Brave Conversations: Abortion


At Brave Conversations, host Leigh Sloan is cultivating a community of people who meet monthly to learn from those who think differently on a variety of topics. The purpose is to have conversations that are controversial, but civil, and create better thinkers and better communicators– ultimately creating a better community.

Brave Conversations takes place Jan. 23 at 6 pm in the meeting room of Coffee and Communitas coffee shop, 12100 Seward Highway, south of the 120th Street intersection, (which is south of the Klatt Road stoplight.)

The first half of the evening, the event features a “Red Chair Challenge,” which is a topic that two invited guests speak on two different sides of an issue. Questions from are taken at the end. This month’s topic is abortion.

The second half of the evening, participants can take part in a game designed to match you with your conversational “sharpener” who will stretch your perspective on one or more topics. You’ll have a discussion guide to help you along.

The goal in our conversations is not to win but to learn. Come with a friend and an open mind. Learn to enjoy honing the art of this kind of constructive, face to face conversation.

People of all viewpoints are welcome and encouraged to attend. “All we ask is that you maintain a respectful and non-disruptive demeanor,” Sloan says.

Beverages and food are available for purchase in the coffee shop, while the event itself is in the inner room of the building. Ask the barista to point you to the right place.

Brave Conversations typically meets every fourth Thursday of the month.

More information can be found at the group’s Facebook page.


  1. Those who practice contraception are equal to those who have abortions. Birth control by any means is contrary to the teachings of Jesus…

    • You are correct. We live in a society that is mostly Christian but caters their beliefs to fit their own lifestyle. That’s like ignoring a law simply because you don’t like it a lot of people do just that. I forget who it was but God got mad at one of the boys back in the day because he pulled out and spilled his seed on the ground.

      • I just checked and it was Onan and God killed him for it. So if you believe in God and the teachings of Jesus, don’t be anti-israel because when JC and the boys come back and the land of milk and honey has been burned to the ground, pretty sure he’s going to be pissed off.

      • Onan had an older brother named Er, whom died without leaving a male heir. Judah was Onan’s and Er’s father.
        Genesis 38: 8, 9, 10 – “And Judah said to Onan, Go in to your brother’s wife and marry her, and raise up seed to your brother. And Onan knew that the seed would not be his. And it happened when he went in to his brother’s wife, he wasted his semen to the ground, not giving seed to his brother. (Deut 25:5-10) And what he did was evil in the sight of God…”
        Onan’s punishment had nothing to do with contraception, and all to do with his denying his deceased brother of an lawful heir. Without an male heir, the widow of Er had no claim to Er’s estate. Onan knew this, and was being greedy, wanting Er’s estate for himself.

    • Abortion murders a created being and birth control alters hormones to keep an egg from being released from the ovary. Absolutely not the same thing. There is not a single scripture verse that says anything about not taking medication to keep an egg from being released. If you are going to equate murder Of an u born child the same as taking a medication, than how about cancer treatment? Treatment for diabetics? Thyroid disease? My sister has a heart condition that precluded her from pregnancy. Her children are all adopted. She is vehemently against abortion. Her use of birth control is not the same as abortion.

      • God forbid having intercourse during a woman’s time. I suspect the reason is that an egg can be accidently fertilized even while being discharged from the uterus, thereby causing the death of a living soul, a person in God’s eyes.
        This reasoning would lead one to believe that in God’s eyes, fertilization is the point in which an egg and a sperm join to form a living soul.

    • How much of your time and money are spent helping poor, single mothers? How many orphans do you raise/feed/educate? How many meals have you prepared for the needy? I’ll bet your piousness keeps you at the homeless shelter all day and night. I’ll bet your covered in rages because your riches go to your neighbor. You’re must be so godly. So inspiring. Just like ol’ Greg.

      • That doesn’t work. Not unless you are going to become a Catholic since Mother Teresa was Catholic and her whole life was charity. Her beliefs, mine, yours, Truth Teller’s and Greg’s all stand or fall on their own. Somebody who is a passionate supporter of the alleged “right to choose” does not need to give either a dime or a minute to Planned Parenthood. Their beliefs stand or fall- fall in this case- on their own.

  2. Murder of babies via abortion is in no way affiliated with using contraception… It prevents the murder… And it’s the whole point. There are a sea of women out there who seem to think not protecting yourself is an option. Then when a baby is created they want to kill it. This is a human problem…and lack of morals of what is right and wrong. Until the mass unprotected breeding and hooking up with strangers stops this type of moral decay will continue.

  3. Black’s Law Dictionary, “Perpetuity, Life or lives in being, plus 21 years, plus ordinary period of gestation”. No more needs to be said. Abortion is murder. Seymour Marvin Mills Jr. sui juris

    • Seymour, the quote you just made is taken out of context. You quoted the legal “Rules Against Perpetuity,” whereby property is passed by devise to another upon death, but limited by the law after 21 years of some life in being, if a beneficiary cannot be determined, or is not yet born, at the time of death of the testator or donor.

      • Folks, the population of the globe has doubled in our lifetimes. How many more times do you really want to do that? How many times can the world afford to do this?

        Wake up and forget these contrived, ancient, and meaningless texts. Think for yourselves and don’t just swallow dogma given to you by organized religion.

        • Opposition to abortion is not just grounded in the Bible, or the Qu’ran or any other religious text. According to Dr. Bernard Nathanson (OB/GYN) who co-founded NARAL and later became a pro-life activist…”three words. Ultrasound. Ultrasound. Ultrasound. ” That they are living human children is hard science. No religion needed.

          • I should have been clearer in my comments, apparently. I was referring to the ridiculous assertion that conception is wrong, not abortion. Contraception and education are the two most powerful tools available to stop runaway global population growth.

            Abortion, on the other hand, is much more complicated and I, like many people have mixed opinions about it. It is psychologically damaging to many women, and no one can deny that at least at some point it is indeed murder. Where exactly that point is is the source of most of the disagreement on the issue.

        • Whidbey, a borrowed quote might serve to answer your silly statement above regarding overpopulation and who gets to live and who gets to be “unlived”, where the value of life is forgotten .
          “Way too much of you! Just enough of me.

        • Replying to your reply to me, actually. Many thanks for the clarification. Another way to cut population growth is to raise living standards, improve health care and such. Then people won’t actively try to have a bunch of children hoping enough of them live to grow up and care for them when they are old. Myself I agree with Dr. Nathanson. There is no divider past conception that won’t take in born people as well. The profoundly retarded or seriously handicapped and so forth. There is none I can justify. But that’s what the Brave Conversations are for…to have that discussion. Thanks again.

        • Whidbey, does that include the dogma that climate propagandists preach as though their truths are gospel? You know, the…….Climatards.

          • Sir, climate change deniers are a curious bunch indeed. I’d bet that to a person, if they or someone in their family were seriously ill, they would turn to modern science to heal them. Yet when modern science identifies an inconvenient truth such as fossil fuel-caused global warming, they dismiss it as a Chinese hoax, or something that is caused by natural forces, or whatever other alternative theory the conservative media is pushing on the day.

            Yes, it is a nasty surprise indeed that our current lifestyles are being sustained by something that is ultimately doing great harm to the planet. But in the long run, it’s better to face the music and deal with it, than continuing to drive that big Dodge Ram and “dig coal”. Continued denial will only make things progressively worse for your children, their children, and their children. Ask yourself – is that what you really want?

            Oh, and please cool it with the “tard” stuff. It’s disrespectful, it does not reflect well on you, and just because I have a different opinion, it doesn’t make me retarded in any way.

          • Sir, I did not call you a retard. You did that yourself. Neither you, nor any other man-caused climate change fanatic, have a franchise on what we are to believe, or how we will live our life based on your cockamamie theories and predictions. Ride the bus, or purchase an electric car. Put solar panels on your roof. Give your spare change to any environmental wacko organization of your choosing. Voluntarily pay carbon taxes to your government. But neither you, nor any other Climatard, will tell me how to live my life or force assinine legal choices on me or my family.

  4. I have been a few times and will attend/participate again. Great time with people with whom you will certainly disagree on some topic. The difference is you don’t have to hate them or paint them with a disparaging brush because of it. Instead, you get to have a civil discussion…like most of our history, even 20 years ago, practiced. Come on out!

    • Yes Israel!!! Abortion is paid for by our subsidies to Israel. In Israel medical care is free and so are abortions!!!

  5. Judging from the above comments, I am hoping it will be a lively meeting! Be brave, folks who commented. Show up! I am sure we can all learn something.

  6. Liberals are whining about “not enough Americans” for menial labor. BS. 62 million Americans never saw the light of day, thanks to abortion. For genocide to be validated as “women’s rights” is blasphemy itself. That’s 62 million Americans lost to the genocide of abortion. World wide it’s probably 5 or 6 times that or more. Murder is murder no matter how you say it. Taking another human’s right to life is murder. By the tens of millions yearly. The most depraved era/epoch in human history is now. Time for a real change. Back to when humanity valued each and every life.

  7. My quote concerning “Perpetuity” was not written out of context. “Perpetuity is exactly what I said it was. Seymour Marvin Mills Jr. sui juris

  8. Twenty-three days later, nobody seems able to articulate blessings, benefits, etc., of enforcing American taxpayer-subsidized infanticide.
    Maybe there are none?
    Twenty-three days later, nobody seems able to start, much less have, a conversation, brave or otherwise, about what should be done to American taxpayers who openly rebel against American taxpayer-subsidized infanticide, who demand de-funding of Planned Parenthood.
    Maybe there is nobody?
    Looks like baby lovers won that round!

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