Murkowski formally announces campaign


Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski today formally announced she is a candidate for 2022. She said that this will be one of her toughest campaigns ever, alluding to the support that upstart candidate Kelly Tshibaka has from former President Donald Trump.

Murkowski was one of seven Republicans who voted “guilty” to convict Trump during his second impeachment trial, but she is the only one of the seven that faces reelection.

Murkowski has the support of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, and the NRSC, and the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

If she wins, it will be her fourth full term; she started in the Senate in 2002 to finish out the term of her father, Frank Murkowski, who had just been elected governor and two appointed her to the Senate.

The Alaska Republican Party censured her in March for her vote to convict Trump. The party endorsed Tshibaka. But this election season, Murkowski will not have to face a closed primary, where she would be expected to do poorly. her former campaign manager, Scott Kendall, led Ballot Measure 2, to remake Alaska’s primary into an open primary, giving her a stronger chance of proceeding to the November ballot, where the new system is a ranked choice voting.

But her battle is uphill in Alaska, with her approval rating being sickly among Republicans and Democrats. In a Democrat-sponsored poll in May, Murkowski was getting less than half of the votes of Tshibaka in a theoretical ranked choice scenario that included Al Gross as a Democrat and John Wayne Howe as an Alaska Independence Party candidate.

Murkowski’s launch video premiered on YouTube today in which she said that Lower 48 interests will try to grab the seat from Alaskans for their partisan purposes:


  1. The only question that I have is how does Lisa plan to run? The Republican party of Alaska has ensured her so she cannot run in the Republican primary. Is she going to run as an independent or is she going to do what she should have done a long time ago and change parties and become a Democrat? All all good questions, all should be answered.

    • All true, except that Lisa is not a leftist “sleeper” agent, but an open and active agent of the radical leftist extremist and “woke” agenda in every way. She is essentially Alexandria Cortez but just without the “D” following her name.

  2. I’m just glad that there is zero pandering in her launch ad. I would hate to think that she sees natives as gullible.

  3. I use to believe that natives were a principled people who believed in tradition and heritage. Now all I see is a people that are easily bought off and gullible to political bribery. Until Natives and Native corporations wise up to being used and stop voting for greed, the Murkowski’s and their type will continue to work towards the political, economic and moral destruction of this state.

  4. Murkowski has already proven, by her action, that the Lower 48 already has control of her seat in congress. Alaska needs to replace her with someone who will fight for our country(first), our state(second), their interest $$$(last). She has put her interest first and that is unacceptable!!!

  5. The truth is not on her side, because in reality, she has not been on the side of the truth, with the exception of those times where it was convenient.

    It is time that she reaps what she has sown.

  6. I don’t know why she doesn’t be honest with everybody and just run as a Democrat. She can get an endorsement from VP Kamala Harris (if she can find her!).

  7. “…she said that Lower 48 interests will try to grab the seat from Alaskans for their partisan purposes:

    How ironic of Liberal Lisa to say. To accuse your opponent of your owns sins loudly and with fervor is straight out of the liberal/Alynski play book. Times up traitor. Alaskans have had enough. Perhaps Pelosi has a spare bedroom you can move into.

  8. What else do you spend all those special-interest-group donations on? Planned Parenthood owns you, and all the liberal social policy groups too. Time to step aside Lisa. You’ve had your time to strut in the media light – time to close the curtain. Where is all the oil development you used to work for? Where are all the jobs you promised? Where are all the fish? Alaska’s economy is in the tank – because YOU voted to impeach the best friend Alaska’s economy ever had, and then voted for o’biden’s job-killng, Alaska-destroying, spending bills, regulatory policies and regulators. Time to fade into the sunset – please.

  9. “Murkowski was one of seven Republicans who voted “guilty” to convict Trump”

    Murkowski is not a Republican. She was kicked out of that party.

  10. Just say no to anti-Alaskan, anti-Conservative Lisa.
    No more nepotism.
    She voted for Obamacare, the Green New Deal and an anti-oil SECINT.
    We don’t need Lisa, the betrayer.

    • She voted against Obamacare (S 3590: Affordable Care Act).
      She voted against the Green New Deal (S.J.Res.8 ).
      She did vote to confirm Haaland, so at least you got that right – you are 33% accurate!

      So, uh, you got any other BS you want to spew?

      • Wrong. On the repeal and replace, Leftist Lisa and her RINO twin, Collins of Maine voted to keep ObastardCare. As often, their votes were key to give their Demoncrat buddies the victory they shouldn’t have had.

      • And this latest ‘infrastructure’ monstrosity is Green New Deal light.
        Or am I wrong?
        Is it not light?

      • Bobnorth, she would have voted for all of the above if her vote had been needed. We’ve seen the game congress plays.
        She and Dan may vote against the build back better bill as well. Truth is, they both have helped that bill along. These backroom dealings are just part of the swamp these two are so comfortable in.
        I gave up my independent voter statis so I could vote against Lisa, in the primary. She is so far LEFT She won’t be on the republican ticket this time around.
        Our representatives in Washington are totally complicit in the radical transformation of our Republic.

      • Collins, McCain and Murkowski all voted with the marxists in July 2017 not to repeal Obamacare. Votes added to 49/51. Take your spin to ADN where the streetwalkers get their news

  11. I was having coffee with John Binkley and Joe Miller last week in Scott Kendall’s office discussing strategy on the upcoming US Senate race. It turns out that King Frankie and Queen Nancy have a lot to do with the continuance of the royal blood line. The Princess has defective DNA and keeps bonding with radical Democrats.
    In exchange for early silence, Binkley got his due. But how do you keep Joe Miller quiet? Turns out that the King and Queen still feel viable after 42 years of their reign and the court jester, Kendall, would be permitted to play one more joke on Alaskans, with all expenses paid by the Crown. And I get a free round-the-world cruise next year during campaign season. Hail to the King and Queen ………and the Princess.

  12. She will win reelection. Her seniority enables her to do things for Alaska that no freshman will be able to do. (Fun fact: had he not gifted his seat to his daughter, Frank would now be tied for #2 in seniority). So at the end of the day, most Alaskans will vote for her because she is best for Alaska, even though she is bad for America.

  13. Hey Lisa,
    Your problem is highlighted by Trump’s endorsement of a conservative in Kelly T.
    What that highlights is the fact that you are universally the most disliked, nay, despised, politician in Alaskan history.
    You are an embarrassment to us when we talk to friends and family outside.

  14. Lisa is as wrong for Alaska in the same way former Governor Walker was. Instead of being there for the people they feed the left and their agendas. Yes Lisa, you need to go.

  15. Lisa voted to impeach trump. She voted for the infrastructure bill. She’s still a Republican but I’ll vote for her against anyone who has trumps backing.

    • Mean tweets aside, Trump stood up for us and our country.
      Ill take mean tweets (actually, they were usually on point) to commies like Lisa
      She is not a republican, shes a total fake

  16. I wonder who she thinks she’s representing? She lost the Republican primary in 2010, and then ran in the general election as an independent complete with a campaign out of the Demonrat playbook, painting Joe Miller with the racist/Nazi brush. Then afterwards, *poof*…….she’s Republican again. Then her wizard hoodwinks the morons in this state into voting for a voodoo-like election scheme (another Demonrat play) in order to improve her odds for future elections..
    This woman needs to retire, but in classic tyrannical form, she refuses to do so. She needs to be retired the hard way by a landslide. Monsters like her (and her wizard) need to be shown that Alaska isn’t the place for Shrillary clones.

  17. Isn’t it interesting that her YouTube video has the Comments section turned OFF? So we can’t tell the world what we really think of her. The likes/dislikes buttons still work, though, and they’re running about even.

  18. Comments are turned off her video.

    I wonder why? For Lisa Murkowski “advancing Alaska’s priorities” means to attract and direct as much Federal money into the state of Alaska as possible regardless of the strings, no matter the societal cost. I have no doubt she “will work with anyone, from any party” to ensure this happens. Alaska is not a state in Lisa Murkowski’s mind; Alaska is a colony of the Federal Government. And she will do whatever it takes to keep her place and to ensure Alaska’s citizens are beholden to the same people she is.

  19. The key is to vote Murky as #4. Kelly is #1, every one else is 2,3. I would rather have a truthful liberal Democrat than a lying RINO. The only way to get rid of her is to refuse to settle for “She is better than the other choices”. One term of a democrat is better than multiple terms of a liberal progressive in sheep’s clothing. Draw a line in the sand. Murky needs to have a forced retirement.

  20. One suspects Murkowski’s job security is assured by the miracles of ranked-choice voting, Dominion vote-tabulation equipment, ballot harvesting, and the approval of multi-billion dollar Native corporations.

    • And one just might be right Morrigan, In the 2010 General Election Lisa mounted a ” write in” campaign. I have been told by poll observers that during the recount, envelopes containing ballots from many Rural areas had every vote for Lisa Murkowski and all WRITTEN IN THE SAME HAND.
      Talk about Ballot Harvesting!
      My Hats off to Lisa and her campaign’s diligent group of supporters.

  21. Lisa voted to seat Deb Halaand, who is working overtime to shut down oil exploration and development.
    Lisa is BAD for Alaska. You like your oil patch job? Vote for Tshibaka.

  22. The comments support the content and the poll. Good Alaskans know a bad deal, even if it has been forever for us to have a valid and honest person take back our seat.

  23. You guys need to remember that ranked choice voting is a subtraction problem rather than an addition one. Why? Because in each round, whomever is at the bottom gets their name removed. And if you choose not to vote for any of the other candidates, your vote for alternate candidates whether you cast it or not is split among the remaining candidates simply because the denominator of the next math problem gets smaller.

    Here’s how it ought to work:

    The top 4 names from the primary to the general. in the graphic above, these are
    KellyT – 39%
    AlG (though more likely Elvi) – 25%
    Lisa – 19%
    JWH (AIP) – 4%

    To make this work, the first round will drop JWH, though your choices in order ought to be:
    JWH (AIP)
    AlG / Elvi (yeah, Elvi is a dem, but unlike Lisa she is at least honest about what she is)

    Second round will drop Lisa and the third round runoff will be between KellyT & AlG / Elvi. The trick here is to deny Lisa ANY support while pumping up JWH (AIP) in the first round. Remember that BOTH first and second choices are in play. DO NOT refuse to vote for all candiates. DO remember to put Lisa as the last entry in your ballot if you want her out of the US Senate. Cheers –

  24. Can we stop with the “seniority matters” tripe? What has Don done besides vote for a bloated infrastructure bill that will monitor any financial transactions over $600.00 & requires car manufacturers to install breathalyzers within 4 years.

    And Lisa… Voted for a Sec of the Interior who wants to shut down Alaska, voted present for the last 2 SCOTUS nominees, voted for impeachment of an innocent man, ran a write in campaign AFTER she declared she would accept the will of the voters in ’10. She’s about as much Alaskan as Hillary Clinton.

  25. Murky can go take a flying leap through the hole of a rolling doughnut. She is a detriment not just to Alaska but to all of America with her determination to undercut the constitution and the American way if life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. You’re fired you beta indigo tango charlie hotel!

  26. How many of those campaign pictures were purchased with taxpayer dollars?

    Vote third party.

    She is beholden to mitch and you know Kelly will be as well.

    Vote 3rd party. Don’t just drain it, burn it down and bury it. Neither party is concerned about the debt. Neither party is concerned about your liberty and freedom.
    It’s time.

    • Sorry. Ron Paul is not running this time.
      Kelly is actually a great conservative candidate. Maybe you should actually learn something about her first.

      • Kelly is Dan Sullivan 2.0. I am voting AIP, then Dem, then Kelly, then Lisa. I would rather have an honest leftist than another dishonest RINO

        • Wrong again, Jon.
          Do your homework. I have.
          There is a reason why Kelly is outraising Leftist Lisa in Alaska donations 4 to 1.
          Kelly is an actual conservative and the best chance we have.
          But I do partially agree with you on the rest of it and fully agree that Leftist Lisa goes at the bottom (or Dewey McDuck -and I hear we don’t even have to spell the write-in correctly).

    • I am voting AIP, Democrat, Kelly, Lisa in that order. I would rather have an openly liberal Democrat than a lying RINO. Kelly has been making all the moves to be Dan Sullivan 2.0. There is just something about her I don’t trust — maybe it’s her years working as a DC lobbyist. I still rank her higher than Lisa, but I want to register a protest Democrat vote so that the weak Alaska GOP starts running better candidates

  27. The queen of mean, and not to smart, but Nepotism is her strong suit and when things get tough, she relies on all the Native Democrats to pull her bacon out of the fire. A hypocrite RINO with no moral campus and a pro abortion baby killer.

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