Alaska reporters got scooped: Murkowski announced her reelection campaign to East Coast media first


Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who represents 730,000 people in the furthest west state, announced her reelection campaign first to the East Coast media, while Alaskans were fast asleep early Friday morning.

The Washington Post had the scoop. One hour before Murkowski announced her campaign — at 6:58 am East Coast time and 2:58 am Alaska time — the Post had its story up. Politico had the story up at about the same time. It wasn’t until 8 am East Coast time that the official announcement went live on Twitter.

Later on Friday, Murkowski officially filed at the Division of Elections in Anchorage and then held a press conference to a select group of journalists.

Although Must Read Alaska was not on the invitation list for the press conference, KTUU reported Murkowski said that in an age when politics is polarizing, “I think a voice of … moderation, one that is looking to serve all Alaskans … not putting party interests over politics or performance, but just doing the best job I possibly can for the state.”

The Republican senator’s announcement was not a surprise. Must Read Alaska had broken the story earlier in the week that a Super PAC had been filed to support Murkowski’s 2022 run, and she has been raising a lot of money. It was unofficial, however, until Friday.

Murkowski has been in the Senate for four full terms, after finishing her father former Sen. Frank Murkowski’s term, when he became governor of Alaska.


    • For the sake of her immortal soul, she should spend some time working at Planned Parebthood, disposing of the bodies of the babies killed there.
      Perhaps then she’d have a change of heart and work to defend women and children, instead of profiting from their deaths and suffering.

  1. The rino lisa will be difficult to defeat because she has millionaire liberal donors, rank choice voting, and mail in ballots to assist her, nonetheless, she must be voted out and stripped of her position due to that she no longer have the interest of Alaskans and preserving our constitution in mind.

  2. Why does she run as a Republican? She’s not. She probably figures she’ll get further being a RINO than being truthful and disclosing her true intentions.

  3. We need to send her down the road, counting mailboxes…

    Not over party interests, but over politics and performance. The cancerous tumor on the body politic has been identified. Healing may only begin once it is removed. There may be no healing, but rest assured, left to its own devices, the cancer will continue to grow.

    Oaths have meaning. So does turning ones back upon any part of them.

    • I’m not supposed to hate people. This Anti-Alaskan, Anti-American person must be a test… Why can’t she relinquish her power and retire to Hell where she belongs?!

  4. Probably a wise move to have spoken the unspeakable to her East Coast ultra-liberal supporters. After all, they’re the folks who give her campaign the highest (Lease-A Murkowski?) income and vote most heavily for her whenever eyes are off the ballot box even for a moment.

    Daddy’s little princess DOES know on which side her bread is buttered!

  5. Makes sense. The east coast liberals are her real constituents.

    You didn’t think she served Alaska, did you?

    She’s not tone deaf. She’s dead on.

  6. Ah well. When November next rolls around inevitably she’ll be on the ballot by hook or by crook. That’s one seat for which I feel forced to vote for whoever the most wild-eyed “Progressive” who is in opposition. Or, if none seems sufficiently supportive of President Xiden’s “make America weak” policies……yes, perhaps write in the only candidate I know for sure stands slightly to the left of Lisa. AOC.

  7. Remember what the left and associated RINOs roll model – Stalin – said: The voter decides nothing, the one who counts the votes decides.
    We have to verify everything in this upcoming election. Ideally we need to fix the whole mail in voting debacle, but in the inability to get that done, verify, verify, verify!!!
    It is so much harder to cheat with vigilant observers watching everything. Then the “coincidences” like power outages and large 2am ballot dumps can be outed.

  8. Nancy and I told her NOT to announce from Alaska until we fortified the Castle. Too many proletarian Alaskans want to end the Murkowski Dynasty and we feel threatened by them. We don’t want our royal blood line to end in disaster like it did in 18th century France, so we told Liza to make as many friends as she can back East and stay away from Alaska for awhile. The ADN may or may not be a true friendly. It depends which Binkley is in charge. Johne still hasn’t gotten over the fact that I called him out on his resume’ during the 2006 debates.

    • Well, truth be told…….it’s more important for us to keep our Dynasty intact than it is to watch the country fall apart. Leeza is a bit of a distraction to the Royal Family, with her sophomoric side-shows in Washington DC. After a half-dozen attempts, I told Frankie we weren’t paying for any more Bar Examination prep courses unless she got the test answers before the exam. We really like Kelly T., but Donald Trump threatens us greatly and the thought of him coming into Royal Territory next year is disturbing. Trump has already managed to prevent me from having tea and cookies with my former Republican Woman friends in Murkowski Alaska. Utterly disgraceful, and shows contempt towards the Throne.

  9. if Alaska would get rid of ALL Dominion voting – she would never be re-elected. she is just in it for the money & power grab.

  10. Lots of anger in these comments! And perhaps deservedly so – I have some sympathy. Lisa is first and foremost driven by the experiences of her kids and her friends – leading to an extreme social liberalism. Everything else she does runs through that filter. She believes she is serving Alaska, and points to her work getting pork aimed our way. She has lost her way – government is not the master of the people, but its servant. Pork is nice, but you have robbed us of opportunity to be Alaska, and robbed our nation of the ability to be America with your support of big government nanny-state policies, and robbed us of freedom. Lisa, you would show us how smart you really are if you stepped down in recognition of how out of touch with Alaska you have become. Your grandstanding before the media has gained you more power, but at what cost? You have become an object of derision and disgust, not what we want in our U.S. Senator.

  11. The Mid-Term Elections must be won by Conservatives! There is simply no other way out of the mess that we are in now.
    The Republican Party of Alaska will back Kelly Tshibaka and she has the support of DJT.
    Oh, the 81 million Biden Supporters…..they don’t really exist.

  12. Lisa does not vote based upon Party affiliation, nor does she vote upon issues based within actionable issues that affect those she supposedly supports…

    Lisa votes, obviously, based upon a personal experience within her own past, one that is so abhorrent unto her, that she will vote within one way, and that is against anything that befalls her past history experienced…

    I am sorry that Lisa experienced said issue within her past, but that issue gives her no excuse to absolve the needs and requirements of those she supposedly represents…

    Lisa can no longer represent Alaskans over her own self interests, nor past memories, nor experiences, as abhorrent as they may be…

    Lisa needs to go, and rest well outside of representation unto Alaskans…

  13. Anyone Remember Gail Fenumiai? She was the one that helped the princess on her write in against Joe Miller and guess who the Loot Governor put back in to run the elections again. She & Kevin Meyer both need to be gone in my opinion.

  14. She just is reported to have said she is running to be ‘Your independent choice”. Since Dan Ortiz and Bill Walker, running as an independent is the way to convince the public that you have no party ties and will represent all……..only way a Democrat has been able to win. Slight of hand has become the norm. Ranked choice voting needs to be studied carefully—bullet voting may be the only way.

  15. We just watched a truck driver on the east coast Win!
    I don’t care how much coffer Lisa M. has! or the PAC monies.
    I don’t care about her social and connections! I believe,
    Alaskans, deserve better then her or her legacy, of Frank!

  16. Like it or not, she will win and will continue to do so in future elections and will only go away when she retires. This is a fact y’all need to accept. Kelly T doesn’t have a snowballs chance in Hell because DJT is in the mix. Not enough DJT Republicans to defeat out princess.

  17. Oh yes there are plenty of DJT supporters in Alaska. I’m not sure why you would think that there wasn’t. He easily won Alaska inspite of Dominion voting machines.

  18. Suzanne, was it the truths in my comment regarding Murkowski that prompted you to refrain from printing it?

  19. Stuck with Rank Choice Votes, 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices – good luck on outcomes.
    A very confusing system. I highly doubt most will ‘get it’ and do it correctly. Counting will be more complicated and delayed report of outcome will be acceptable due to the mess of added issues.
    When looking up info on it, most was from left leaning publications. Go ahead and do the research. We are set up for a huge manipulation of the votes.
    Short clip from Wikipedia’s explanation:

    “Drawbacks of ranked voting
    Ranked voting elicits more information about voter preferences than is revealed through an first-past-the-post ballot, but this comes with certain costs. Voters are confronted with more complicated ballot slips to complete,  and the counting procedure – depending on the nature of the voting method – is more complicated and slower, often requiring mechanical support.”

  20. “I think a voice of … moderation, one that is looking to serve all Alaskans … not putting party interests over politics or performance, but just doing the best job I possibly can for the state.” -L.M.
    Does this explain why she voted for Deb Halaand for Interior Sectretary? The woman is well known to oppose resource development, but she is a) Female and b) Indigenous, which are the only reasons I can think of for Lisa to support her.
    And as Gomer Pyle says, “Surpiiiiise surpriiiiise surpriiiiiiise!” Before the ink was even dry on her orders for new office curtains and rug, she was shutting down Alaskan resource development.
    So what was Lisa’s biggest lie? When she said she’s “looking to serve all Alaskans” or when she said she was “just doing the best job I possibly can for the state”???
    I can’t WAIT to vote her out of office. I’ve already reserved a table at Simon’s for the celebration dinner.

  21. Lisa M says we are petty for being upset that she supported the piggy piggy piggy biden pork bill, and supports biden killing oil exploration and anwh. I guess I am petty, I expect her to support Alaska and all Biden has done is destroy everything in America. Lisa needs to go, far far far far away.. Maybe Russia. She is no conservation and she is a RINO Republican.

  22. The Queen of the RINOS! We need to send her packing, Alaska. Do not allow her to embarrass us any longer. She has betrayed the country and is working with the Biden cabal to end Oil! The Infrastructure Bill is a trojan horse with hidden spending on the Green New Deal that is designed to set the ground work to end Oil exploration and eventually kill fossil fuels. This would be the kiss of death to Alaska’s economy and our way of life here. All of Alaska’s politicians supported this monster legislation that will drive up inflation and eventually will drastically increase your taxes taking more money out of your pocket. It is time for Young, Sullivan and Murkowski to find another job!

  23. I could see through this woman for at least 8 years now. When you see a politician pop up on TV with ads saying “I will put an end to sexual abuse and domestic violence” you should know that that politician is playing the sex game in a nasty way for votes. We know there are all sort of laws to protect those people, what else is forgotten in this regard that Lisa will achieve FINALLY after decades in politics!? This is the psychology of someone that really just wants to stay there for money and power, not for the people.

  24. Doesn’t she get most of her funding from the East Coast? The announcement schedule makes sense. Get your biggest supporters on board first. She can plead her case to us plebeians in Alaska later.

  25. That figures she would do something like this, tells it like it is. East coast people are more important than us Alaskans.
    No respect hopefully enough people have seen her true colors and will vote her out this coming election. It is time for her to go away!!

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