUS will not pick this one up and simply allow the 5th circuit decision to stand.
    Old Emperor Joe isn’t wearing any clothes ? and the Supremes would rather not be the ones making that case.

    • You do know that there is taking place a lottery, among those circuits having filed early, to handle this case on Nov. 16. It’s possible that this 5th circuit could win but if not whichever circuit does win will get their chance to rule.
      Entirely possible things could result similarly to 5th circuit ruling but also possible they could be different. And DOJ could always push to move it to Supreme Court.

  9. The Appeals Court injunction against Biden’s vaccine mandate, the Supreme Court chucking out his eviction moratorium, Joe’s total disregard for our national border and immigration laws show us all we need to know; namely that President Biden holds The US Constitution in contempt and needs to go. Congress, its your move.

  10. Another opportunity to ignore not just the courts but the entire Constitution.

    Way to go Xiden!

    But go quickly, please.

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